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Is it necessary to buy a 500 yuan yuan to buy a funeral?

Have you ever heard the saying that the sun-smelling taste after sun quilt is actually emitted by the body of the locust. This statement breaks the romantic fantasies of many people, but it is roughly correct. According to the analysis conclusion of the 2009 Science Squirrel Society, strictly speaking, this is actually the smell of microbes that are dead and mixed with ozone. From this conclusion we can get two.. Read More

Class, scene, crowd, closed loop… “five-step mentality” for dismantling private traffic

This article comes from the public wave of new consumption (ID: lcxinxiaofei), sharer Liu Xin, finishing The original is broken, and the program is authorized to be released. Private domain traffic has recently exploded… Obviously, as the growth rate of public domain traffic such as Taobao and Baidu peaked, the cost continued to increase, and the traditional user growth model gradually failed. In contrast, low-cost, freely accessible “private traffic” has.. Read More

Read this war for free, laugh at the last possibility or read the article

Free reading has been a hot new field since 2018. Who is the last person who laughs? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Internet and entertainment geeks” ( ID: TMTphantom), author Yu Pei. (This article only represents the personal views of the head of the thief group, does not represent the views of its service agencies, and does not constitute investment advice. It is only for the.. Read More

A poor customer service ruined half of the operation: talk about those lack of “human flavor” game customer service

“Robot” customer service is responsive, but not fascinating; sometimes, they will be resentful. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Game Grapes” (ID: youxiputao ), the author of Fiss. Authorized to publish. “We would rather have more than a few days of ‘liver’ code, and don’t want to do another minute of customer service.” A M has complained with Grape King. At that time, his leading game was.. Read More

Launched AI-MDT expert intelligent health management system, “Zhongkang Information” will use the medical examination institution as the entrance to help users establish “health passport”

Establish an accurate health management matrix. The arrival of an aging society has made more and more attention to chronic disease management. According to the requirements of national graded medical treatment, medical institutions, pharmacies and community health management agencies will become the entrance to residents’ health management in the future (after family scenes) , they will play an important role in preventing and controlling a series of chronic diseases such.. Read More

Buttons Air True Wireless Headset Experience: In fact, it is a trend item of black eyed peas

After ten years ago, I Gotta feeling took over. Boom Boom Pow dominated the US BillBoard list, and two heavy hotlists continued to climb the list for 26 weeks. Some say that The Black Eye Peas overdrafts the popularity of the next decade. After ten years, Black Eyed Peas lost the female member Fergie, still facing the hope of rejuvenation. The founder also tried to launch a solo album,.. Read More

Want to get financing smoothly? Don’t make these 7 mistakes

Inadvertently, all loses. Introduction: Funding is the energy of this machine of the startup company. Without the funds, the machine can’t run. Financing is an important issue that most entrepreneurs will have headaches. The original author Tim Jackson has been an entrepreneur and now an investor. Based on his own industry experience, he summed up the seven mistakes that entrepreneurs can’t make in the financing process. Alpha Commune (public number:.. Read More

Straight male evaluation | It is difficult to understand than the woman’s heart, it is the cross-border joint name of Ma Yinglong and Okamoto.

Beauty, let go straight men Editor’s note: This article from WeChat public number “Superman evaluation “(ID: chaorencp), the author is involved in the beauty of the super brother. Ma Yinglong, the “Chrysanthemum Big Dipper” who makes acne medicine, and Okamoto who likes to make a fuss about “thin”, always make people chrysanthemum tight and shy. but in The era of cross-border era, the two major brands are not idle –.. Read More

Performance Express 丨 Rui Xing’s first transcript: revenue increased by 6 times year-on-year, in line with expectations, but net loss expanded more than doubled

Ruixing expects that in the third quarter of this year, the company will move toward the break-even point of store operation. On August 14, Ruixun Coffee (NASDAQ: LK) handed in the first transcript after listing. The financial report shows that Ruixing Coffee’s total revenue in the second quarter was RMB 909.1 million, a year-on-year increase of 648.2%. Compliant with Bloomberg90 million yuan. Span>; compared with the first quarter, revenue was.. Read More