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Yang Mi Lian Li, Li Jiaqi apologize, celebrities and net celebrities have a battle

, They are displayed in front of fans and the public in a “packaged” image. In other words, the fans believe that “Love Bean” may not be what they were. The originator of the Chinese talent show “Super Girl” Picture Source Network This is also the root cause of why traffic stars appear in the entertainment industry, and they are often exploded. For example, the recent events of Luo Zhixiang.. Read More

China’s first kilometer-level high-temperature superconducting cable project started in Shanghai, will be completed and put into production at the end of this year

Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, April 30, the first domestic 35-kilometre-kilometer high-temperature superconducting cable demonstration project built by the State Grid started in Shanghai on April 30. This is the first commercial application of high-temperature superconducting cable transmission technology in China. The localization rate of the core technology of the project is 100%, and it is expected to be completed and put into production at the end of 2020. At that.. Read More

The China Securities Regulatory Commission approved the approval of Jushun New Materials and Shengshi Technology IPO

On the evening of April 30, the CSRC approved the initial application of the following companies according to legal procedures: Hangzhou Jushun New Materials Co., Ltd. and Shengshi Technology Co., Ltd. The above-mentioned enterprises and their underwriters will negotiate with the exchange to determine the issuance schedule and publish prospectus documents one after another.

Musk’s mass satellites create astronomical wonders, which can be seen in many places in the next three days

The current meteor shower, the future is a communication tool Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account : HyperAI) , author: nerve knife.   Summary of content: Recently, many people have observed a long string of stars. They are not mysterious alien signals, but star chain satellites launched by SpaceX. Why does this phenomenon called “Star Train” happen, and what deep meaning is behind them?   Keyword:.. Read More

Ministry of Commerce: China-EU investment agreement negotiations have been held for 28 rounds, aiming to end negotiations within the year

On the website of the Ministry of Commerce on April 30, a reporter asked: China-EU investment agreement negotiations have been held for 28 rounds. What is the progress of the negotiations of the Ministry of Commerce? What positive progress has been made? Under the epidemic, can the goal of ending negotiations within the year be achieved? Gao Feng said that China and the EU just concluded the 28th round of.. Read More

4 points you must know to achieve double growth in wealth and influence

Do n’t work hard, do n’t work hard Sadly Editor ’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Noteman “(ID: Notesman) , author: swift and fierce cat. Content source : At 20:00 on March 26, 2020, a cat with a cat and Qian Liao platform jointly produced the “2020 Breaking Sharing and New Book Press Conference”. Guest profile:   A sturdy cat, a community business strategy expert, an.. Read More

You who have been sleeping all night because of employee struggles are likely to have become slaves

Beyond binary opposition. Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Chaotic University” (ID: hundun-university ) , author Zhu Dan. Going beyond binary opposition is a big issue. Today we try to understand in the field of personal growth and business management.       The “other side” that you hate and reject must not be put there or hidden, but must be integrated. Otherwise, you may become a slave.. Read More

From Luo Yonghao to see the first principle of net red economics

There are two types of Internet access bonuses. One is the power celebrity celebrity, and the other is the pseudo power celebrity celebrity. The standard of measurement is also very simple-can you continue to output content that fans like. Of course, the logic behind the internet celebrity economy is much more complicated, and I will talk to you in this video.

I love my family’s revenue in the first quarter fell by 50% year-on-year: the epidemic has a greater impact on new house transactions

On April 30, the real estate brokerage company I Love My Home Holdings Group Co., Ltd. (000560.SZ) released the first quarter of 2020 report. The data shows that in the first quarter of 2020, the company achieved operating income of 1.28 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 50.55 %; The net profit attributable to the mother is -160 million, compared with 210 million yuan in the same period of the.. Read More

Baige Zhengliu Science and Technology Innovation Board | China Resources Microelectronics: Science and Technology Innovation Board has a good understanding of the word “科”

[Written in front] On July 22, 2019, a gong on the banks of the Huangpu River witnessed the birth of the Science and Technology Board, and the Chinese capital market entered a new era. On April 29, 2020, the number of listed companies on the science and technology board exceeded 100, and the construction of the science and technology board entered a new stage. The surging news will launch a.. Read More