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3 physics physics subverts mathematics common sense, math genius Tao Zhexuan: I began to believe

Article from WeChat public account:Quantum (ID:QbitAI), author: thirteen, fish, sheep, drawing from the title: vision China In the early morning of August, the mathematic genius and Fields Prize winner Tao Zhexuan opened an email from three unfamiliar physicists. Three people explained in the email: We stumbled upon a formula that, if it was correct, would create an unexpected relationship between some of the most basic and important objects in linear.. Read More

Interview with Zeng Ming: Sinking is the last outbreak of China’s past innovation model. Everyone has to do more hard work later | Observation +

If you don’t refactor the industry, the transformation of any industry is awkward. 文|龙真梓 Edit | Huang Wei The Internet dividend will be exhausted. What kind of companies can seize the next wave? This is a question that almost everyone in the new economy is asking for, and few people seem to be able to give an answer. However, as a deep observer and participant in the Chinese Internet, Zeng.. Read More

The doll is fake, the companion is true

This article is from the public number: Xiao Shi (ID: lnrs_weixin) , author: Xiao Shi, title map from: Visual China At present, China is the world’s largest producer of silicone dolls. There is a group of people who not only use dolls as adult products, but also are keen to wash their dolls.With them outside, this niche and secret group is called “Wayou.” Zhang Bo, one of the four years.. Read More

The owner of attention, refuse to interfere, you can do this

Learn to control your reactions to bad emotions. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Redwood Exchange” (ID: Sequoiacap), author Hong Shan. As technology becomes more developed and society develops faster, people’s control over time and attention begins to decline. The new information message that pops up on the phone is the interference that every modern person will encounter. No matter what you are doing, the phone may.. Read More

4000 yuan to buy Zhao Zhongxiang blessing? No, maybe only 1999 yuan

Celebrity blessing the price tag, is the star “re-employment” or “trap”? Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “drugs” (ID: youhaoxifilm ), 文|张娜,Edit|Jiang Yuqi. If there is such a platform, as long as it costs thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, you will be able to harvest the video of the blessings that your favorite stars have recorded for you personally. Will you be willing to.. Read More

The front line 丨 Bi Fukang to clean up the FF mess: new two executives, the first car will go offline, the company will IPO

Under the Bifford effect, FF has a guarantee in attracting talent. Faraday Futures is coming out of the shadows after coming out of the entanglement with Evergrande and the negative image of Jia Yueting. After Bi Fukang joined the CEO, FF announced today that it will join two new executives: Bob Kruse will join FF this month as Senior Vice President of Product Execution (Engineering and Manufacturing); Benedikt Hartman will.. Read More

The truth, falsehood and beautiful words about Huawei

Article from WeChat public account:ICT Interpreter (ID: Communication_xie), author: old solutions of 1972, title figure from: Eastern IC There are two major network reds in the communications industry today: one is Huawei; the other is 5G. People red is not much, especially the two net red collisions, it is even more eye-catching. For example, Li Zhengmao, vice president of China Mobile, talked about how to resolve the three major problems.. Read More

Microsoft plans to launch the game streaming service XCloud in 2020, and the PC can also have

Microsoft XCloud will ensure that this service is also available worldwide. Editor’s note: This article is from Netease Technology, author Xiao Xiao. (Original title: Microsoft to launch xCloud in 2020, with PS4 controllers and PC streaming on the way) November 15 news, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft’s game department head Phil Spencer (Phil Spencer) recently said that the company plans to launch the game streaming media service XCloud in.. Read More

The technology has improved, and celebrities can also “resurreate and resurrect”.

What does Zhao Zhongxiang tell you to record video, take a photo, and write? Compared with the recent foreign storms, Zhao Zhongxiang’s controversy over making money with fame is not controversial. Reasonable trading, you are willing, retired hosts to play the rest of the heat and then find jobs, but also create more economic value. But if the transaction is not allowed by “I”, what should I do? In 1955,.. Read More

Using data to analyze, why has Chinese football been lost?

Article from WeChat public account:DT Finance (ID: DTcaijing), author: Kai yuan Huang, from FIG title: Oriental IC The national football team lost both. In the 20th World Cup qualifiers last night, the national football team lost 1:2 to Syria. In the first 30 minutes, both sides scored a goal to tie the score. Just after the fans ignited long-lost hopes, after 46 minutes, Zhang Linyi’s own goal in the penalty.. Read More