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A lonely zoo

People who are used to dealing with plants. He studied gardening at university and planted trees in Qixia Mountain for seven years after graduation. Qixia Mountain was very desolate at first, and the soil was poor. They wanted to plant colorful-leaf trees such as maple and Acer palmatum. They raised seedlings under the mountain. After the seeds germinated and grew into finger-thick seedlings, he and his colleagues carried a tree.. Read More

These people are not suitable for iPhone 12, there may be fatal risks

e Power transfer from magnetic charging treasure to iPhone 12. In this regard, the American Heart Research Journal “Heart Rhythm” launched a study. When Greenberg, MD, placed an iPhone 12 above the patient’s left chest area where the ICD was implanted, the ICD immediately stopped functioning. The experiment was repeated many times, and the results were the same. He explained in the paper that all ICDs have a built-in switch.. Read More

Hungry in the middle of the night

During pregnancy, you must pay attention to all kinds of situations that occur in yourself, whether it is diet or living environment. If you are not careful, it will have various effects on the fetus, and women will have various physical functions after pregnancy. The changes in the patient’s life often lead to hunger or loss of appetite, so what if a pregnant woman is hungry in the middle of.. Read More

When to eat goose eggs

Goose eggs are rich in nutrients, rich in protein, lecithin, and trace elements, which can effectively supplement the nutrition needed during pregnancy and also have a great effect on the growth and development of the baby Good, but for pregnant women, you need to be extra cautious and careful when eating any food. So when is the best time for pregnant women to eat goose eggs? Pregnant women don’t have.. Read More

High blood sugar recipes

Gestational diabetes is more common during pregnancy and is also a serious disease during pregnancy. However, after most pregnant women give birth, their blood sugar will return to the normal range . However, the phenomenon of high blood sugar during pregnancy has a relatively large impact on pregnant women and fetuses, so pay attention to controlling blood sugar during pregnancy. So how to arrange high blood sugar recipes? 1. Eat.. Read More