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When is the best time to check hcg

Problem description: Yesterday, I used the pregnancy test stick to find two bars, but I still don’t feel relieved. I want to check the hcg to confirm it. When is the best hcg? Question date:2020-11-18 Patient information:Age: 26 Gender: Femalehcg is divided into urine hcg and blood hcg, the best inspection time varies for different types. hcg is also human chorionic gonadotropin, divided into blood hcg and urine hcg, different.. Read More

Does hpv subclinical infection need treatment?

Problem description: Yesterday, I accompanied my sister for a gynecological examination. One of the hpv tests found a subclinical infection. I don’t know whether it is serious or not. Does the hpv subclinical infection need treatment? Question date:2020-11-18 Patient information:Age: 28 Gender: FemaleHPV subclinical infection needs treatment and Review regularly. HPV subclinical infection means that there are no clinical symptoms and signs after HPV infection, but there are cytological abnormalities.. Read More

nt when is the best time to check

Problem description: I heard from my best friend that she had an nt test when she was pregnant. I have been pregnant for 9 weeks now, but I don’t know when I should have an nt test. When is the best time for an nt test? ? Question date: 2020-11-18 Patient information: Age: 27 Gender: Femalent at 11-13+6 It is best to check in between weeks. nt examination is mainly.. Read More

What to eat during pregnancy

Problem description: My husband and I have been married for half a year, and now I am planning to have a baby. I heard from my friends that we need to pay more attention to diet. What should I eat during pregnancy? Question date:2020-11-18 Patient information:Age: 28 Gender: FemaleEat high-quality protein food during pregnancy , Foods rich in vitamins and minerals are better. 1. Protein is the basis for improving.. Read More