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What are the differences between junior, intermediate and advanced programmers?

Work experience is not the only standard. The Translation Bureau is a compilation team that focuses on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on foreign new technologies, new ideas, and new trends. Editor’s note: Where is the difference between programmers? What criteria are used to distinguish between junior, intermediate, and advanced developers? The author of this article, Daan, believes that working hours are not a yardstick for distinguishing.. Read More

Some principles of B-end product database design

Explain the importance of B-end product database design from the product and business level. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “SaaS product said”, author Li Donglin, authorized to reprint. Today, let’s talk about the business modeling and database design of B-end products. How important is the database design of B-end products? How to say it, If the product positioning determines whether there is a market for a.. Read More

In order to compete for highly viscous middle-aged users, how does the streaming media platform BritBox stand out?

Multi-gold and single-player, middle-aged and old users in the streaming media era are also treasures. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “All Media” (ID:quanmeipai), the whole media is compiled exclusively, to see how BritBox, the UK’s top streaming media platform, uses the “sunset red” style to develop its own unique advantages. Author Tencent Media. In 2019, the streaming media war entered the white-hot stage. The traffic of.. Read More

Frontline | Pivotal will be acquired by VMware after the stock price is close to the waist and is sued by shareholders

VMware’s offense, Pivotal’s break. Pivotal was split from VMware’s business six years ago and is now back. August 14, According to CNBC, cloud computing service provider VMware plans to acquire Pivotal, a software development platform, sourced from VMware, Pivotal and Dell yesterday to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). A document submitted. The document shows that a special committee of VMware and Pivotal’s board of directors is negotiating a.. Read More

VR, British Airways allows first class passengers to experience virtual reality entertainment devices

In addition to the special few minutes of taking off and landing, few people would like to feel like staying on the plane. Although the airline has tried to provide a comfortable flight experience, the limited cabin space is still depressing. At this time, can there be a way for the passengers to feel that they are not flying? The solution that British Airways thinks of is virtual reality. They.. Read More

Packaged food, the trillion market on the tip of the tongue

After artificial meat and vegetable milk, what is the next stop opportunity for packaged food? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Hua Ying Capital ”(ID: MeridianCapital), author Xia Zhimeng, Jiang Zhifeng. Packaged foods, pre-packaged or made in packaging materials and containers, mainly as opposed to fresh food. Beyond Meat launched a battle for artificial meat. The super foods represented by Chia seeds and buckwheat are not reduced,.. Read More

The front line | realme officially announced the 64 million pixel real machine, the configuration of the arms race is more and more glued

Put the pixels up and talk about it. On August 15th, Realme held a summer video technology communication meeting in Shenzhen, where the real machine with 64 million cameras was displayed. According to reports, realme’s new machine will be equipped with a four-camera camera, there will be super anti-shake, portrait blur and HDR for video. Image from official realme has been warming up for a while, realme CMO started to.. Read More

In the matter of collecting user voice data, this time it was Microsoft’s approval.

After Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook is exploded, the conversation between the user and the voice assistant may be After human eavesdropping, this time it was Microsoft’s turn to take the initiative. Recently Microsoft update privacy statement that will The supplier’s staff transcribes the recordings of these voice services by Skype and voice assistant Cortana, Microsoft said that the collection of users’ voice data is mainly to improve the accuracy of.. Read More

Intelligent decision-making: an important theory in the era of artificial intelligence

The goal of intelligent decision-making is to turn information into better action. Editor’s note: Data is beautiful, but the most important thing is decision making. Decision making is the choice of any entity between options. Studying AI requires an in-depth understanding of decision-making intelligence. We can often consider quantitative and qualitative perspectives. Quantitative mainly involves data science, which is qualitatively related to society and management science. This article was compiled.. Read More

Europe’s largest pen financing has deceived Softbank, India’s AI company has been exposed to fraud, and behind the automatic development is the real person code farmer

Really artificial, fake intelligence. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Big Data Digest” (ID :BigDataDigest), the author of the Digest. AI financing has a bubble, which everyone knows. But how big can this bubble be? A star AI startup called has just set a new record. The company, which uses ai as a domain name, was created by two Indian founders and claims to be able.. Read More