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The real humans behind the virtual anchor

This is like a shadow puppet stage. On the curtain, the shadow is performing hard. No one knows who is behind it. Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “Hedgehog Commune” (ID: ciweigongshe ), Author Zhao Siqiang, editor Shi Can . You will see three main characters in this article, they all have dual identities. The dual identity of each person will be carefully hidden in many ways.. Read More

Bank of America: Qualcomm to get $ 4 billion in revenue from Apple’s 5G phones in next three years

Qualcomm has been reversing the decline in product sales by obtaining patent license fees. Editor’s note: This article comes from Tencent Technology , reviewing Jiao Ming. If Bank of America ’s estimate is correct, taking into account the $ 4.7 billion in patent license fees Apple paid to Qualcomm before, Apple will pay Qualcomm $ 8.7 billion by 2022. This is more than four times the total value of Qualcomm’s.. Read More

Who is investing in private education?

The article is from the public number: industry study (ID: hangyeyanxi) , author: travel extensively president, title figure from: vision China. 1 three private schools China’s private education has developed rapidly in the past two decades. The main position for development is at the county and village levels. The main target is children from the countryside. Currently, the largest number are private kindergartens. Primary schools and junior high schools have.. Read More

Will Shi Yuzhu still choose melatonin if he can come back?

Melatonin may still have to do it. Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “ New Technology ” (ID: kejixinzhi), author Shang Lu. On December 6, Shi Yuzhu, who has not been seen for a long time, attended the 30th anniversary celebration of Giant Group in Shanghai. This is a good thing, but because of Shi Yuzhu’s sentence, “I eat melatonin every day, and it’s wrong to.. Read More

Morning Post 丨 Lingnantong and Shenzhentong will support Apple Pay next year / Spring Festival train tickets on sale today / WeChat search upgraded to “ WeChat search ”

Lingnantong and Shenzhentong announce support for Apple Pay next year At present, Apple Pay only supports Beijing Municipal Transportation Card and Shanghai Public Transportation Card in China. Lingnan Tong officially announced yesterday that it will also add support for Apple Pay later next year. Lingnantong now supports 21 cities in Guangdong Province, including Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Shantou, etc., but Shenzhen only supports some lines. However, Shenzhen citizens do n’t need.. Read More

Forced to transform? Paytm payment bank considers shifting business focus to small financial banks

Paytm, supported by Alibaba, favored small financial banking. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “ 朱 道 ” (ID: zd_review ), Author Zhu Dao. Paytm, India’s largest mobile payment and commerce platform, is currently considering shifting its focus to small financial banks that lend to consumers, a move aimed at finding a profitable business model for its payment banking business. It is reported that Paytm, supported.. Read More

Views on the future development of the ride-hailing industry

The article is from the public number: Liu Yanfeiyu (ID: liufeinotes) , the title picture comes from: Visual China. The content of this article comes from a private communication with friends. After the incident last year, the compliance process has accelerated, and compliance processes have become more stringent in various regions. We discussed the future changes in the offline car rental industry and the possibility of an aggregation platform. Many.. Read More

NASDAQ IPO funding will rarely exceed NYSE this year

So far this year, Nasdaq-listed companies have raised a total of $ 34.4 billion through initial public offerings, compared to a total of $ 26.2 billion raised through IPOs by companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange. . Editor’s note: This article comes from Tencent Technology . In the U.S. capital markets, the Nasdaq stock market and the New York Stock Exchange have been engaged in fierce competition for.. Read More

Starting | Define “consumption power” as “productivity”, social e-commerce “Black Gold Commune” received 10 million yuan angel round financing

Based on the value of “consumption power”, build a community of consumer partners. It is learned that the tokenized partner social e-commerce black gold commune has completed 10 million yuan in angel financing. The investors are Zhiping Capital, Gangshi Capital and Blue Star Capital. It is reported that this round of financing funds will be used to improve the supply chain system and business development. Heijin Commune was established in.. Read More

First-line department stores grab beaches, SK-II and Gucci also sink

Consumption upgrades in county towns. Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “New Retail Think Tank” ( ID: newretailinsider), author Ding Bo, editor Du Boqi authorized to publish. The counties in 2019 are hot. There are about 3,000 counties in China. These small cities with a population of less than one million were formerly deserts of modern commerce. Walking streets, night markets, and temple fairs are the three.. Read More