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Muscle liver 596. How to treat uric acid 580 well

Question description: Happy New Year, ask how to treat this stageQuestion date:2021-02-17 Patient information:Age: 62 years old Gender: MaleProblem analysis: I personally suggest that you send the test results to me for a look, and consider the kidney failure caused by gout. Guide and suggestion: Gout is often prone to significantly increase the level of creatinine, and dialysis is required when necessary. Recommendations are for reference only. If the problem.. Read More

Chest pain, chest tightness, unable to yawn,

Problem description: Chest tightness, shortness of breath, chest pain, and can’t yawn. You will feel better if you yawn.Date of the problem:2021-02-17 Patient information:Age: 29 years old, Gender: MaleProblem analysis:Hello! Saw your description. Most symptoms of chest tightness and chest pain suggest angina, coronary heart disease, pleurisy, pneumothorax, mediastinal tumor, rheumatic heart valve disease and other diseases. Guiding suggestions: It is recommended to check blood routine, electrocardiogram, heart color Doppler.. Read More

The 7-month-old child got mumps, and it’s been 18 days today.

Problem description: The 7-month-old child got mumps. It has been 18 days today. Not only is it not good, but it is more serious.Date of the problem:2021-02-17 < br />Patient information:Age: 27 months Gender: FemaleProblem analysis: Diseases can generally be controlled by vaccines. If you suffer Mumps, it depends on whether it is viral or bacterial. Guide and suggestion: In this case, I personally suggest that patients can be treated.. Read More

Recently, the patient’s stomach is still swollen and the ascites has not decreased.

Problem description: It was found that ascites was mainly manifested as abdominal distension in one month. I was treated in a local hospital for 20 days, mainly with anti-virus, enzyme reduction, liver protection, diuresis and protein supplementation, but the abdominal distension did not alleviate, and I was hospitalized. During the three inspections of the abdominal CT, no mass lesions were found! Now I want to hear the advice of experts!.. Read More

My father’s 63-year-old trigeminal neuralgia on his right cheek, after taking the medicine, it just relieved the pain for a while.

Problem description: My father is 63 years old with trigeminal neuralgia on his right face. After taking the medicine, it only relieves the pain for a while. May I ask if the Chinese medicine treatment is effective? I don’t want to have surgery for now.Question date:< /b>2021-02-17 Patient information:Age: 63 years old Gender: MaleProblem analysis: The condition of trigeminal pain is average Carbamazepine is appropriately used for treatment under the.. Read More

Late rupture and bleeding of liver cancer, how to treat after interventional surgery

Problem description: Hello, doctor, my dad is 57 years old this year. On the night of January 23, he had an unbearable abdominal pain. He was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer rupture in the emergency department of the hospital. He underwent interventional surgery at the time. The department stayed in the department for three days, unable to arrange an inpatient department, and was not admitted to the intensive care unit.. Read More

Doctor Zhou, my child is in such a situation now that he can’t receive his stools, and has been

Problem description: Dr. Zhou, my child is in such a situation now that he can’t receive his stool and has been leaking stool.Date of the problem:-02 2021 -17 Patient information:Age: 9 years old, Gender: MaleProblem analysis: I can judge whether I can judge the individual and suggest that the patient needs to go to the hospital based on symptoms Do a related check to determine if there is any abnormality… Read More

After the heavy rain, the price increases, Zhengzhou Xi’an Hotel apologizes: all guest rooms will be opened for free

Since July 20, heavy rains in many parts of Henan Province have moved people’s hearts. In the night of the same day, several online travel platforms and hotel groups released news overnight to initiate emergency return and correction measures. At the same time, many local hotels in Zhengzhou received stranded customers for free. However, at the same time that several hotel groups announced that they would sell rooms at regular.. Read More

Always feel uncomfortable to urinate before going to bed, and a drop of urine can’t come out

Description of the problem: Before going to bed at night, I feel that a drop of urine is too old to come out. I have to go for the second time.Date of the problem:2021-02-17 Patient information:Age: 21 years old, Gender: MaleProblem analysis: I personally suggest that if the patient is a female, you need to drink more water, which can speed up the urethra Excretion of bacteria. Guidelines: If you.. Read More

Does Qujing have liver tumor puncture scanning equipment?

Problem description: I would like to ask whether Qujing has liver tumor puncture and scanning equipment, as well as benign tumor resection, Question date: 2021-02-17 Patient information:Age: 64 years old, Gender: MaleProblem analysis:Hello, according to your description, then this situation needs to be clarified first Whether it is benign or malignant, it is usually possible to do treatment and inspections in the top three hospitals. Guide and suggestion: It is.. Read More