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Fan Fancy should support the film survey: What to protect the “you of the teenager”

Fans should help, how to fill the film officially announced vacancies online and offline? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “filming together (ID: yiqipaidianying), author Chen Lu. “October is a gentle and full of you and we are going to go, welcome Xiaobei to go home.” Yi Yi Qian Wei micro-bar copywriting said. October 22, directed by Zeng Guoxiang, Zhou Dongyu and Yi Qian, the movie “Youth.. Read More

Why are the changes in the property market in many cities and cities, and why are the “new policies for talents”?

Talent policy adjustments are very beneficial for solving these problems and promoting economic growth. Editor’s note: This article is from Zhongxin Jingwei, author : Zhang Wei. In the near future, news of changes in the property market’s purchase restriction policy has been reported in many places. It is worth noting that they all appear in the form of “people buying new houses”. Which cities have introduced talent policies? Is the.. Read More

What new discoveries have been made about the Moon, Mars, and Jupiter in recent years?

This article is from WeChat public account:China Science Expo (ID: kepubolan), author: haibaraemily, from the east title FIG IC With the rapid development of deep space exploration and astronomical astronomy, our understanding of the celestial bodies inside and outside the solar system is also exploding.The change. What new discoveries have scientists made in recent years? Part.1 Moon: “Water Ice Moon” Real Hammer The analysis of the data of the lunar.. Read More

Computer Vision’s “Explanation Technology” received 10 million Pre-A rounds of financing, Junsheng Investment led

Accelerating the launch of AR/VR applications Today, computer vision startup “Interpretation Technology” announced the completion of a new round of 10 million Pre-A round financing, this round of financing led by Junsheng Investment, Suzhou Zhilang followed. It is reported that this round of financing will be used for completion from the core The construction of technology to system integration capabilities, the construction of talent teams, and the layout of specific.. Read More

In-depth information | 5 billion yuan into the US two health shareholders, Ali consumer medical field

On October 28th, the private health check-up company Mei Nian Health announced that Alibaba, Ant Financial and Yunfeng Fund completed their shareholding in the health of the US on October 25, and the shares held accounted for about the total share capital of the US. 16.16%. Text|Daily Business Highlights 5 billion yuan, the second shareholder of Chengmei’s health, and Ali’s consumer medical field will be re-entered On October 28th, the.. Read More

Sanrio: How does the 45-year-old Hello Kitty “chang often new”

Keep up with the aesthetic changes of young people Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “something Entertainment” (ID: EW-Entertainment), author Tang Hongyang KoyoTang. Guide reading HelloKitty celebrates its 45th birthday this year. Sanrio, founded in 1960, adheres to the business philosophy of “SmallGiftBigSmile” and has since created more than 450 characters. It has formed a gift product planning and sales, IP. Operations, authorized businesses, theme parks and.. Read More

AI 谣 谣 | Ali P8 full 35 years old? Ma Yun Shanghai to buy a luxury home? National high-level focus on blockchain?

Check out the truth of the most watched news Alibaba P8 is under 35 years old? Recently, the network rumors that Ali Taobao and Tmall president Jiang Fan asked the company’s internal P8 level to achieve full 35-year-old (85 years later). This means that if you are 35 years old and have not yet reached the P8 level, it is likely to be optimized. What is the level of Ali.. Read More

The first share of space travel, take you to see the stars tonight

The listing of Virgin Galactic may be a small step for the company’s development, but the commercialization of the entire space travel may be a big step. Editor’s note: This article is from Futu Securities< /a>, by Travis. Victory Galaxy, founded by Sir Richard Branson, the founder of the famous British Virgin brand, merged with SocialCapitalHedosophia Holdings (IPOA) founded by venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya, the first space travel company in.. Read More

Domestic 18 ban half northeast

This article is from WeChat public account:Sir Movies (ID:dushetv), OF: toxicity Sir, from FIG title: Oriental IC In 2019, the annual Divine Comedy can only be “The Wolf Disco”. It is a Divine Comedy, not only because of the raging north and south, but also because it has hit the hidden feelings of many people with casual cultural symbols. “Infernal Affairs”, “Lingling Paint”, Aaron Kwok and the early Northeastern 霹雳….. Read More