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Hengfeng Bank issued its annual report after 3 years: the non-performing loan ratio fell by 25 percentage points last year

Hengfeng Bank, a national joint-stock bank whose headquarters has been moved to Jinan, Shandong, disclosed its 2019 annual report after the strategic reorganization was settled. The Bank’s last disclosure of the annual report was the disclosure of the 2016 annual report three years ago. Hengfeng Bank ’s 2019 annual audit report released on April 29 showed that in 2019, Hengfeng Bank ’s operating income reached 13.765 billion yuan, a year-on-year.. Read More

The toilet is actually the most recommended smart home | Tiger Sniff Survey Vol.3

The picture from: Visual China Survey description: April 28, Tiger Sniff The survey issued the third online survey invitation. Although the theme is somewhat “niche” compared to the past, there are still many Tiger Sniff users participating. Thank you again for sharing. This visit is mainly for smart home users and followers among Tiger Sniff users. The survey time was from April 28 to April 29, and a total of.. Read More

Lou Jiwei talks about how to proceed with the next step of active fiscal policy: the new deficit needs at least 3 trillion

On April 27th, the China Wealth Management 50 Forum and the Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences jointly held a special meeting on “Fiscal Policy in the Current Economic Situation” At the meeting, it was recommended to further increase the end of the VAT tax refund to promote private investment. Lou Jiwei said that the current tax reduction and fee reduction measures are very necessary, such as periodic reduction and exemption.. Read More

Anxin Trust suffered a loss of 4 billion last year for two consecutive years and will be “* ST” after the holiday

Anxin Trust (600816.SH) disclosed more than 30 announcements on April 30, including the 2019 annual report, the 2020 first quarter report, and delisting risk warnings. The annual report shows that Anxin Trust achieved operating income of 478 million yuan in 2019, and the net profit attributable to the owner of the parent company of the listed company was -3.99 billion yuan, with basic earnings per share It is -0.73 yuan… Read More

U.S. FDA may grant Ridesivir emergency use authorization: negotiating with Gilead

On April 29, Gilead Sciences announced that the experimental drug ridacive may help patients with new coronary pneumonia recover faster from infection. In response, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may announce an emergency use authorization for redoxir. According to a senior executive in the New York Times on April 29, the authorization may be launched as soon as possible. At present, the US FDA has not approved any.. Read More

Why do video websites secretly use your network to upload and share in the background?

Have you ever encountered the phenomenon of secretly uploading files from video websites and online disk tools? Don’t panic, video sites haven’t stolen your private content, they are just using your idle broadband network to transfer video files to others. Wait, they used your resources to do business, did you agree? That’s right, you agreed. What kind of fairy operation is this? Is it harmful to computers and mobile phones?.. Read More

The significance of the pilot of publicly-funded REITs in the infrastructure sector is comparable to that of the A-share registration system

On April 30, 2020, the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the “Notice on Promoting the Relevant Work of Real Estate Investment Trust Funds (REITs) in the Infrastructure Sector” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”), and officially launched the foundation The pilot work of publicly-funded REITs in the field of facilities. The “Notice” provides a comprehensive explanation of the significance of the pilot.. Read More

Daily News | Douyin and TikTok have exceeded 2 billion downloads worldwide; Indian Startups Association requires the Ministry of Commerce to exempt China and other neighboring countries from FDI

And, and U.S. network service provider Cloudflare joined forces to compete with Alibaba and Tencent for the Chinese cloud computing market; Gojek confirmed the acquisition of mobile terminal sales technology startup Moka. Welcome to follow the overseas WeChat public account (ID: wow36krchuhai), get timely cutting-edge information, fully understand the new trends in emerging markets, and talk to global giants. At the end of the article, scan the code to.. Read More

State Administration of Foreign Exchange: International goods and services trade revenue in March was 143.2 billion yuan

CCTV News April 30 news, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange announced today that in March 2020, China ’s balance of payments for international goods and services trade revenue was 143.2 billion yuan, expenditure was 133.5 billion yuan, and a surplus of 97 billion yuan. Among them, goods trade revenue was 129.4 billion yuan, expenditure was 109.2 billion yuan, and surplus was 198.8 billion yuan; service trade revenue was 140.7.. Read More

Young people’s anxiety and depression need to be treated, “Frame” wants to use the Internet to help doctors and patients connect

On the same track, two European and American companies each received hundreds of millions of financing this month. Although people usually pay more attention to physical health, with the increase of health awareness, society is increasingly aware of the importance of mental health. Projects that focus on mental health have gradually surfaced. Just a few days ago, the British mental health startup COMPASS Pathways just announced the completion of new.. Read More