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The second half of Haidilao

This article is from WeChat public account: New Retail Business Review (ID: xinlingshou1001) , author: Tianqiao Yun The vow to “eat a hot pot after resuming work” now seems to be a bit difficult to achieve. On the one hand, not all work has been resumed nationwide, and on the other hand, the dine-in business in the catering industry is not 100% open. Taking Haidilao, which has 768 chain stores.. Read More

Education financing report in March: 20 companies raised a total of RMB 7.1 billion, and Ape Counseling won $ 1 billion in financing

The impact of the epidemic has not dissipated, and huge financing is difficult to cover the industry downturn. Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Blackboard Insight” ( ID: heibandongcha) , author: source. Introduction Affected by the epidemic, a total of 20 financing events occurred in the education industry in March 2020, a decrease of 14 compared with the same period in 2019. The two largest financing.. Read More

OTA in Winter: Ctrip, Flying Pig, Meituan Kill

. In October 2016, when Flying Pig just got this new name, Ali clearly defined its position as “mainly targeting young people to travel freely abroad.” This is a huge new market. Like many of Ali ’s products, Flying Pig has also played a lot of concepts. It has successively launched services such as outbound supermarkets, future hotels, and future scenic spots, trying to change the old pattern of the.. Read More

Eliminate prejudice in the workplace, these nine methods you deserve

The key to breaking this inequality is to eliminate the earliest opportunity for discrimination. Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Harvard Business Review “(ID: hbrchinese) . Text | Elizabeth C. Tippett (Elizabeth C. Tippett) Elizabeth Tippet is an associate professor at the University of Oregon Law School. She studies employment practices and business ethics. Translation | Jia Huijuan Proofreading | Niu Wenjing Edit | Tengyue If.. Read More

A 5G base station is 160,000 yuan expensive

The results of this centralized mining estimate that the purchase price of 5G single station is about 135,000 yuan to 161,200 yuan. According to the proportion of each manufacturer’s share and quotation estimates, the average purchase price of each 5G base station is about 160,000 yuan. Editor’s note: WeChat official account from the source of this article ” network optimization mercenaries “(ID: hr_opt) , author: communication. Released with authorization. The.. Read More

The blood of the new coronary pneumonia rehabilitation, the life-saving straw of the American hospital?

This article is from WeChat public account: Nature (ID: Nature-Research) , original author: Amy Maxmen, from the title FIG IC photo New York hospitals are preparing to use the blood of COVID-19 rehabilitation patients as potential drugs for the treatment of this disease. The researchers hope to use this method that has existed for a century—inject the blood of the recovered people into the patient’s body—to save New York, which.. Read More

Airbnb’s valuation plunged and listing delayed, how many people awakened from the rich dream

In the summer of 2018, several Airbnb employees jointly wrote a letter asking the company to allow employees to sell shares in advance, or IPO as soon as possible. What makes these employees anxious is that if they cannot exercise their rights as soon as possible within two years, their stocks will become worthless, and the dream of achieving financial freedom as soon as possible will be shattered. (Airbnb ’s.. Read More

How can the live broadcaster “get on board” the show host conquer station B?

This article comes from the WeChat public account: Chopped Pepper Entertainment (ID: ylwanjia) , of: elk, FIG head source: IC photo “Thanks to xx for boarding, welcome to be my captain ~” OpenIn the live broadcast area of ​​Station B, you can see the second-generation Miss Sister wearing a cos suit or Han suit, thanking the users on board with a clear voice. Boarding refers to the opening of nobles.. Read More

Cloud kitchen version of “WeWork”? “Kitchens Centre” received US $ 500,000 seed round financing

The dark kitchen adds another color to the sharing economy. According to foreign media, VCCircle It is reported that India ’s Kitchens Centre raised $ 500,000 in seed funding, by AngelList India led the investment, with AngelList India partners Utsav Somani and Jake Zeller, Thumbtack co-founder Jonathon Swanson, Junglee Games founder Ankush Gera, and Mosaic Wellness founder Revant Bhate participating. In this round of financing, the company will use to.. Read More

What does machine learning contribute to NASA?

Behind the NASA universe exploration, the power of machine learning cannot be ignored. Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “AI Front” (ID: ai-front) . Author | harkiran78 Translator | Sambodhi Planning | Li Dongmei NASA is not only the originator of software engineering, but also extremely advanced in software architecture. We once compiled “How does NASA do, the originator of software engineering, is not afraid of.. Read More