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Changsha City established an investigation team to investigate gas emissions from BYD’s Yuhua District factories

On May 8, the Changsha Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have set up an investigation team to organize government departments, third-party testing agencies and relevant experts to enter the BYD Yuhua District factory to conduct investigations in response to reports from the public about gas emissions from BYD’s Yuhua District factories. (Originally titled “Changsha City Establishes an Investigation Team to Investigate Gas Emissions from BYD’s Yuhua District Factory”)

Li Ka-shing returned to the mainland to show up in Guangzhou soil auction, smelling new business opportunities?

Li Ka-shing wants to “kill back” again? The sudden appearance of Li Ka-shing has made the first round of land auctions in Guangzhou in 2022 the focus of the market. Recently, Hutchison Whampoa, a subsidiary of Li Ka-shing, has eyed a piece of high-quality land in Baiyun New City, with a bid of 2.36 billion yuan, but failed to get the land. As the richest man in real estate in.. Read More

The social platform IP can be changed for less than 20 yuan per month, lawyer: there is a risk of privacy leakage

It only takes a few yuan to a dozen yuan, and the IP territorial can be easily modified. Recently, the black and gray industry chain related to “IP proxy” has quietly become popular on the Internet. On April 28, Sina Weibo released an announcement on the upgrade of IP territorial functions, announcing that it would open the function of displaying and commenting on IP territoriality, and launched the “Personal Homepage.. Read More

Shanghai Headquarters of the Central Bank: Guide financial institutions to expand loan issuance and increase support for resumption of work and production

At 10:00 am on May 8, Shanghai held a press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Yu Wenjian, Member of the Party Committee of the Shanghai Headquarters of the People’s Bank of China and Director of the Financial Consumer Rights Protection Bureau of the Head Office, said that since the outbreak of the epidemic, financial institutions in Shanghai have worked hard to overcome the.. Read More

Economic Daily Jin Guanping: Stabilize the fundamentals of foreign trade and foreign investment with a high level of opening to the outside world

When analyzing and studying the current economic situation and economic work, the Politburo meeting of the CPC Central Committee held recently pointed out that it is necessary to adhere to the expansion of high-level opening up, actively respond to the demands of foreign-funded enterprises to facilitate business in China, and stabilize the fundamentals of foreign trade and foreign investment. Faced with the complicated domestic and international economic situation, this year’s.. Read More