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JD Tao Dacheng: in three or five years, the technology of the yuan universe will change qualitatively, and the whole world will become an experience terminal in the future

At this year’s world artificial intelligence conference, “metaverse” became the protagonist in the spotlight< Br > < div class = "contheight" > < / div > the meta universe originated from science fiction. This seemingly illusory concept has become a new “blue ocean” for global Internet companies to compete with. In China, in addition to Tencent, Alibaba and Baidu, technology giant also has its own meta universe layout. As.. Read More

How to view China’s reduction of US Treasury bonds for seven consecutive months

Recently, the US Treasury Department released data showing that China’s total holdings of US Treasury bonds fell by US $13 billion to US $967.8 billion in June, accounting for 13.02%, maintaining China as the second largest holder of US bonds. On the whole, foreign investors increased their holdings of US bonds by US $5.2 billion to US $7.43 trillion in June, of which Japan increased its holdings by US $12.. Read More

In 2021, the rate of centralized land supply to the market was 44%, and the pace of Beijing, Xiamen, Hangzhou and other places entering the market was fast

On September 2, Zhongzhi Research Institute released monitoring data. As of the end of August this year, a total of 3429 cases of “two centralized” residential land in 22 key cities were launched, with 2658 transactions, of which 2331 cases were launched and 1873 transactions were completed in 2021. If the normal development rhythm is followed, the plots of land to be traded in 2021 will be put on the.. Read More

Baidu Majie: metauniverse is the most likely candidate for Internet 3.0, and it will be the starting point five years later

Metaverse, known in the industry as the typical representative of the Web 3.0 era, is shining in 2021 and stands at the C position of the 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference< Br > < div class = "contheight" > < / div > among B (Baidu) a (ALI) t (Tencent), baidu was the first to launch metaverse products. Its first domestic metaverse product “xirang” app officially launched last year earned.. Read More