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This 400,000 m2 super exhibition hides 5 major trends in the catering industry in 2021

What new dining trends are hidden in this super exhibition? Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “red food network” (ID: hongcan18), Author: Zhou foam. March 29, Shanghai, National Exhibition and Convention Center. A 400,000-square-meter super exhibition has attracted the attention of 160,000 hotel diners. After visiting the site in person, a reporter from Red discovered 5 new trends in the catering industry. In the 400,000-square-meter.. Read More

So, why can’t the Suez Canal be widened?

This article is from WeChat official account:Jiubian (ID: ertoumu893)< span class = "text-remarks">, author: Nine, the original title: “why do not dig the Suez Canal width some? “, the title picture comes from: Visual China I have been blocked for the past two days, and the Internet has been raging. I think many people are a little strange. The Suez Canal is so important, why not dig a bit wider?.. Read More

Krypton Evening News丨The Douyin brand name launched the “brand flagship store” function; SF Express appeared on the “Push Sub-Wallet” page of the digital RMB App; Wumart Supermarket and Metro China planned to package in Hong Kong for listing

Huolala: officially launched functions such as travel location protection, and will invest more than 600 million yuan in safety improvement in the next two years; Xiaomi Group: smart electric vehicle business project, Lei Jun also serves as its CEO Large companies Xiaomi Group: the smart electric vehicle business project is established, Lei Jun also serves as its CEO It was learned that the Xiaomi Group announced that the company’s board.. Read More

Why is it hard to make money in 2021?

If the stock market roller coaster ride was a bit ignorant, you may wish to look at this Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “Feng Shui Capital” (ID: freesvc), Author: Li Feng. How will the global money flow in 2021? Which regions and countries, which industry sectors, and which assets will benefit in the medium and long term? Recently, Feng Shu and Mr. Cai Yu (the.. Read More

What should I do if I feel weak? What medicine to take

Problem description: The day before yesterday, knee joints became soft, low-grade fever, vertigo, and fatigue.Date of problem:2020-10-26 Patient information: Age: 24 years old, Gender: MaleProblem analysis:Hello, according to the symptoms you described, the main reason is that it is caused by low-grade fever. Guide and suggestion: Pay attention to rest and drink plenty of hot water. It is recommended to take Xiaochaihu granules and cooperate with Lianhua Qingwen Capsules for.. Read More

I stopped taking orders due to too many orders. Is the tank 300 a real Versailles or a city meeting?

The fire is “single flight”. Editor’s note: This article is from ” Future car Daily “(micro-channel public number ID: auto-time), Author: Li Yupeng. Source: Great Wall official Author | Li Yupeng Edit| Wang Yan While car companies are struggling to increase sales, the WEY brand under Great Wall Motors recently showed off in a high-profile manner. On March 25th, Great Wall Motors announced on its official APP that since the.. Read More

Hello doctor, the child has a red dot around the corner of his right eye a week ago, give him

Problem description:Hello doctor, the child has a small red spot around the corner of his right eye a week ago, and I put some eye drops on him. It seems to have become serious recently. What is the symptom? What treatment is needed? Question date:2020-10-26 Patient information:Age: 11 years old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis: Hello, according to your description, consider it is caused by viral bacterial infection or allergies. Guide and.. Read More

Real estate “definancialization” begins, real estate companies are facing a double test

The real estate industry is about to cross the “quantity stage” and enter the “quality stage” during which there will be “an increase” and “a qualitative change”. Good quality changes. “When the main contradiction of China’s economy turns into the needs of the people for a better life, housing is still an important content.” At the 2021 China Smart Real Estate (Eighth) Summit Forum, Special Researcher of the Counselor Office.. Read More

Market News | Take over the Apple business of OFILM with a 40% discount, Wingtech once rose nearly 4% in the intraday market

According to the media, the purchase price of 2.42 billion yuan is almost a 40% discount to the original pricing principle of both parties. Today’s close, the three major A-share indexes closed up collectively, Wingtech Technology rose 1.15%, and it rose nearly 4% during the session. Wingtech has made new progress in taking over the Apple business of OFILM. On the evening of the 29th, Wingtech Technology (600745.SH, hereinafter referred.. Read More