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SAIC Volkswagen: There is no car to catch up with the network. At present, more than 20 employees voluntarily sign up.

The main engine factory that is not bad is “looking for” the driver. Editor’s note: This article is from “Future Car Daily” (WeChat public ID: auto-time), author: Zhang. Author | Zhang Yi Edit | Liang Chen September 20th, the SAIC Volkswagen public relations department told the Future Auto Daily (ID: auto-time) that the SAIC Volkswagen staff recently reported on the mobile phone launched by SAIC. Travel brand, enjoy the trip.. Read More

Huawei smart screen experience: smart upgrade, where is the upgrade?

In 1924, a young man named Baird spent 18 years and finally invented the world’s first television set. In the next hundred years, TV has become the most important home appliance in every family. Even though the appearance is constantly changing, the function of the TV has barely changed. In the age of intelligence, people are not satisfied with the function of stuffing it in the inside, nor are they.. Read More

watchOS 6 experience: Older watches are upgraded more smoothly, with 8 new features

I believe many of my friends have already received the official version of watchOS 6. Although the new system is definitely more compatible with the new model, it does not mean that the old user has been abandoned. Can the old Apple Watch be played on watchOS 6? We used the previous generation of Apple Watch Series 3 to measure it. Which models can upgrade watchOS 6? The Apple Watch.. Read More

Why are some startups not living for 3 years?

Think about it. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “personal T-user” ( ID: Java_simon), author Zhang Suyue. There is research data showing that the average life expectancy of entrepreneurial companies is less than three years. This shows that some startup companies can’t afford this average time. So, how do they do for companies that have survived the catastrophe? The answer is that startups need to act.. Read More

BMW Germany layoffs, electrification and automatic driving expansion

Shake off the “baggage” and go into battle. Editor’s note: This article is from “Future Car Daily” (WeChat public ID: auto-time), author: Pan Lei. Author | Pan Lei Edit | Liang Chen BMW is advancing its transformation plan in the cracks. On September 20, Bloomberg quoted the German “Manager” magazine as saying that BMW may announce a layoff plan in December, with up to 6,000 layoffs in Germany to cut.. Read More

Re-understand event planning with a few underlying logic

The real event planning is often invisible, difficult to understand, requires interlocking design, has a deep understanding of human nature, and can coordinate strategy. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Escape] (ID: taoxuzi23 ). As a marketing staff, you must be familiar with event planning. Usually, when you mention an activity, whether it is the current dry goods article on the market or the event plan.. Read More

If you answer the reason for leaving, you will be brushed off with a high probability.

Give you an interviewer’s perspective Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “outside students< /a>”(ID:iquanwai), the author is awkward. The article comes from a live broadcast outside the circle. Two senior human resources experts, Gloria and Rambo, stand in the perspective of recruiters and give a very pertinent interview suggestion. Gloria began recruiting in 2004 and worked in two Fortune 500 companies for more than a decade. Now.. Read More

PropTech is fierce, what changes will technology bring to real estate transactions?

In the last two years, both Silicon Valley venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, as well as traditional real estate developers and financial institutions, have been very popular with PropTech. Editor’s note: This article is from investing in the network, author Chen Hao, editor Lin Kaihao. In the last two years, the concept of PropTech – Real Estate Technology has been extremely popular in the United States. Both Silicon Valley venture capitalists.. Read More

1.5 million looking for the strongest technology innovation in China, working with Volkswagen to create an interactive prototype

Volkswagen launches the “Sound Tomorrow” Intuition Technology Innovation Competition, and the winning team will be able to develop interactive prototypes with the public. In recent years, many well-known brands in traditional industries have begun to realize that they are not only a company, but also an open platform to lead and support innovation. By partnering with more flexible startups with cutting-edge technology, these old brands are an important way to.. Read More