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From cloud construction to AI, witness the technological revolution enabling platform

This article is from the public number: I think I ’m in the pot (ID: angelplusdevil) , author: GN, the original title of “witness one platform series: the rise and opportunities platform” When everyone feels like each year is the best of the next ten years, opportunities are rising. Contents 1 Speaking from Facebook 1.1 Earnings alert 1.2 “Platform” and “Aggregator” 2 Platform 2.0, the rise of “cloud” giants 2.1.. Read More

Share employees: only stop loss, not profit

Sharing employees suddenly became a popular part of the sharing economy model because of the epidemic. Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account ” DoNews “(ID: ilovedonews) , author: Chen Shaoliang. The sharing employee suddenly became a popular part of the sharing economy model because of the epidemic situation. Of course, this sharing employee is not exactly the same as the sharing in the traditional sharing economy model… Read More

How do aircraft factories seek innovation? AI designers are taking on heavy responsibility

By conceiving novel structures, designers are helping aircraft become lighter, stronger, more efficient, and improve aircraft manufacturing processes. However, the source behind these innovations is not humans. Editor’s note: This article comes from Interface News , author Peng Xin. Image source: Airbus At first glance, the aircraft structure model shown below is more like a bionic skeleton and muscle model of a bird. White and different thickness alloy trusses crisscross.. Read More

Shenzhen Holdings Voluntary Announcement to Stabilize Investor Confidence

In order to stabilize investor confidence, housing companies are still ahead. Editor’s note: This article comes from Daily Economic News , Editor: Wei Wenyi, reproduced with permission The nation ’s first voluntary announcement of the impact of the outbreak on real estate business is here. On the afternoon of February 18th, Shenzhen Holdings (00604, HK) took the lead in announcing the “Effects of New Coronavirus (COVID-19) Epidemic on Business Operations”… Read More

Compared with the marketing gimmicks on the floor, the epidemic taught me what house to buy

Wouldn’t it be better to change the product and just change the form of sale? Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account: Front News (ID: fengmiannews) author: Liu Ting, authorized reprint A large-scale “self-isolation” campaign has provoked unprecedented deep thinking about living space. Facing the epidemic, a family of children was forced to condense in a space. The investment points in bold and bold letters on the.. Read More

In order to develop special effects, the new crown virus was “skinned off” again!

This article comes from WeChat public account: qubit (ID: QbitAI) , author: Guo Yipu, dry out, the original title:” the new crown virus has been “stripped off a layer of skin”! West Lake University successfully analyzes the spatial structure of viral cell receptors, helping to develop specific drugs After the new crown virus invaded many human bodies, a structure called ACE2 suddenly became popular in the academic circle. As a.. Read More

Africa version “Hungry?”, Talked to East African takeaway platform opportunity with Vice President of Marketing Glovo

Let’s hear how Priscilla Muhiu, Glovo’s vice president of marketing for Africa, interprets the takeaway platform industry. This article is from WeChat public account “Non-Creative Innovation” (ID: Future-Hub) . Takeaway platforms are a great opportunity for mobile Internet regardless of the regional market. Since 2015, North America, China, India, and Southeast Asia have experienced rapid industry development and fierce competition among players. In Africa, the takeaway platform is also a.. Read More

SpaceX will send 4 tourists to space next year. How far is space travel from us?

Some time ago, SpaceX bombed a Falcon 9 rocket and successfully completed the rocket’s escape system test , which also This means that SpaceX’s last obstacle to manned space, and ordinary people’s space travel plans can be put on the agenda. ▲ Falcon rocket detonated According to The Verge, on Tuesday, SpaceX Announced , plans to send up to 4 ordinary passengers into space for a trip around the earth.. Read More

The easiest way to review work is to write an email

Quickly use it. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “张良 计” (ID: zhang_liangj) , author Zhang Good plan. I have compiled some of my career growth sentiments recently in the circle of friends, and hope to help everyone in their daily work. 1. Things must be oriented towards the end result When we are doing a complicated thing, the probability of encountering extra branches in the process.. Read More

17 new crown vaccine projects are under development in 22 institutions. Who will be the antidote to the epidemic?

Author: John Hao. Humans have been fighting the virus for thousands of years. As far back as ancient Greek records, we can see that the epidemic has swept across cities, but doctors at the time were helpless. The emergence of vaccines has enabled humans to defeat the virus for the first time from a prevention perspective. The day when WHO announced that smallpox was eliminated, all humans were excited about.. Read More