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Wen Heyou, the people of Shenzhen may just love you briefly

Go, go to line up? Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “love child norm” (ID: ifanr), Author: Wu Yu Chen. “Time is money, efficiency is life.” In 1979, the slogan was born in Shenzhen Shekou Industrial Zone. Today, people still think that this sentence is the epitome of people at the forefront of reform. However, Wen Heyou’s arrival broke people’s imagination of Shenzhen people. On the.. Read More

How many recipes are hidden in the three hundred poems of the Tang Dynasty

This article is from WeChat official account:Futaojiufenbao (ID: futaojiufenbao) span> , author: VJ, the original title: “Three Hundred Tang Poems, not really national indigenous grass the machine”, head Figure from: vision China On that day, Brother Feng saw a hot search on Weibo: #被古诗安利过的东西#. The strength of this topic is that the full brother is already hungry before I click into it. Whoever studied ancient poetry in class when he.. Read More

Guangzhou will supply 1,910 hectares of residential land in the next three years and will supply 634 hectares this year

On April 6, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources announced the “Three-year Rolling Plan for the Supply of Residential Land in Guangzhou from 2021 to 2023” (hereinafter referred to as the “Supply Plan”). From 2021 to 2023, Guangzhou plans to supply 1910 residential land. Hectares, with an average annual plan to supply 637 hectares of residential land. From the perspective of land structure, Guangzhou plans to supply.. Read More

The white phlegm is constant throughout the year, and the stool is like bean dregs repeatedly.

Problem description: Hello! White phlegm in the throat most of the year but not too much, choking of food and hot and sour, and repeated intestinal inflammation should both be troublesome, right? Question date:2020-11-04 Patient information:Age: 36 years old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis: Hello, according to your description, the current situation may have chronic pharyngitis. If there is reflux esophagitis, the occurrence of pharyngitis may be related to this. If the.. Read More

Spotify, Himalaya, Tencent NetEase: It’s time for audio podcasts to “take off”

The last bar contest the content of a litmus test track Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “twelve hundred words” (ID: word1200), Author: keykey7. On Monday, Apple CEO Cook chatted with a Silicon Valley reporter and podcast host for more than 30 minutes on an audio podcast program, about privacy, his flattery to Tesla, and his future Ten years of work at Apple and other topics… Read More

The “Prisoner” Risk of Algorithmic Society

Today, the application of algorithms is becoming more and more popular, and an algorithm society is coming. While enjoying the convenience brought by algorithms, people also face the risk of becoming a “prisoner” of algorithms in some respects. Human cognition, judgment, and decision-making may be subject to algorithms, and people’s social position may also be imprisoned due to algorithmic bias, discrimination, and other reasons. On some digital labor platforms, algorithms.. Read More

Do I need to make a bracket?

Problem description: Onset time: October 20th, last month, chest pain, numbness, numbness and sweating. Later, I went to the hospital and I was fine. I also did color Doppler ultrasound on the electrocardiogram in the hospital. I am in the hospital and now I feel a little out of breath is not comfortableQuestion date: 2020-11-04 Patient information: Age: 52 years old : MaleProblem analysis: The situation first considers the above.. Read More

Who will replace Cook as Apple’s next CEO? Three executives have the best chance

Who is most likely to be his successor? Editor’s note: This article is from Tencent Technology, reviewed by Golden Deer. On April 8th, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently stated that considering that he is 60 years old, he may leave the company within the next 10 years. Although this does not mean that Cook will step down in the short term, the issue of finding his successor has been put.. Read More

Hello, doctor, my son’s ears swelled up, I always thought it was a mosquito

Problem description: Hello, doctor, my son’s ears swelled up. I thought it was a mosquito bite and didn’t care about it. For more than two months, I saw the doctor in my hometown and took a film. It’s inflammation. I have not been well after taking anti-inflammatory drugs.Question date: 2020-11-04 Patient information: Age: October Gender: Male Problem analysis: The situation does not seem to be inflammatory. It should be a.. Read More

NIO’s 100,000th production car rolls off the assembly line, who is more anxious in the BBA?

Mercedes-Benz Big G is about to release an electric version. Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “knock blackboard” (ID: qiaoheiban8), Author: Chao. On April 7, NIO’s 100,000th production vehicle rolled off the assembly line. At this moment, whether you are a Wei Lai fan or Wei Lai Black, Wei Lai deserves your thumbs up and say “Riseby”. After all, NIO can sell 100,000 cars with a.. Read More