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Forefront|Over 70 film and television companies and industry associations issued a joint statement to safeguard the rights of short video platforms

The declaration is only the first step. On the afternoon of April 9, more than 70 film and television companies, platforms and associations issued a joint statement on the protection of film and television copyrights, calling on producers of short video platforms and public accounts to respect originality and protect copyrights, hoping to form a “authorization before use” Good industry ecology. The joint statement stated that it will initiate centralized.. Read More

Roundtable|Why NFT can sell a digital artwork for nearly $70 million

After a digital artwork entitled “Every Day: The First 5000 Days” was sold at Christie’s for a sky-high $69.3 million, the NFT boom began to accelerate. The full English name of NFT is Non-Fungible Token, also known as non-fungible token. It is the only and irreplaceable digital asset, and its ownership is on the chain ( Such as Ethereum) circulation. People can’t help asking, why can a digital art work.. Read More

What’s the matter with gallstone pain after caesarean section

Problem description: I have just had a caesarean section, and today I feel particularly painful in the liver and gallbladder area. What is going on with gallstone pain after the caesarean section? Question date:2020-10-25 Patient information:Age: 29 Gender: FemaleGallstone pain after caesarean section may be Caused by the knife edge. Should be during the operation, the skin fascia, peritoneum and skin were cut during the operation, and then sutured, so.. Read More

WeChat’s “scissors” are not profitable

This article is from WeChat official account:Letter List (ID: wujicaijing)< span class = "text-remarks">, author: Long Teng, the original title: “He Shili its micro-channel device? “, the source of the head picture: IC photo How to promote the migration of high-quality graphic creators on the platform to video content is a difficult problem facing WeChat. The alphabet list once pointed out that station B was ahead of WeChat, and now.. Read More

What are the effects of gallstone surgery

Problem description: I have severe pain in my abdomen. The doctor asked me to have gallstone surgery. What is the impact of gallstone surgery? Question date:2020-10-25 Patient information:Age: 40 Gender: FemaleGallstone surgery will cause patients Indigestion and diarrhea appear. Surgery will remove part of the patient’s gallbladder, which will reduce the patient’s absorption rate of greasy and spicy food, and cause abdominal pain and indigestion. Patients also need to monitor.. Read More

How long can gallstone surgery go to work?

Problem description: I had gallstone surgery in the hospital two days ago. I am now in the recovery period. I want to go to work tomorrow. How long can I go to work for gallstone surgery? Question date:2020-10-25 Patient information:Age: 41 Gender: FemaleGallstone surgery takes about 7 days You can go to work around. The specific time cannot be completely determined. It needs to be judged according to the actual.. Read More

Sequela of gallstone lithotripsy

Problem description: I have treated the gallstone disease through lithotripsy, but I have some abdominal pain in the past two days. Are there any sequelae of gallstone lithotripsy? Date of problem:2020-10-25 Patient information:Age: 52 Gender: MaleGallstones will appear Sequelae. The rubble may cause local redness or swelling of the skin, and in severe cases, the rubble may cause serious damage to the gallbladder. Patients with gallstones are mainly caused by.. Read More

Can you have sex with an enlarged prostate?

Problem description: I went to the hospital for a comprehensive physical examination. The result of the physical examination is that the prostate is in a state of hypertrophy. Can I have sex with an enlarged prostate? Question date:2020-10-25 Patient information: Age: 34 Sex: Male Prostate hypertrophy usually leads to intercourse. Prostate hypertrophy generally does not cause normal sexual life to be affected, mainly because the increase in age causes changes.. Read More

Vipshop trapped in “special sale”

This article is from WeChat official account:Shangyinshe (ID: shangyinshecj) , author: Qi Ma, a branch, the original title: “Why people only product will be less and less? “, the title picture comes from: Visual China In the past few days, whether the Gucci belt sold by Vipshop is genuine has become the focus of public opinion. Some consumers bought a Gucci belt for 2549 yuan through the Vipshop platform and.. Read More

What is the cause of the lack of sperm in men

Problem description: I don’t have morning erection every morning. I went to the hospital for all-round examinations. The doctor said that there is no sperm. What is the cause of the lack of sperm in a man? Date of problem:2020-10-25 Patient information:Age: 26 Gender: MaleThe lack of sperm in a man may be a congenital cause resulting in. Generally, it is because the testicles cannot produce sperm, and it is.. Read More