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Should I apply for “Communication Engineering”?

This article comes from the public number:fresh date classroom (ID: xzclasscom) , author: Jun jujube, title figure from: vision China What is the “communication project” Communication Engineering, the full English name is Communication Engineering, is an important basic discipline of engineering. According to the Ministry of Education’s Measures for the Establishment and Management of Subject Catalogues and Talent Cultivation Disciplines, “Communication Engineering” belongs to the second-level discipline and falls under.. Read More

To increase this position is to gain reputation

It’s better to grow with truth. Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Group ringing Liu boss” (ID: applemanliu641), author : Liu Siyi who loves to learn. The original title “Growing up this position is to sell your reputation, thank you. 》 Open the door and talk about the argument, and see the title in the argument. At the end of 2018, as a grassroots baby who.. Read More

What underlying thinking should young people have to start a business?

Hello everyone, I am Lao Ding At the beginning of this issue, I plan to make a column for business operations, specifically about some strategies and key points in the process of business operations. If you want to engage in business-related things in the future, or want to become an executive or entrepreneur, then this column is worth your repeated experience at different times. This video, as the first in.. Read More

Net letter office talks about learning and the person in charge of APP

The reporter learned from the State Cyberspace Administration of China that the summer of 2020 is imminent. In order to create a healthy online environment for the majority of minors and promote the continued improvement of the network ecology, the State Cyberspace Administration decided to start a two-month period starting today. “Clear Lang” Minor’s summer special network environment remediation. The person in charge of the State Cyberspace Administration Office introduced.. Read More

Haunted by ghosts

It was a personal experience when I was 18 years old. Although many years have passed, I still feel a little scared when I look back. When I was in the first grade of secondary school, the school required me to go to work for one month during the release period to increase my social experience. At that time, I entrusted someone to the county government Internship. This was originally.. Read More

How should young people get out of social animals?

This article comes from the WeChat public account:Dive Sea Courtyard (ID: meerjump) , author: Admin Office carbonate dog, head Figure from: drama “I, the point from work” In the past two days, a tweet from the Weibo user “Tuina Xiong” called on young people to be more fishy when they go to work Forwarded by coincidence, with emotion: “A lot of friends around me are about to enter the society,.. Read More

Realizing that it’s so easy to provoke hatred, these children’s achievements quickly improved

This article comes from the public number:Bring science home (ID: steamforkids) , author: seven Jun, from the title figure: visionCountry What is the taste of discrimination and hatred of others, I believe most adults feel it. But what is unexpected is that in a classic experiment, after letting children understand what it is like to hate others and be discriminated against, the children’s achievements have improved rapidly. In April 1968,.. Read More

Awen’s ghost cousin

A Wen is my colleague. She recently made mistakes in doing things and she was just stunned by her boss. After work, I went back to the apartment with Awen, we are neighbors. On the way back, I couldn’t help but ask her what was wrong and why she was always absent-minded. She said, “I’ve hit a ghost, do you believe it?” I said, “You fooling people in the daytime!”.. Read More