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High-energy synchrotron light source infrastructure overcomes the first difficulty and is expected to be completed by the end of 2025

On April 14, the reporter learned from the Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that the first phase of the high-energy synchrotron light source (HEPS) project has been completed with anti-vibration foundation replacement concrete pouring, which marks the construction of the HEPS project. Overcome the first difficulty. High-energy synchrotron light source (HEPS) project, the first stage of anti-micro-vibration foundation replacement concrete placement work has been.. Read More

The 19th private bank, Xishang Bank, was established and positioned as an Internet of Things bank

Xishang Bank is positioned to explore and build IoT banks using mobile finance and IoT technologies. Editor’s note: This article is from Daily Economic News author: Dan Liao Li Yuwen, authorized reprint The 19th private bank is established! The National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System shows that Wuxi Xishang Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xishang Bank”) was incorporated on April 14 with a registered capital of 2 billion.. Read More

What’s in my computer? These 13 softwares are my must-have

As the creator of topbook, if we rank the computer applications that we install ourselves, the first place is the non-Chrome browser, and the second and third places are Adobe ’s Photoshop and Premiere, respectively. How do we all think about these applications and what else do we install? This is an ordinary desktop computer we use. If it is not used for special effects creation, then we will not.. Read More

Yunjiu Living Room VoL.03 | Decrypting the Reality and Opportunity of Private Domain E-commerce

The 36Kr Future Live Room and Yunjiu Capital invited Chen Xi, vice president of Mingluo Technology Group and president of Mingluo Fengfeng, to unveil the veil of private e-commerce for you! Under the general situation of traffic anxiety and difficulty in obtaining customers, private domain e-commerce has stirred up thousands of waves. Some people say that 2020 is the first year of private domain traffic. Except for the head players,.. Read More

Uncle Hardcore uses rubber bands to make refrigerators. How many times does the beer cool?

This article comes from the WeChat public account: Bring science home (ID: steamforkids) , author: seven Jun, head Figure from: vision China Did you know that rubber bands can be used as refrigerators, do n’t believe it? You can pull the rubber band on the head of the female classmate to try it. If you stretch it first, it will get hot. If you retract it again, it will become.. Read More

WHO: There is no evidence that oral polio vaccine can prevent the new crown

Xinhua News Agency, Geneva, April 15th. The World Health Organization ’s daily outbreak report on the 15th pointed out that there has been no evidence to date that oral polio vaccine can protect people from new coronavirus infections. The vaccine prevents new coronary pneumonia. Oral polio vaccine is an attenuated vaccine widely used in children worldwide. Compared with the inactivated vaccine, the virus in the oral polio vaccine still has.. Read More

Seizing the user demand scene, Haier Refrigerator entered the ecological brand track

If the development of artificial intelligence has led the global industry to enter the 4.0 era, then where will the emergence of the Internet of Things lead the industry? In fact, when smart manufacturing enters the second half, competition tends to become fierce, and it is no longer the so-called “core technology” that determines whether a company can stand out, The degree of matching between products and user needs. Taking.. Read More

Apple’s dream of unification, can “5G News” be realized?

Is “5G News” the last bonus opportunity to reach users? Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Tech Planet” (ID: tech618) Author | Yang Yequan Editor | Zhang Yuting “5G messaging is the integration of services such as Apple’s iMessage and Wallet, or the ultimate upgraded version of SMS.” said Zhang Cheng, CEO of retail data company Maiwaidi. Regarding the recently hot “5G news”, Zhang Cheng said.. Read More

U.S. stocks that have just entered the “bull market” have been hit the top spot, and the U.S. economy is unlikely to grow

The title picture comes from: Xinhua News Agency photo by Guo Ke, this article comes from WeChat Official Account: Daily Economic News (ID: nbdnews ) , reporter: Cai Ding U.S. stocks that have just entered a “technical bull market” because of a 20% rebound from the lows have encountered a head start before the opening on the 15th local time! The US Department of Commerce released data on the 15th.. Read More

Can drinking high alcohol kill new coronavirus? WHO rumors: not only can it be dangerous

According to foreign media reports, the WHO Regional Office for Europe recently posted on the website that drinking alcohol will increase health risks and warns people to reduce drinking during the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. The organization also dismissed rumors that drinking high levels of alcohol can kill the new coronavirus, and recommended that governments around the world restrict people from drinking alcohol during the outbreak. According to reports, later.. Read More