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Review the growth history of Tsinghua-based chip companies

There are as many as 27 well-known Tsinghua chip companies. Among the top ten IC design companies in China in 2019, Tsinghua contributed 4 seats. From Chen Datong, who went to the United States to establish Haowei Technology, to Zhao Weiguo, who bought and bought all the way, entrepreneurship, investment, mergers and acquisitions, upgrades, mutual support and mutual achievement, are this generation of Tsinghua people The main line of the.. Read More

Doctor, if he is excited about his wedding night, I usually smoke and drink.

Problem description: Doctor, if he is excited about his wedding night, what should I do if he smokes and drinks? Although we have a plan, we haven’t gotten pregnant yet, so please tell me more about how to do it. Question date:2020-11-04 Patient information:Age: 29 years old Gender: FemaleQuestion analysis: Hello, according to your description, try to quit smoking and drinking during pregnancy. Guide suggestion: Well, plan to prepare for.. Read More

New Trends | The temptation of the trillion-dollar market: Go to the enterprise service track and find the next Pinduoduo

Nuggets of enterprise service vendors sink the market Author | Wang Yutong Edit | Shi Yaqiong The corporate service track is undergoing an unexplored battle for the sinking market. Last year, Perfect World released the perfect mailbox, through which the non-company-form collaborative office process can be completed; After the epidemic, Jinshan Document found that 60% of its users are from traditional manufacturing and e-commerce; Start-up companies fly missions and Ji.. Read More

Kuaishou vs. Douyin: Finally, they have become annoying to each other

This article is from WeChat official account:Shenzhen Tencent News (ID: qqshenwang) , author: Wen Shijun, editor: Ye Zhen, head Figure from: vision China The “roller coaster” of Hong Kong stocks, Kuaishou shareholders should be mentally prepared. On February 5, 2021, Kuaishou Technology (Kuaishou Technology) was IPO in Hong Kong with the code 1024.HK. The offer price is 115 Hong Kong dollars, and the closing day is 300 Hong Kong dollars… Read More

Hello, consult

Problem description: Condition description (time of onset, main symptoms, symptom changes, etc.): Hello, men usually drink, smoke, and newlyweds for the first time. Do you take any measures? Question date:2020-11-04 Patient information:Age: 29 years old Gender: FemaleQuestion analysis: Hello, drinking and smoking are not recommended for pregnancy, so it is better to choose condoms for contraception. Guiding suggestions: If you plan to become pregnant, it is recommended that both parties.. Read More

My facial nerve palsy is currently recovering and I still need to go to the hospital to see it

Problem description: On October 4, I rode an electric bicycle and caught a cold. After returning home, I got a migraine. My left side of my face was paralyzed in the middle of the night. I received acupuncture and moxibustion treatment from October 5th to 7th. Later, during the National Day holiday, I went to the doctor of another facial disease clinic and prescribed plasters, vitamin B1, B12, and dibazole… Read More

After sinking the data center to the bottom of the sea, Microsoft plunged the server into the “Jacuzzi”

The first cloud provider to run two-phase immersion cooling in a production environment. Editor’s note: This article from the micro-channel public number “big data Abstracts” (ID: BigDataDigest), of: Mickey. The energy consumption of data centers has always been a “big problem” of various technology companies. According to statistics, the electricity consumption of data centers in the United States accounts for 2% of the electricity consumption in the United States. The.. Read More

Retinopathy Screening in Early Infants

Problem description: Screening for early childhood retinopathyQuestion date:2020-11-04 Patient information:Age : March Gender: FemaleProblem analysis: Hello, look at the tortuous hyperplasia of retinal blood vessels in your baby’s eyes. It is a retinopathy. Consider it is caused by retinal ischemia. Guide and suggestion: For premature babies over 27 weeks old, be cautious. It is recommended to take your baby to the ophthalmology clinic of Children’s Hospital for active treatment. Recommendations.. Read More

First release | “Lianfeng Xunsheng” completes tens of millions of yuan in Pre-A round of financing, using voice intelligence to promote automated monitoring upgrades

Save more than 40% of operation and maintenance manpower It was learned that “Lianfeng Xunsheng” announced that it has completed a Pre-A round of financing of tens of millions of yuan. This round of investment is led by TusStar, followed by Fangxin Capital, and the old shareholder Ying Connaught Angel Fund continues to increase. The financing funds will be mainly used to expand the product sales system and new technology.. Read More

Love in marriage is an accident in itself

This article is from WeChat official account:GQ report (ID: GQREPORT)< span class = "text-remarks">, author: Lin small four, deer, interviews, editor: Lin Fourth, the original title: “Professor Liu Qing: there is love marriage itself is an accident,” the title from the chart: Visual China “People are the purpose, not the tool”, “The world should let those bad choices disappear”… First, I got the App to talk about Western modern thought,.. Read More