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8:1, Apple’s R & D investment hit a record high; fast, TikTok into the world’s most gold-absorbing video App; “Where is the devil’s world” box office broke 2.3 billion

Light Media Becomes the Biggest Winner Large Company Dong Mingzhu: Gree 100% will not explode, and the white horse stocks that are thundering are not real white stocks In the CCTV financial channel “Dialogue” program to be broadcast on the evening of August 4, Gree Electric Chairman Dong Mingzhu revealed that Gree was almost acquired by a foreign Fortune 500 company in his early years. When talking about the recent.. Read More

Behind the 10M Lite Album App is Google’s next billion market

From the launch of the Google I/O conference in 2015 to four years ago, Google Photos has become Google’s ninth product to reach 1 billion users after Android, Gmail, and YouTube. Now, Google is also starting to plan for its next billion users, and this attempt is Gallery Go, a gallery app that has no regional restrictions and can be used offline. Gallery Go’s full name in the Play Store.. Read More

Starter | 奕 to home to complete nearly 10 million Pre-A round of financing, providing personalized lighting solutions for the home

Edison probably did not expect that modern lighting is not only used for lighting. It was learned that the home has recently announced the completion of nearly 10 million Pre-A round financing, the investor is Oriental Fuhai, the old shareholder Yuanhe origin and investment, Xinghan Capital as the current round Exclusive financial advisor. Not long ago, I went to the home to get Yuanhe origin capital of millions of angels.. Read More

Dear data: How do I find interesting worlds from the data?

Data news is really helpful to readers by sharing some valuable content with you. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “All Media” (ID:quanmeipai), the author of Tencent Media, authorized to reprint. How do you define a good data news today in graphical communication? What kind of topic is communicative? What is worth paying attention to in the process of data news production? What is the unique value.. Read More

Does the express delivery industry “do not sue and vote”?

Is your shipment coming to the door? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “ Notes understand understand ” (ID: dongdong__note), of: the left bank. “Your courier will help you to put it in the security room, please receive the information in time.” “You have a parcel to arrive at the XX courier, pick up the code XXXX, please get it in time.”… I believe that such text.. Read More

ChinaJoy 2019 observation: showgirls cool, some mainstream manufacturers retired, B station and fast-handed and other rookies eager to try

ChinaJoy 2019 observation: showgirls cool, some mainstream manufacturers retreat, B station and fast hand and other rookies are eager to try 文|Duplex The annual CJ ​​is being held in Shanghai, but it may not be as hot as it might seem. According to the official figures, the number of visitors on August 2, 2019 was 101,200, an increase of 6,249; the number of visitors on August 3 was 134,800, an.. Read More

Huami OV risks and opportunities coexist

The future pattern is both cruel and complementary. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “bullet finance” (ID: wwwhygc ), author: Yang Bocheng. This is a market where both danger and opportunity coexist. A few days ago, market research firm IDC released the latest smartphone shipment report. In the second quarter, global smartphone shipments decreased by 2.3% year-on-year, with total shipments of 333.2 million units, up 6.5% from.. Read More

Starting | Providing mental chain health management full chain service, “Zhaoyang doctor” won nearly 50 million yuan A2 round of financing

Use “deep diagnosis and treatment – drug supply chain – psychological counseling” to create a sample of the Internet of mental illness diagnosis and treatment. It was learned that the mental health specialist medical service platform “Doctor Zhaoyang” has completed nearly 50 million yuan of A2 round of financing, this round of financing is led by the capital of the grass, the old shareholders of the national investment and other.. Read More