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In-depth information | The new version of Freefish launches the same city service, integrating business and strengthening the community line

On December 18, the new version of Freefish was launched. The updated version of Freefish App launched the same city service at the top right corner of the first screen according to the user ’s geographic location. 文 | Daily Business Picks Xianyu launched a new version of the same city service, integrated business and strengthened the community line On December 18th, the new version of Xianyu was launched. The.. Read More

Old-fashioned social products, relying on push to push 10 million daily life? This “push strategy” is too wild

Explore how to use low-cost push strategies to entice old users to become active? How can we learn from the push strategy of Tantan? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Three Lessons” (ID: sanjieke01) , Author, thief, reproduced with permission. Tantan is a stranger dating product launched in 2014. To date, this product can be said to have gone from cold start to daily life to 10.. Read More

Why are domestic apparel brands more and more looking for Chinese celebrity endorsements?

Chinese consumers and brands are becoming more confident. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “LADYMAX” (ID: lmfashionnews) , Author Drizzie, reproduced with permission. According to the fashion business news, MO & Co. officially announced on Monday that Chinese star Yang Mi became the first spokesperson for the brand. At the same time, a brand new MO & Co. | LOONEY TUNES co-branded campaign featuring Yang Mi was.. Read More

The cumulative box office volume of “I and My Motherland” exceeded 3 billion yuan; Shell’s response to the “US $ 1 billion IPO next year” is false

Hello everyone, Thursday is coming, and the week is about to pass. See what latest news the Tiger Sniff Morning News brings to you today ~ The cumulative box office volume of “My Country and My Homeland” exceeded 3 billion yuan @ 虎 闻 [I and My Motherland ranked 4th at the box office in 2019] According to Cat Eye Professional Edition data, as of December 18, 20:19, the movie.. Read More

What is the fourth largest automotive group in the world?

The article is from the public number: Car stuff (ID: chedongxi) < / a> , author: Bear, formerly titled: “European and American car companies set up two trillion Group! Ranked No. 4 in the world, four details were announced last The fourth largest car company in the world is one step closer to being born. Last night, Peugeot Citroen Group (PSA) and Fiat Chrysler (FCA ) The two major.. Read More

8: 1 氪 | Tencent has forcibly delisted 32 games in 2019; Tesla’s market value has exceeded $ 70 billion; Lenovo Chairman Liu Chuanzhi submits his resignation

Unable to access the health system due to technical reasons, 32 games in 2019 have been forced to delist and are in the process of delisting. Big company Tencent: 32 games are mandatory in 2019 Delisting or in the process of delisting In the evening of December 18th, according to the Tencent public account, Tencent said that it was unable to access the health system due to technical reasons. In.. Read More

Liu Chuanzhi retires: a curtain of altruism

In November 2013, the “Thinkers 50” list was released in London, UK, and Lenovo Holdings Chairman Liu Chuanzhi was selected. Chinese faces appeared. Liu Chuanzhi seemed unusually rational in receiving this award. He believed that without China’s reform and opening up, there would be no real enterprise in China, and no group of entrepreneurs. Chinese entrepreneurs are all Growing up in groping and learning, different from the West, this group.. Read More

Middle-aged man obsessed with Cosplay

This article is from the WeChat public account: Real Story Project (zhenshigushi1) , author: Zhang Jing, Photo by Nur Taufik Zamari on Unsplash Role-playing (Cosplay) usually belongs to the younger generation. In the city, some middle-aged people also join this game. Cosplay gave them a space to interpret the other, and was able to temporarily forget the multiple crushings of middle-aged life. Story time: 2015-2019 Story location: Shanghai 1 At.. Read More

Microsoft’s “Innovation Cup” is an adult, and it has begun AI after 00.

This year is the 18th year of the Microsoft Innovation Cup. In 18 years, as the world ’s largest student science and technology event, it is not young, but there are still waves of young people competing each year, and a “adult ceremony” on innovation is completed here. Yesterday was the 2020 Microsoft “Innovation Cup” China Finals. Among 1,691 students from 352 universities, the team from Xidian University won the.. Read More

Enigmatic probability

Your free will exists in every exploration and struggle. Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “Lonelybrain” , the author’s old analogy is increasing. Part A A1 The story comes from an anecdote. In The Footsteps of the Drunk Man, when he wrote “Bayesian Reasoning”, he mentioned an interesting movie: A lawyer with a great job, a charming wife, and a happy family. He loves his wife and.. Read More