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Netflix Announces Overseas Revenue Report: 90% of Member Growth Comes from Outside the U.S.

The Asia Pacific region has the smallest business scale. From the end of the third quarter of 2017 to the end of the third quarter of 2019, Netflix’s revenue increased by 153%. During this period, the number of members has grown by 148%. Editor’s note: This article comes from “Tencent Technology” , review / support Xi, reproduced with permission. Netflix (Netflix) has triggered an “original film and television network video.. Read More

New “Humen sells cigarettes”: high-speed running electronic cigarettes suddenly brake

Foggy electronic cigarette. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Zinc Finance” (ID: xincaijing) , Author Liu Jinyuan, editor Chen Kaile. Authorized release. Original title: “New” Humen Sells Tobacco “. Near the end of the year, the winter in Shenzhen manholes at 22 degrees north latitude gradually spread. The e-cigarettes, which fell like the temperature, and ignited a few months ago. At the moment, it has been proved.. Read More

Top 10 technology mergers and acquisitions in 2019: IBM acquires Red Hat tops, and Ali Koala ranks 10th

The global technology industry in 2019 is still a troubled year. Editor’s note: This article comes from “Tencent Technology” , Reprinted with permission. The global technology industry in 2019 is still a troubled year. There are not many mergers and acquisitions in the Internet industry, but traditional IT is still expanding. Among them, the acquisition of Red Hat by IBM has become the largest this year ; Alibaba’s acquisition of.. Read More

If used to being hostile to the media

The article is from the public number: Arima Sports (ID: youmatiyu) , author: S brother, from the title figure: Oriental IC. The theme of today ’s story is, “He mediaIt is a state of mind to deal with the body. “ 1 As a journalist who has been moving bricks for many years, I have such experience. Everyone who is hostile to the media has either a poor EQ or.. Read More

New energy vehicles: online car market cannot support sales bubble

The mode of supporting new energy sales with travel is failing. This is surprising: a market that has not yet grown up has a layer of foam. Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “ 100 million Euros ” ( ID: i-yiou), author Fang Shitao, editor: Zhang Yuxuan Pavilion. “Sold more than half of the cars sold to the company, these companies are our big customers.” In.. Read More

Perfect World responds to violent layoffs; man buys same pair of shoes at Tmall Jingdong

Good morning! Welcome a brand new Tuesday, let’s take a look at what’s new for you at Tiger Sniff Morning ~ Perfect World responds to violent layoffs @ 新京报 【 Perfect World responds to violent layoffs: it has negotiated with employees to terminate labor contracts. ] After NetEase, employees of game companies have posted online allegations that the company has violent layoffs. On December 15th, netizens who claimed to be.. Read More

vivo X30 series released: 60x zoom, 500 meters away can be photographed

The release rhythm of mobile phones this year is a bit different. In December, which is usually called “off-season”, it suddenly became lively this year. It is related to the arrival of 5G and mobile phone manufacturers are rushing to do the last wave of sprint at the end of the year. Under the sprint of the wave, 5G’s transition from flagship exclusive to mid-end popularity was only less than.. Read More

Can be installed, is the biggest selling point of BMW X1

Netizens talk about the change of the front-wheel drive BMW, and often scoff at the entry-level models of BBA, but the market will not lie. From January to October 2019, the BMW Brilliance X1 sold more than 80,000 vehicles, and its sales far exceeded the same. The 1 Series of the platform is only over 1,000 units worse than the explosive 3 Series. It is no exaggeration to say that.. Read More

150,000 cars and 100,000 “IQ tax”, who is it?

This article comes From WeChat public account: Che Yun (ID: cheyunwang) , author: bacteria teacher, original title:” 150,000 100,000 cars’ IQ taxes, “Lin Mai Mai last race pit who would be? 》, Picture from: Sailin Maimai launch conference In addition to the “Double Eleven” of this year, in addition to Ma’s continued use of spike data to refresh people’s attention, there is one thing that many people still talk about.. Read More