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The core logic of the consumer goods industry: the more you have, the more you want to have.

Cover from Visual China 1/5, the more you have, the more you want to have New clothes require new skirts, new skirts require new shoes, new shoes require new backpacks, new backpacks require new scarves, new scarves require new earrings, new earrings require new watches, new watches require new fragrances… There is a point in Good and Evil Economics: Consumers buy a certain item, and in theory, the total number.. Read More

Tunisia soft seed pomegranate accidental redness mystery

Article from WeChat public account:Rui Company (ID:shangjiezz), author: Dai Xichun, cover from the East IC Tunisia soft-seed pomegranate, the foreign name, has not yet had time to find out its identity, has already won a number of fans because of food. This new species in the fruit world has suddenly been pulled out of a huge market. What power is this reliance on? Mom bought a box of Tunisian pomegranates… Read More

Shaoxing character, not only Lu Xun

Article from WeChat public account:Reverberation Editor (ID: huixiangjf), author: JiFeng Bookstore, cover from the visual China This program, we say Zhejiang people, when you say here, is your first reaction savvy and rich? Today’s two talkers will unlock the hidden attributes of Zhejiang people besides “rich”. Cai Zhaoyang, everyone likes to call him a teacher. He loves all kinds of seafood in Zhejiang and loves to bring a group of.. Read More

Why Jiang Yiyan and Tian Puzhen are desperate to be independent women, but they are still being mocked

This article is from the public number:Everyone (ID:ipress), author: Ms. Huang Huang Tong Tong, from the title figure: vision China 一 The actress Jiang Yiyan, who is famous for his teaching, may not even think of it. He just wants to show his architectural awards on Weibo, and he has become a ridiculous news person and become a building in China. The nails of the professionals – people laugh at.. Read More

You are a teenager, a failed suspect X devotes himself

public channel number from the micro herein: Entertainment hard candy (ID: yuleyingtang), of: Xieming Hong, Editor: Chunhui, head of FIG. Source: Oriental IC. When Zhou Dongyu asked everyone the difference between “was and used to be”, Jiang Yiyan must know the answer. With the repeated reading of “This was our homeland”, “You of the Boys” traces the lens back to 2011, and put “Campus Bullying” on the screen with a.. Read More

If the “involution” cannot be overcome, can the Chinese economy have hope?

This article is from the public number:Internet and Entertainment Strange Group (ID:TMTphantom), author: head of the monster group Pei Pei, from the title figure: vision China This week, three messages in my circle of friends have appeared repeatedly, that is, they have been repeatedly reprinted and repeatedly brushed by many friends. They made me into a meditation. The first article is that Huawei Ren Zhengfei praised the “Hengshui Model” in.. Read More

AirPods Pro is getting closer and closer to us, it is the last link of Apple’s true wireless headset layout

With the increasing number of news about the noise reduction version of AirPods over the past few days, it seems likely that this product will be released in the near future. People are just moving forward in the face. In the first half of the year, I decided that there would be no more new AirPods this year. After all, I just updated it at the end of March, and.. Read More

Tsinghua River Fire, Beida Tibetan Spring

This article is from WeChat public number: modernstory, the picture is from Oriental IC Spring and fire are the most precious treasures. 一 In May 1995, Jia Zhangke, who was a sophomore at the Beijing Film Academy, finished his debut, “Going Home.” The film premiered at the North Shadow Hostel. Twenty or thirty people came. After 15 minutes, someone left. There was only Jia Zhangke and the assistant director. Jia.. Read More

Why do companies choose to lay off employees instead of paying cuts?

The external crisis is the internal motivation Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Chaotic University” (ID: hundun-university), author of the blue sea. The giant cedar tree in the western United States, every fire makes it reborn, the experience of the flame makes its vitality more tenacious, and the low shrub swallowed by the flame becomes its nutrient, thus it becomes Giant trees. Poverty traps According to.. Read More

Carmen Neshen | Huawei will become a super supplier; Tesla Q3 turns a profit; 12 new cars are among the unicorns

Focus on this issue: Huawei, Tesla, Apple, Xiaopeng Editor’s note: This article is from “ Daily future car “(micro-channel public number ID: auto-time), author: Xiao Cheng Yi. “Carmen Neshen” is the weekly section of the Future Auto Daily, which will sort out the business news that is worthy of attention this week. Here are the company and business news that are worth watching this week (October 21-October 25): Huawei will.. Read More