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What kind of medicine should a three-month baby cough and sputum take?

Problem description: What do three-month-old babies eat with cough and phlegm?Question date: 2021-01-19 Patient information: b>Age: March Gender: MaleProblem analysis: Hello, according to the situation you described, you should drink more hot water, keep warm, and don’t catch cold. Guide and suggestion: The diet should be mainly light, you can take Xiaoerqingfeizhikehuatan granules. Recommendations are for reference only. If the problem is serious, please go to the hospital for detailed.. Read More

I had menstruation on January 2nd for 3 days and 4 days, and it disappeared on the 11th.

Problem description: I had no menstruation for 3 days and 4 days on January 2nd. I had sex on the 11th. When I pulled it out, I found that the sleeve was inside, and the mouth of the sleeve was outside. Then I took it. I took emergency contraceptives at noon the next day. Will I get pregnant in this case? Question date:2021-01-19 Patient information:Age: 33 years old Gender: FemaleQuestion.. Read More

Often toothache at night! What kind of cyst was checked in our county hospital, I also forgot

Problem description: Often toothache at night! What kind of cyst was checked in our county hospital, I also forgot! The last few days have been particularly painful especially at nightQuestion date:2021-01-19 Patient information:Age: 59 years old Gender: Male< br />Problem analysis: This may have cysts that can cause inflammation, and the teeth may also have impacted teeth, dental caries, etc.Guidelines: Oral metronidazole is anti-inflammatory, and the cysts will follow up… Read More

Hello doctor, my daughter is 14 years old, in the second year of junior high school, a bit grumpy, thinking

Problem description:Hello doctor, my daughter is 14 years old and is in the second year of junior high. She has a bad temper and extreme thoughts. She always says suicide to scare me. She always says she is crazy and collapses. I don’t have the patience to talk to me. I can’t communicate with her at all. She likes to read novels and reads novels all day long. Some time.. Read More

My child has small acne, what is this?

Problem description: A 12-year-old child has a small acne-like body, and the body is still itchy. Please check with the doctor. Question date:2021-01-19 Patient information:Age: 12 years old Gender: FemaleQuestion analysis: Hello, the question has been received, but I did not see the photo, please upload it to seeGuiding suggestion: If you see the baby’s photo, I will reply as soon as possible after seeing the photo Thank you for.. Read More