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I was drunk with a friend and they slapped me without a condom. It’s been 48 hours now,

Problem description: I was drunk with a friend, and they slapped me without a condom. It has been 48 hours, and some of the whole body is itchy. Is there a venereal disease? Can it be blocked in time? T_TT_T Question date:2021-02-18 Patient information:Age: 24 years old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis: Hello, generally this situation is not caused by venereal diseases. If venereal diseases do not develop so quickly, most of.. Read More

Runny nose, stuffy nose, no fever, cough, a cough feeling in the neck and lungs

Problem description: Runny nose, nasal congestion, no fever, cough, a cough feels like phlegm in the neck and lungs, what should I buy? Question date:2021-02-18 Patient information:Age: 1 year old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis: Judging from your symptoms, your condition should be a cold caused by a virus infection. Guide and suggestion: In view of this situation, you can take Chinese patent medicine Fenghan Ganmao granules for treatment. Recommendations are for.. Read More

I watched the yellow shoot out a lot of thick yellow liquid tonight, I was so panic, I

Problem description: I watched the yellow shoot out a large amount of thick yellow liquid tonight. I am so panic. Have I been sick? Can I pass the training? 124245 Question date:2021-02-18 Patient information:Age: 14 years old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis : Generally, this situation is more common in semen storage for a long time, irregular work and rest in diet, and some signs of getting angry. Generally, the problem is.. Read More

Can’t get an erection, can the operation be done? How much is the operation?

Problem description: I can’t get an erection. I drank the medicine for 7 months but no effectDate of the problem: 2021-02-18 Patient Information: Age: 15 years old Gender: MaleProblem analysis:Hello, according to your description, if you have erectile dysfunction in this situation, you need to consider whether there is a reproductive system The possibility of disease. Guidelines: Generally speaking, this situation requires consideration of the possibility of chronic prostatitis, orchitis.. Read More

Is the clitoris foreskin too long, genital itching, whether there is vaginitis, such a small yin

Problem description:Is the clitoris foreskin too long, genital itching, whether there is vaginitis, what kind of surgery is needed for such labia minora hypertrophy?Question date:February 2021 18 Patient information:Age: 17 years old, Gender: FemaleProblem analysis: Itching of the vulva may be caused by inflammation, whether there is a need for vaginitis Laboratory tests for leucorrhea are routinely determined. Guide and suggestion: The labia minora are normal, do not need surgery,.. Read More

Body heats up when doing strenuous exercise or when encountering special embarrassment.

Problem description: When doing vigorous exercise, the body becomes hot or when you encounter special embarrassment, the body becomes hot, and both arms of the upper body are particularly itchy, red patches and small bumps appear from the itching.Date of problem: 2021-02-18 Patient information:Age: 19 years old Gender: MaleProblem analysis: This situation is very likely The presence of urticaria and allergic factors, including upper body sweating, can also trigger this.. Read More

GF Securities executives change blood: 57-year-old Lin Chuanhui is appointed as chairman and four new vice presidents are promoted

The management of GF Securities (000776.SZ, 01776.HK) has undergone a big change in blood. On July 22, GF Securities issued an announcement stating that Sun Shuming had resigned as chairman and executive director of the company due to his age. Lin Chuanhui, 57-year-old general manager of the company, has become the new chairman. In addition, the announcement on the day showed that Luo Binhua and Yang Long, former deputy general.. Read More

Suddenly I can’t speak, and then it will be better after a while, and I will have dinner after sitting. mouth

Problem description: Suddenly I can’t speak, and then it will be better after a while, and I will eat after sitting. My mouth has been cramping, and it will get worse after a while. No medical history, never happened beforeDate of problem: 2021-02-18 Patient information: Age: 51 years old Gender: MaleProblem analysis: Hello, in this case, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination and treatment as soon.. Read More