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Tanabata special edition! Single Wang please retreat, these 2 games are only for couple experience

In the recently broadcasted “Dear, Devoted” TV series, Han Shangyan said: “Nothing is necessary for romance. It is not necessary. I will give it to you for a long time.” Yes, the romance of the moment is Wonderful, but life is so long, it is also an indispensable process to accompany Ta and play with Ta. Today is Qixi Festival. I know that you have selected two QQ games for.. Read More

The front line | Quick hand to the resident MCN divided into four levels, the “tube” is getting thinner

The number of MCN institutions that have settled in the fast has exceeded 800. In order to build a good content ecosystem, the fast-track has introduced a hierarchical system to filter content and promote MCN growth. Recently, according to the short video workshop report, the fast-handed grading support for the MCN organization and the publication of specific grading standards. Among them, the fast-handed MCN organization is divided into four levels:.. Read More

5G version one plus 7 Pro login to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the new machine may be released soon

Recently, many mobile phone manufacturers have released their own 5G mobile phone plans. After the launch of Huawei Mate 20 X 5G and ZTE AXON 10 Pro 5G, both IQOO and Xiaomi began to warm up their 5G plans. Now, the 5G version of one plus 7 Pro has also obtained the network access license of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is very likely that the new.. Read More

Interview | Selling 200,000 units in 1 year, “walking machine” wants to become the next explosion of Xiaomi’s ecological chain

Xiaomi’s brand power is the key to helping this product break through. The Xiaomi Eco-chain has finally started to use family sports equipment, but the first “big-size” is a “walking machine” that makes many people unfamiliar. Last year, this walker named “WalkingPad” sold 6,000 units when it was crowdfunded by Xiaomi, surpassing the estimate of the manufacturer, Goldsmith – their previous prediction was 2,000 units. about. After crowdfunding, this product.. Read More

The avatar instantly sprouts! This technology allows you to transform into a protagonist

this article comes from the public name Silicon Star (ID: guixingren123), author of the spectrum Du Chen, Ai Faner authorized release, Many of the younger generation are ACG (animation, comics, and games). On social networks, the avatars of anime characters are often seen, because for these users, the common hobby is an effective way for them to identify each other and improve communication. However, there are two minor problems: First,.. Read More

Samsung released Exynos 9825 processor: upgrade process, the fastest tomorrow can be used

Samsung will hold an Unpacked new product launch in New York at 4 am on August 8th, Beijing time, but before the opening of Unpacked, Samsung updated its own Exynos 9 Series , and name it Exynos 9825. As the name suggests, Exynos 9825 is a modified version of Exynos 9820 last year, a bit like The relationship between Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and 855 Plus is not an iterative product,.. Read More