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Baby’s teeth are not growing well

Problem description: Hello, doctor. The child’s tooth is loose but not missing. The new teeth are skewed, so what kind of work? Question date:2020-10-28 Patient information:Age: 6 years old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis: In this case, it is recommended that patients need to go to the dentistry department of the hospital for treatment, and appropriate corrections should be made when necessary. Guide and suggestion: If necessary, this tooth needs to be.. Read More

The ribs are painful, and I feel that the ribs can still be pierced inside, and there is also a dull pain, I don’t know how

Problem description: Ribs are painful. I feel that the ribs can still be pierced and there is also a dull pain. I don’t know what department to hang on.Date of the problem:2020-10-28 Patient information:Age: 36 years old, Gender: FemaleProblem analysis: Common causes of rib pain include costochondritis, rib fracture, and band shape Herpes virus infection, etc., the treatment methods vary from disease to disease. Guide suggestion: You can go to.. Read More

Roblox’s valuation has risen 10 times in a year, and Tencent is crazy about entering the game: Is the wind blowing in the meta universe?

More and more people in the scientific and technological circles are riding the east wind of the meta universe. Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “all-weather technology” (ID: iawtmt), Author: all-weather technology. Author | Bao Xiaoqian Editor | Luo Lijuan Science fiction, treasure hunting, adventure, countless movie fans have ignited their desire for virtual games because of the movie “Number One Player” released in 2018. In.. Read More

Does your medical garden have sea-floating knife equipment? Can it treat esophageal cancer

Problem description: Does your hospital have sea-floating knife treatment equipment? Can esophageal cancer be treated? How much does it cost? Question date:2020-10-28 Patient information:Age: 36 years old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis: Hello, according to the situation you described, this general hospital can generally do it. Guide suggestion: It is better to go to a formal tertiary hospital. For this kind of cost, it will cost about 30,000 to 50,000 yuan. Due.. Read More

Mother inheritance, poor sleep, eyes, pain, dryness, bitter mouth, smelly, often put

Problem description: Maternal inheritance, poor sleep, eyes, pain, dryness, bitter mouth, smelly, frequent farting, diarrhea, stomachache, long-term indigestion. Now the doctor asks to eat, Entecavir capsules. I know this medicine cannot be stopped after taking it. My current DNA, and surface antigen virus. Can I take this medicine? It is better to take Chinese medicine. Question date:2020-10-28 Patient information:Age: 42 years old Gender: FemaleQuestion analysis: Hello, Entecavir is currently a.. Read More

Eye bruises, iris roots severed, pupils deformed, lens suspensory ligament broken,

Problem description: How to treat eye bruises, iris root breakage, pupil deformation, lens suspensory ligament break, vitreous incarceration, opacity?Problem date: 2020-10-28 Patient information:Age: 39 years old Gender: MaleProblem analysis:Hello, according to your description, the patient Unfortunately, the eye damage is severe. Guide and suggestion: The eye damage is serious, and you need to go to the ophthalmology department of a tertiary hospital for treatment. The lens is abnormally cloudy, and.. Read More

Shaking hands when nervous, often dreaming

Problem description: Condition description (time of onset, main symptoms, symptom changes, etc.): Symptom description: Hand trembling when thinking or nervous, and the phenomenon of dreaming every night for more than two months No interest in things, no enthusiasm, memory loss, strong compulsive behavior towards certain things, such as having to close the door, feeling uncomfortable if you do not close the door, etc. , A few days ago, I had.. Read More

Diane 35 in the first month, Yasmin in the second month, and in the second month

Question description: Is there any relationship between taking Diane 35 in the first month, Yasmin in the second month, and a half-high blood pressure after eating in the second month? Blood pressure is more than 140 and more than 90Question date:2020-10-28 Patient information:Age: 23 years old Gender: Female Problem analysis: Hello, according to your current description, if you are taking short-acting contraceptives, this will generally not cause an increase in.. Read More

Hepatobiliary area, sunken skin

Problem description: Condition description (time of onset, main symptoms, symptom changes, etc.): Hello doctor, I did a B-ultrasound display, the gallbladder wall is rough, the liver is okay, and the right hepatobiliary area is uncomfortable, right Occasionally pain in the back and shoulder blades. I have eaten anti-inflammatory gallbladder tablets, but the effect is not very obvious. With reflux esophagitis, now it is found that the skin in the hepatobiliary.. Read More

Epilepsy needs to be assigned the number of that department. There are many convulsions. Preliminary judgment is epilepsy

Problem description: I have to call that department for epilepsy. I have seizures many times. The preliminary judgment is epilepsyDate of problem:2020-10-28 Patient information:Age: 7 years old Gender: MaleProblem analysis:Hello, epilepsy is caused by traumatic brain injury or genetic factors. The main symptoms of epilepsy are sudden fainting, unconsciousness, convulsions, foaming at the mouth, looking upward, and normal after waking up. Guide suggestion: The baby is still seven years old… Read More