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Many bulges on the forehead, like closed mouth

Problem description: There are a lot of bumps on the forehead, it feels like closed mouth, and it is not very similar. Many, originally only the center of the forehead, later more and more, resulting in the entire forehead, rarely red Many of them are bulging, and there are two big pimples on both sides of the cheeks, which are very red. I have done acupuncture cleansing before, used a.. Read More

Hello, my left nipple is dry and itchy, it has been about two weeks, before

Problem description: Hello, my left nipple is dry and itchy. It has been about two weeks. I didn’t pay much attention before, and it was a bit scratched today. Question date:2020-10-27 Patient information:Age: 20 years old Gender: FemaleQuestion analysis: The personal advice of the situation is to first be careful not to scratch with your hands, considering that the patient may have eczema. Guide suggestion: You can use topical ointment.. Read More

Three difficulties for Xiaomi to build a car

Xiaomi started the mobile phone brand cross-border smart pure electric automobile industry. Author: A star fly Xiaomi built a car. Public relations denied that Lei Jun directly announced that he wanted to build a car. The crowds who ate melons and watched the large-scale face slaps were also very likely to have a “double reed” effect. After all, Xiaomi has always been relatively kou and men in its promotion. This.. Read More

Should I laugh at Xu Jiayin

Head image|Visual China Just like what I said when Jia Yueting went to the United States to build a car: “Even if it’s a dream, don’t wake him up.” On Xu Jiayin’s body, it might be changed to: “Even if it’s a PPT, don’t laugh at him. “ What if mass production? When Evergrande President Xia Haijun said, “We have the determination and confidence to build Evergrande Automobile into the.. Read More

I checked the blood in October and found that the D-dimer was super high, and I was a little dizzy.

Problem description: In October, the blood was checked, and it was found that the D-dimer was super high, and I was a little dizzy. I also did a heart point map and a chest film, and there was no abnormality. Two cancer screenings are no problem.Question date:2020-10-27 Patient information:Age: 39 years old Gender: FemaleProblem analysis: When the index is increased, first consider whether the patient has the possibility of thrombosis.. Read More

S5E03|Why is the creator economy beginning to be sought after in the United States?

Can content creation, an ancient industry, still innovate and gain capital pursuit? Can the ancient industry of content creation be innovative and sought after by capital? Just yesterday, Substack, which specializes in providing Newsletter services, received a $65 million investment including a16z. This is just a case of the rise of the creator economy. Actually, the resurgence of Newsletter is exactly a regressive response to the recommendation algorithms of big.. Read More

Young people in Fuzhou: How do you feel about living in the provincial capital of the “third of ten thousand years old”?

In 2020, the six cities of Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Hefei, Nantong, Xi’an and Jinan will have a GDP exceeding one trillion yuan, and will be among the trillion-dollar city clubs. Among them, Fuzhou’s regional GDP reached 1002.02 billion yuan. This “three-line life” city broke through the trillion mark for the first time. YOUNG Finance specially planned “Observation of Youth in Cities with a GDP Breaking Trillions”, interviewing post-95s in these cities… Read More

Hello, my symptoms began to appear after drinking ginger water on an empty stomach at night

Problem description: Hello, my symptoms began to appear after I drank ginger water on an empty stomach at night, and my stomach swelled after eating something, and I still feel nauseous. I can’t get hiccups. I always feel like farting and diarrhea Yellow water, tossing about at night, can’t sleep uncomfortable, feel uncomfortable in the stomach, and feel bloated. Question date:2020-10-27 Patient information:Age: 82 years old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis: Hello,.. Read More

It lasted three years and spent 2 million. Is Xiaomi’s new standard value at this price?

And why should we develop a set of “design philosophy”. Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “Hang Newswire” (ID: lifeissohappy), Author: Book Air. The Xiaomi Group announced the first major logo upgrade in 10 years. The new standard was personally executed by Kenya Hara, chairman of NDC and professor at Musashino Art University. It took 3 years to complete the draft and spent 2 million yuan… Read More

Internet Community Product Methodology

In the past few years, I have been working on the Internet community. I thought I had done a lot and accumulated some experience. I naturally believed in a lot I don’t believe a lot of things, thinking that what is known is everything.” These “beliefs” may not be special, just because I don’t know more, I think it makes sense. Even so, I still have the urge to record.. Read More