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Markdown is a markup language that uses plain markup syntax to make plain text special, so you don’t care about formatting, but note content. The excellent Markdown notes on the market include Ulysses, Bear, MWeb, Typora, etc. They are half of their own features, and it seems that the new Markdown note-taking software has no breakthrough. However, the recently released “Focus on Notes” tells me that the Markdown note-taking software.. Read More

More than 70% of urban residents have sub-health, but China’s psychological counseling industry is still too young.

Author: Wu Yue, source: IT Orange (itjuzi521). The picture is from Oriental IC. “Black Dog” is synonymous with depression in the English-speaking world. It is derived from Churchill’s famous saying: “Depression in the heart is like a black dog. If you have a chance, you will bite me.” On October 16, Korean artist Cui Xueli committed suicide at home and triggered a public tsunami. It was reported that Cui Xueli.. Read More

The Baiteng car is close to mass production, and the first PP car was officially launched yesterday.

Baiteng is close to mass production. Editor’s note: This article is from “Future Car Daily” (WeChat public ID: auto-time), author: Pan Lei. Author | Pan Lei Edit | Liang Chen One of the new forces in the car, the Beteng car ushered in a major node. October 23, the founder of Baiteng Dai Lei published a message on social media that the Baiteng Nanjing factory had already rolled off the.. Read More

How can the new drug for treating Alzheimer’s disease be “reversed”?

This article was transferred from WeChat public account:Pharmaceutical Pharmacy (ID: WuXiAppTecChina),The original title “Alzheimer’s disease new drug is back to life! Can it usher in a “shocking reversal”? 》, Cover: Oriental IC “Stunning” (shocking), “amazing reversal” (stunning reversal)… These are the descriptions of the US media’s news of the company’s (Biogen) . Today, Yu Jian and Eisai (Eisai) company announced that after discussing with the FDA and external experts, plans.. Read More

After the transition to B technology output, how far can fly loan fly?

Sustained capacity growth is fundamental to Financing financial technology. When Internet finance returned to rationality and began to “financial finance, technology and technology”, the positioning of a number of financial technology companies gradually became clear. The end of a chaos is often the opening of another competitive situation. Starting from 2018, the financial technology companies under the giants have anchored “technology”, “de-financialization” has become the trend of the times, and.. Read More

4 steps to teach you the ability to “anti-interference”

Focus is the skill that is most needed in the future. The Translation Bureau is a compilation team that focuses on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on foreign new technologies, new ideas, and new trends. Editor’s note: In the era of information explosion, how to be distracted is probably the skill we need most. This article provides a set of ways to help readers achieve “focus.” Article.. Read More

IBM shelled Google quantum computing: “Quantum hegemony” is misleading!

Photo by Brian Kostiuk – @BriKost on Unsplash, this article is from WeChat public account:Smart Things (ID:zhidxcom)< /span>, Reporter: Hearts October 23 news, remember a month ago Google claimed the first to achieve “quantum hegemony (Quantum Supremacy)“? It is known as a major advance in the development of quantum computing, and it takes 3 minutes and 20 seconds to complete the calculation that the world’s first supercomputer takes 10,000 years.. Read More

When the fraud group is on your parents’ social network

This article is from WeChat public account:Lee’s Human Museum (ID: museumofus), author: plum plum SMS, cover: Oriental IC Facebook has stalled again. But this time it was not Facebook itself, but a so-called “advertising group”, which advertised a large number of scammers. The method was extremely secretive and the loopholes were extremely fierce. It was only recently revealed that it was the tip of the iceberg. How is it done?.. Read More

Old people playing games

Older people are an almost invisible group among gamers, but they are important. This article comes from Touchex (WeChat: chuappgame), the original “The old people playing games 》, author Chi Yu, authorized to reprint. Few people regard the elderly who play games as real players. Their lives in the game, their feelings about the game, and the meaning they have gained in the game have long been ignored. Like the.. Read More

Zuckerberg: The US government does not approve, Facebook will not push the scales

Zach Burke warned that if Facebook could not establish a new global cryptocurrency, technology companies in other countries such as China might intervene and they would take advantage of this opportunity. This article is from Netease Technology October 23, according to foreign media reports, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, the world’s largest social networking company, plans to speak at the US House of Representatives Financial Services Committee hearing on Wednesday… Read More