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A month after a medical abortion, brown discharge is always flowing

Problem description:Always brown discharge after medical abortionQuestion date:2021-05-18 Patient information: b>Age: 30 years old, Gender: FemaleProblem analysis:Hello, how long have you had a medical abortion now? If there is always brown discharge. Guiding suggestion: It may be because the uterine cavity is not clean. In this case, you can go for a color Doppler ultrasound examination. Recommendations are for reference only. If the problem is serious, please go to the.. Read More

5 days after the baby was born, check for dilatation of the left ventricle

Description of the problem: Hello, the baby was born 5 days ago. Check the left ventricle enlargement. How do you treat this disease and what will be the later impact?Date of the problem: b>2021-05-18 Patient information:Age: January Gender: MaleProblem analysis:Hello, according to the examination results, there is It may be congenital enlarged ventricles or congenital hydrocephalus. Guide suggestion: The brain tissue that is not currently compressed is not serious, as.. Read More

I have small bumps on my body, itchy at first, but it hurts later

Problem description: There was a lump on the right waist of the body. It was itchy at first, and then stinging. During the period, I had drinking and eating spicy.Date of the problem:-05-2021- 18 Patient information: Age: Gender: Problem analysis: If these small red bumps are all on the same side of the body, then this is Shingles. Shingles is a viral infectious disease. Guide and suggestion: In response to.. Read More

The State Administration of Foreign Exchange talks about the Fed’s turn: to carry out counter-cyclical adjustments in a timely manner to maintain the stability of the foreign exchange market

The conference site. State News Network map Faced with the repeated signals of monetary policy adjustments released by overseas central banks represented by the Federal Reserve, Wang Chunying, deputy director and spokesperson of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, introduced the top three of this year at the State Council Information Office on October 22 In the quarterly China’s foreign exchange receipts and payments, it was stated that, on the.. Read More

Cataract and glaucoma. Can it be cured

Problem description: Cataract and glaucoma. Can it be cured?Question date:2021-05-18 Patient information:Age: 55 years old Gender: FemaleProblem analysis: Cataract and glaucoma can be cured. As long as the patient is detected and treated early, it will generally not affect the patient’s normal visual ability. Guide and suggestion: At present, clinically, it is mainly through drug treatment and surgical treatment to help alleviate and control the condition of glaucoma and cataract… Read More

Inflammation of the right ethmoid sinus and sphenoid sinus. The mucosa of the right turbinate is obviously thickened

Problem description: The patient has allergic rhinitis, thickening of the sphenoid sinus mucosa on the right side of the nose. The mucosa of the superior frontal sinus, frontal sinus, and left ethmoid sinus and sphenoid sinus were thickened on both sides. No obvious deviation of the nasal septum was seen. The mucosa of the right turbinate is thickened. The soft tissue density shadow can be seen in it, and there.. Read More

14-year-old boy’s mental problems

Problem description: A 14-year-old student at school. I started to have a headache in late October last year. I received a needle at the county hospital on my side. After a few days, I didn’t see any improvement. On the contrary, it got worse, chest tightness, and trembling. I was transferred to the intensive care unit of the city hospital for a few days, and it was found to be.. Read More

Hello doctor, my brother is suffering from 丨 grade diabetes, and now his eye mask is detached,

Problem description: Hello doctor, my brother is suffering from 丨 grade diabetes, and now his eye mask is detached, can we treat it in our hospital? Question date:2021-05-18 Patient information:Age: 35 years old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis: From your description, this condition of your brother should be a complication of diabetes. Guide and suggestion: In this case, you should go to the nearest department of ophthalmology and endocrinology of a tertiary.. Read More

My child’s tooth tripped and broke his classmates. Is there a good way to repair it? High cost

Problem description: The child’s tooth tripped and broke his classmate. Is there a good way to repair it? How much does it cost? Can the hospital give an appraisal? Question date:2021-05-18 Patient information:Age: 41 years old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis: Hello, according to the results of the filming, there is a tooth defect caused by trauma, and the root of the tooth is okay, and there is no major damage. Guide.. Read More

There are many dogs in the house, and many small dogs on the ground.

Problem description: There are many dogs at home, on the groundDate of problem:2021-05-18 Patient information:Age : Gender: Problem analysis:Hello, in this case, there is no contact with fresh saliva of animals and there is no possibility of infection.Guidelines: In your case Generally, the dust will not infect the eyes. Don’t worry.Suggestions are for reference only. If the problem is serious, please go to the hospital for detailed examination