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Three years of “blocking”, the entertainment is no longer the world of the Korean Wave

This article is reproduced from the WeChat public account: Entertainment Industry (ID: yulechanye), author: Dragon Boat Festival, head map source: Oriental IC. Recently, Rose and Kim Min Jong replaced the new actor “No Secrets of You” character avatar, too sand sculpture, and boarded a hot search. There is no secret, tells the story of a lawyer and a younger brother who has a “reading mind”. Lin Xingran, played by Rose,.. Read More

Yang Tianzhen: It may be “disadvantages” to achieve you.

Attractive people have their own value system Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account Chaos University (ID: hundun-university), author Yang Tianzhen. Many people’s achievements are not because of his special long-term advantages, but because of that shortcoming, he is constantly driving him to do certain things. ——Yang Tianzhen Founder and CEO of Xinxin Entertainment What I am talking about today is the logic of the bottom layer. It.. Read More

Xuanfa Company who left us in these years

This article comes from “Picture Together” (WeChat public ID: yiqipaidianying), author: Lv Shiming, title figure: Oriental IC. Some people say that the ultimate way out of any industry may be due to the insurance industry. This trend is not even the case for film whistle-blowers. It may be that the relationship you have accumulated over the years, whether it is Party A or Party B, the ultimate goal is to.. Read More

With millions of users, covering more than 100 industries, the pulse is struggling in the “Taxi trap”

Information security, content value, and business professionalism have all fallen into the “Tassie trap” Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “螳螂财经” (ID: TanglangFin), the author is easy. (Image from the web) “We hope that this real information will eventually be resolved, not as a place for the media to break the news.” When the 2019 World Internet Conference was held, Lin Fan answered this question about.. Read More

How do merchants break through the “winter” traffic through members?

The preferential rights and the privileges of the members are used as rewards to the users. But look closely, the tactics used by these companies to implement the paid membership system are not the same, let’s make a comparison: The picture shows the membership benefits of different retailers Most companies only use the annual fee as the threshold for users, while Costco and Ali 88VIP add another crowd threshold: Costco.. Read More

The fast fashion store strategy has changed, ZARA has withdrawn from the core business district, and Uniqlo has “going to the countryside”…

From the perspective of opening stores in the third quarter, fast fashion is rising in low-tier cities… Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “to win business network” (ID: winshang), author: Lu Zhizhen. From the opening of the store in the third quarter, fast fashion is rising in the low-end cities… According to the incomplete statistics of, including H&M, ZARA, Uniqlo, MJstyle, MUJI, UR, C&A, GAP Within.. Read More

Real Hollywood past: money, power, and the secrets of Hollywood

The only art in Hollywood is the art of business. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Deep Ring” (ID: deep-echo ), the author Lu Wei. Core Highlights ▪Old Hollywood and New Hollywood modes are not the same; From inspiration to release, a Hollywood blockbuster is extremely long, complicated and painful; The economic, social, and political logic of Hollywood. In the eyes of domestic moviegoers, Hollywood blockbusters have.. Read More

When the three quarterly reports are very beautiful, the University of Science and Technology News, when can you make money?

Large oranges under the text/starry In 1946, in order to calculate the artillery trajectory and impact point, the University of Pennsylvania’s Eckert and Molly team successfully developed the first universal computer, the electronic digital integration computer (ENIAC). This nearly 30-ton behemoth calculation program uses an external plug-in, that is, each time a new calculation is performed, the line is reconnected (as shown below). Sometimes a few minutes or ten minutes.. Read More

Did “two choices one” violate the “Electronic Commerce Law”?

Perhaps a bit counter-ear, but the truth is not scrubbing or soft-text Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public number “Technology” (ID: kejishuo), author Laotie 007. “Second one” is a topic that must be discussed every year, but this year’s topic begins around the “E-commerce Law.” Under Articles 22 and 35, everyone has a choice of “two choices”. More legal support, but if the law is the norm, combined.. Read More

Rolling down Jingdong smoothly, why is the capital market so much to see?

Why is it so much that the capital market is favored? Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public number “American Stock Research Institute” (ID: meigushe), author of the US Stock Research Institute. < Span data-> Recently, the stock price hit a record high. This news took turns on the major mainstream technology websites. In Thursday’s trading, the stock price rose by 12.56%, to close at 39.96 US dollars,.. Read More