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During the “fourteenth five year plan” period, Lingang New Area strives to achieve an average annual growth rate of 30% for offshore trade

The new port area of Shanghai free trade zone will integrate into the world’s largest free trade “circle of friends”, open up a new international trade track, and strive to achieve an average annual growth rate of 30% in offshore trade during the “14th five year plan” period< Br> on June 24, at the ASEAN station of the new international trade “100 trillion” series activities in the new port area.. Read More

Safe: the current account surplus in the first quarter was US $88.9 billion, the highest in the same period in history

On June 24, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange released China’s international balance of payments statement for the first quarter of 2022, which showed that in dollar terms, the current account surplus in the first quarter of this year was US $88.9 billion, the highest in the same period in history< Br> of which, the trade surplus in goods was $145 billion, the trade deficit in services was $16.7 billion,.. Read More

The A-share market rose in large volume: the record index rose by more than 2%, and the net capital inflow from the North was nearly 10 billion yuan

Volume rose, and turnover continued to exceed trillion yuan< Br> driven by the overnight rise of US stocks and the inertia of the previous trading day, the three major A-share indexes continued the collective high opening mode on June 24. In the morning trading, the market went out of the high opening and high going trend, and the volume rose. In the afternoon, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets surged,.. Read More

Science · immunology: new crown mutant ba 1 and ba Large antigen difference

On June 23 local time, the international authoritative immunology journal Science · immunology published the heavy research: the antigen map showed that compared with the original Xinguan strain and the previous variant strain, Omicron ba 1 and ba The antigen evolution of 2 shows two “outliers”, and there is also a large distance between the two “outliers”. Meanwhile, ba 1 and ba Because of their different antigenic characteristics, they escaped.. Read More

Unable to prove product safety, Jul, the second largest electronic cigarette brand in the United States, was banned by FDA

Juul labs e-cigarettes. People’s visual information picture the U.S. e-cigarette giant suffered a disaster. on June 23 local time, the official website of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it had issued a sales ban (MDO) to Juul labs Inc For all products it currently sells in the United States, this means that the company must stop selling and distributing these products, or it will face law.. Read More

Foshan two districts purchase houses to promote consumption: purchase new houses with an area of more than 144 square meters and issue consumption coupons of 20000 yuan

On June 24, the news learned that Gaoming District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province recently released a house purchase promotion plan, which will issue 10million yuan of house purchase vouchers in total< Br> according to the “Gaoming release” news, Gaoming District Housing and urban rural development and Water Resources Bureau, together with Gaoming District Economic and Technological Promotion Bureau and Gaoming District Finance Bureau, will carry out the activity of promoting.. Read More

Chairman of the Federal Reserve: the commitment of the Federal Reserve to curb inflation is “unconditional”

US Federal Reserve Chairman Powell. People’s visual image on June 23 local time, US Federal Reserve Chairman Powell testified on the semi annual monetary policy report at the Financial Services Committee of the house of representatives of the US Congress. Powell said that the US Federal Reserve’s commitment to curb inflation was” unconditional “. ” the US labor market is a bit unsustainably overheated, and we deviate too far from.. Read More

Practical exploration on the real estate exchange of garlic in Henan Province: do not accept garlic or do not use garlic, and fancy promotion bypasses the restriction of price reduction

Recently, Henan Jianye’s real estate has attracted much attention by carrying out the “garlic exchange” promotion. How do I change rooms with garlic? Is it a gimmick< img alt="" width="600" src=" "> a few days ago, a reporter from securities daily visited the Sales Department of Jianye City, Qixian County, Kaifeng City, Henan Province, and saw the” 5 yuan / kg garlic exchange “erected in front of the sales.. Read More