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National Standing Committee: extend the exemption of new energy vehicles from vehicle purchase tax to the end of next year

According to the news from CCTV on August 19, Premier Li Keqiang chaired an executive meeting of the State Council on August 18 to deploy measures to promote the reduction of enterprise financing costs and personal consumption credit costs, and strengthen financial support for the real economy; We will deploy measures to increase the basic living security for people in difficulty, and ensure the bottom line of people’s livelihood; Determine.. Read More

17 real estate enterprises jointly requested to crack down on “malicious rights protection”. Who is right and who is wrong?

A few days ago, the joint request of 17 real estate enterprises in Hefei to crack down on “malicious rights protection” aroused widespread concern in the society< Br > < div class = "height" > < / div > the above-mentioned real estate enterprises jointly released the “report on requesting to maintain the business environment and enhance the investment confidence of real estate enterprises” (hereinafter referred to as the “report”),.. Read More

Silicon material faucet Tongwei sends power to downstream components, causing a huge earthquake in the photovoltaic module plate

On August 19, the news that Tongwei Co., Ltd. (600438. SH), a dual leader of photovoltaic polysilicon and battery chips, launched downstream components, directly triggered a huge earthquake in the photovoltaic sector, and a number of component leaders fell sharply< Br > < div class = "height" > < / div > on August 17, China Resources Power announced the winning candidates for the fifth batch of centralized procurement of.. Read More

Guo Mingyu: Apple’s iPhone was released in advance to minimize the impact of demand risk

on August 18, Guo Mingfu, an analyst at Tianfeng international securities, said on social media that Apple might hold a new product launch in advance that the global recession risk is still growing and unpredictable, so the release and sale of iPhone as soon as possible may minimize the impact of the recession risk on demand. < IMG ALT =" "style =" width: 600px; " src=" "> previously, according.. Read More

State Grid of China: to cope with the peak of power consumption, pilot electric vehicle peak shifting charging

Under the influence of high-temperature weather, the power load of many provinces has repeatedly reached new highs. In order to ensure the safe operation of the power grid during peak power consumption, the State Grid of China has piloted the implementation of electric vehicle peak avoiding charging in some high-temperature and high load provinces< video class="cont_video" src=" " controls="controls" webkit-playsinline="" playsinline="" x5-playsinline="" x-webkit-airplay="allow" preload="preload" poster=" " data-duration="01:24"> <.. Read More