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If you have a cold, runny nose, take medicine, take 2 pieces of Shuanghuanglian Oral Liquid and 3 tablets of Aminoka Huangmin

Problem description: Take medicine for a cold and runny nose. Take 2 bottles of Shuanghuanglian Oral Liquid and 3 tablets of Aminoka Huangmin. What should I do if I take too much? Question date:2020-11-11 Patient information:Age: 68 years old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis: Take medicine Shuanghuanglian Oral Liquid and Amino Kahuangmin for colds and runny nose. Guidelines: You can observe and see, drink plenty of water to promote the excretion of.. Read More

Injured from a fall from a farm vehicle, had an operation, and did not breathe spontaneously after the operation

Problem description: I fell from a farm vehicle and had an operation. After the operation, I didn’t breathe spontaneously. The doctor said my brain was swollen, I was on a ventilator, and my blood pressure was unstable.< b>Question date:2020-11-11 Patient information:Age: 58 years old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis:You Well, according to your description and examination, this situation considers the existence of severe traumatic brain injury. If the operation has been completed.. Read More

My wife is a little bit cold, what kind of products can I use to increase lust?

Problem description: Condition description (onset time, main symptoms, symptom changes, etc.): I saw Wei. ③③⑧①⑨⑧⑨①⑤②There are women imported from Portugal and Japan. The feedback is okay. Can you try it? Question date:2020-11-11 Patient information:Age: 38 years old Gender: FemaleQuestion analysis: The wife is a bit cold, and needs drugs to increase her lust to improve her lust. Guide suggestion: Some products can be tried, but you should also pay attention.. Read More

When my daughter was 11 years old, she suddenly noticed that her fingernails were like this, one of the deepest bumps

Problem description: My daughter was 11 years old, and suddenly found that her fingernails were like this. One of the deepest bumps scared me to death. Does any doctor know what’s going on, thank you Question date: 2020-11-11 Patient information:Age: 11 years old Gender: FemaleQuestion analysis:Hello, According to your description and the picture, this situation generally indicates the possibility that the child may be lacking in vitamins or trace elements… Read More

Can taking Viagra treat impotence and premature ejaculation? How much is a piece of Viagra?

Problem description: Description of the condition (time of onset, main symptoms, changes in symptoms, etc.): I saw Wei.③③⑧①⑨⑧⑨①⑤②There are Indian double-effect Levitra and double-effect Cialis, does this belong to Viagra? Question date:2020-11-11 Patient information:Age: 38 years old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis: Hello, according to what you have described, this is generally a quick-acting drug similar to ViagraGuidelines: This is generally mainly for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and sexual inability Maintain.. Read More

Onset on October 26, the left side. Nose. Eyes. Headache, nose is not blocked

Problem description: Onset on October 26, the left side, nose, eyes, headache, the nose is not blocked and ventilated, and then I have been taking medicine and spraying medicine, there are no symptoms, but there is no MRI shadow ChangesQuestion date:2020-11-11 Patient information:Age: 34 years old Gender: FemaleProblem analysis : Generally speaking, the imaging changes are relatively late, and the relief of symptoms indicates that the treatment is effective. Guidelines:.. Read More

Hello, doctor, consult you, how can I say it is that I actually came to buy one

Problem description: Hello, doctor, please consult you. How can I say that I actually came to buy a chorionic gonadotropin for injection, because I asked the pharmacy of the First Affiliated Hospital today It is said that there is this injection medicine, if I buy it, can I call you by your number? I just want to ask you to write a prescription and then buy the chorionic gonadotropin for.. Read More

Toddler taking medicine the day before blood draw

Problem description: Hello, my child is 6 years old. The main check is two and a half pairs of hepatitis B and hepatitis B antibody quantification. The results of both pairs and halves are all negative. The day before the blood draw, I took Kairuitan and salbutamol tablets. Will taking medicine affect the results of blood draw? I read that Kairuitan’s instructions should not take this medicine 48 hours before.. Read More

There are things like corns on the feet

Problem description: This is what is growing on the feet that are getting bigger and biggerDate of the problem: 2020-11-11 Patients Information: Age: 18 years old Gender: MaleProblem analysis:Hello, according to your description and the picture, this situation is likely to be due to athlete’s foot Caused. Guide suggestion: Athlete’s foot is caused by fungal infection, then anti-fungal drugs should be considered for treatment in this situation, you can consider.. Read More

Azoospermia biopsy with spermatogonia without spermatocytes and

Problem description: Hello doctor, I am 30 years old this year with azoospermia. I have done a high hormone level for 5 years. I did a biopsy. There are a small amount of spermatogonia without spermatocytes and sperm. This situation can be treated ? ? Question date:2020-11-11 Patient information:Age: 31 years old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis: If this kind of situation cannot be treated thoroughly, first check the root cause. Guidelines:.. Read More