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How to treat gallstones and back pain

Problem description: When I went to the hospital for physical examination, I found that I had gallstones. Although it was not serious, I had back pain in the past two days. How to treat gallstone back pain? Date of problem:2020-10-25 Patient information:Age: 30 Gender: MaleGallstone back pain can be in the doctor Under the guidance of the use of antispasmodic analgesic treatment. Appropriate massage can also be applied to the.. Read More

Papi sauce trapped by “independent women”

Dreaming of the showbiz and papitube, neither of the two straws have been grasped firmly. Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “on pineapple Finance” (ID: kaiboluocaijing), Author: Wang Huixian, Editor: Su Qi. Does anyone remember papi sauce? Just when everyone was about to forget her, a topic of “papi sauce new movie lines” suddenly appeared in a hot search on Weibo. Papi sauce, which has disappeared.. Read More

Monthly income of twenty-five thousand? Go, go to Japan to deliver food

This article is from WeChat official account:Shen Xiang (ID: deep-echo) , author: Tingting, title figure from: vision China Is it a good job to go to Japan to deliver food? After the outbreak of the epidemic has stimulated the rapid growth of the food delivery market, the social nature of Japan’s labor shortage has caused a large gap in the market for delivery personnel. According to Japanese media reports, Uber.. Read More

The gallstones suddenly no longer hurt. What’s the matter?

Problem description: I have abdominal pain. The doctor said it was caused by gallstones. Now that the pain is relieved, the gallstones suddenly disappear. What’s the matter? Question date:2020-10-25 Patient information:Age: 45 Gender: FemaleSuddenly the gallstones no longer hurt most The stone area is relatively small. For large stones or repeated stimulation of the gallbladder wall, it may cause severe pain in the right upper abdomen, and it may also.. Read More

Cook is considering stepping down as Apple’s CEO, who will be the next successor?

Among Apple’s existing executives, there are currently two candidates, one is like Jobs and the other is like Cook. Who will be the successor? Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “CSDN” (ID: CSDNnews), Author: Carol. Recently, Apple’s current CEO Tim Cook said in an interview on April 5 that the current state is not bad and will not step down for the time being, but 10.. Read More

What is the value of NFT without the filters of curiosity and hype?

This article is from WeChat official account:Tencent Research Institute (ID: cyberlawrc) , author: Xusi Yan, Qin Qing, Zhang Caiwei, the original title: “NFT will be the beginning of the digital assets you? “, the title picture comes from: Visual China In the sports world, it is not uncommon for paper star cards to be sold at sky-high prices. Dapper Labs, the company that has developed the famous chain game “Crypto.. Read More

How much is gallstones after laparotomy

Problem description: I experienced severe pain in my abdomen after I went home after drinking alcohol. I went to the hospital for an examination. The doctor said I had gallstones and needed laparotomy. How many laparotomy for gallstones? money? Question date:2020-10-25 Patient information: Age: 40 Gender: MaleUsually after gallstone open surgery It takes about 20,000 to 30,000 yuan. The specific charging standard needs to be determined according to the patient’s.. Read More

With 300 billion investment in 5 years, SAIC made a big bet

Can “Dian Xiao Er” make money? Editor’s note: This article is from ” Future car Daily “(micro-channel public number ID: auto-time), Author: Ding unique. Picture source: SAIC Lishun Official Author| Ding Only Edit| Weekly Tour After entering 2021, China’s largest automaker SAIC Motor has a full schedule. On January 13, SAIC launched the IM Zhiji brand, and launched two models of intelligent pure electric sedan and intelligent pure electric SUV.. Read More

Dogs can also “have bad eyesight”?

This article is from the WeChat official account:neural reality (ID: neureality)< span class = "text-remarks">, author: Catherine Offord, translation: Mollie, proofreading: Du Yu, editor: Orange Soda, “real nervous” cognitive science translation team produced, the title figure from the visual China At a barbecue party in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, Sarah Bissoyer (Sarah Byosiere) had the “illusion of seeing the dog Picture” idea. It was 2015. She just got a.. Read More

How long can I massage after gallstones?

Problem description: I have been diagnosed with acute gallstones and have undergone surgery. How long can I massage after gallstones? Question date:2020-10-25 Patient information: Age: 24 Gender: FemaleIt takes about 4 after gallstone surgery Abdominal massage can be used for a month. Be sure to pay attention to the time and intensity of the massage, try to take a clockwise massage, try to control the time as much as 20.. Read More