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Thank you, knowing that you just got down the altar

After all, it’s a good meal. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Judge old driver < /a>”(ID: panguansays), the author judges the old driver. “Be serious, you will win” According to the understanding of the image of the elite community, this week, the F round of financing news was released, and the quick-handed lead, Baidu followed. The news caused a lot of users and big v turmoil,.. Read More

In-depth information | Betta fish teeth rely on live broadcast profit, fast into the game live field can spoil

The game broadcasts two giants, fighting fish and tiger teeth. One of the common reasons for profitability is the increase in the number of paying users and the cost per user. 文 | Daily Business Collection Betta fish tiger teeth rely on live broadcast profit, fast break into the game live field can spoil the situation The game’s two giants, Betta and Tiger, have released new quarterly earnings reports, among.. Read More

8:1 氪 | Xiaomi, US Mission will be included in the Hong Kong Stock Connect; WeWork submits an IPO prospectus: or up to $1 billion in financing; Musk: Immigration Mars needs $100 billion

After the release of Hongmeng, Android has a sense of crisis. Big company Millet and the US Mission will soon be included in the Hong Kong Stock Connect, and Hong Kong stocks fell sharply in the first half of the year. The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Li Xiaojia, said at the press conference on August 14 that the core issue of the stocks with different rights.. Read More

NetEase’s market value surpasses Baidu and becomes the fifth largest Internet company in China.

Among the top ten stocks that have the most profitable short positions, Baidu ranks fifth Editor’s note: This article is from “Tencent Technology”. According to Yahoo Finance data, as of the close of US stocks on Wednesday, NetEase’s market value ($33.542 billion) surpassed Baidu ($33.136 billion) and became the fifth largest Internet company in China. On Wednesday, NetEase’s share price closed at $262.13, up $1.28 on the day, or 0.49%… Read More

Starting | R & D area array quantum counting X-ray detector and complete machine system, “Frame View Dexin” received nearly 100 million B round of financing

Subversion technology in the medical imaging industry. Learn that medical equipment companies Shenzhen Frame Guande Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Frame View Dexin Xpectvision) completed nearly RMB 100 million B round of financing, led by Shenzhen Times Bole Ventures, and the investors can not disclose. Frame view of the core financing history (from whale standard) Frame Guan Dexin founder Cao Peiyan said that this round of financing is.. Read More

Ruixing bid farewell to the entrepreneurial self?

The actual effect of the multi-category attempt, the second quarter earnings report gives an answer. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Retail boss internal reference” (ID: Lslb168), author Yang Yafei. On the afternoon of August 14, Ruixing Coffee disclosed the second quarter earnings report for the 20th quarter ending June 30, and handed over the first transcript after the listing. First, let’s look at a core set.. Read More

14 days to build a “sustainable profitable” membership system

How to design a good paid membership policy? We call it “flower-de-province-enjoyment”. 文/胡兴民 “Super User” has become a hot word in the second half of the Internet, In addition to high traffic, high cost, high turnover rate, low repurchase rate, and reduced profit are the common industry The pain point is especially true in the retail industry. The company is talking about pulling new channels all day long. In fact,.. Read More

Make an appointment with Tencent Video and Suning super member to draw a grand prize 98 yuan a key double open to reduce 399 yuan

Mobile phone scan code – log in to Suning Tesco APP, complete the appointment in the appointment activity page, and at 209.8.17, 20:00-2019.8. On the 20th, 23:59 Successful opening of joint members, you can get the lucky draw. View prizes from Suning Tesco APP-My Tesco-SUPER member channel View in the head message notification/super featured event                                  

What industry is getting older and more fragrant? 32 years old, low education, no experience, want to work long-term

Learn about the Internet… When I was a lecturer at a training institution, who was the most difficult student to find? The young people who are not inexperienced with a blank sheet of paper are precisely the old accountants with old experience and no brains… Think about it? The experience and skills of more than 20 years ago can be worth a few dollars today? You said that if you.. Read More

Starting | How to manage the notes on Kindle and WeChat reading? These Google engineers came up with a good idea.

Developers are the backbone of the mobile Internet ecosystem. They are tough and courageous. They adhere to the right values ​​and believe that innovation can create value. AppSo is also the same, we hope that those developers with valuable quality, and their products with flash points, can be seen by more people. AppSo invites great developers every week to talk to them about interesting and moving stories in the process.. Read More