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Performance Express 丨 Netease Q3 revenue of 14.64 billion yuan, the game business revenue for six consecutive quarters exceeded 10 billion

After the e-commerce business was split, the game business once again became Netease’s only growth engine. On November 21st, NetEase was able to release the third quarter financial report for the 2019 fiscal year after the US stock market. According to the financial report, NetEase’s revenue for the quarter was 14.64 billion yuan, up 11.2% year-on-year and 22% quarter-on-quarter, far lower than Bloomberg’s expected 17.412 billion yuan. Based on US.. Read More

This time, all in Shenzhen

This article is from the public number:City War (ID: sunbushu123), author: Sun unfamiliar topic map from: vision China In the next 16 years, China will add a comprehensive portal city with a wide scale to the north! 01 On November 18th, the Shenzhen Municipal Transportation Bureau announced the public consultation draft of the “Shenzhen Construction Traffic Powerful Cities Example Action Plan (2019~2035)” on the official website. This document shows Shenzhen’s.. Read More

How to make the company and the individual’s mission the same frequency?

Everyone should have his mission in life and life. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Chaos University” (ID: hundun-university)< /a>, author Li Shanyou. 01. What is emerging and why is it happening? The so-called emergence is the emergence of new higher levels. Zhang Jiang, a professor at the School of Systems Science at Beijing Normal University, once said that the complexity of any system has a threshold.. Read More

An important industrial town in the northeastern United States, is resurrecting

This article is from the public number:Earth Knowledge Bureau (ID: diqiuzhishiju), author: yogurt foam did, from the title figure: vision China On July 18, 2013, Detroit, the “City of Cars,” officially filed for bankruptcy protection, becoming the largest bankrupt city in US history. This book isThe symbol of the US manufacturing industry and the city of pride, which was plagued by high crime rates, high unemployment, high vacancy rates, and.. Read More

Tencent version of “exploration” test water strangers social

On Tencent’s social chessboard, there is another one. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Tech Planet” (ID: tech618), author Li Xiaolei, Chen Qiaohui. Authorized to publish. Tencent and QQ are two huge-volume products. Tencent is an acquaintance social empire. In the social field of strangers, Tencent has also extended its new reach. Before Tech Planet (WeChat ID: tech618) was mentioned in the report exclusively, Tencent is secretly.. Read More

Cloud games have a future, but Google’s cloud games have no future

This article is from the public number:Internet and Entertainment Strange Group (ID:TMTphantom), author: monster head group Pei culture, the subject map from: Oriental IC Google launched the cloud game platform Stadia yesterday, and Europe and the United States mainly rely on negative evaluation: product model is not clear, payThe fee model is not attractive, the delay is high, and the game types are not complete. All in all, Stadia’s appearance.. Read More

A new look, lighter and faster ColorOS 7

According to Trustdata’s July release of Report, OPPO achieved the first sales of domestic mobile phone brands with a 23.4% share in the first half of 2019. As more and more OPPO mobile phones are shipped, the ColorOS system also It has reached 300 million users this year. And today, OPPO held the second press conference for ColorOS this year, officially releasing ColorOS 7. If ColorOS 6 in March of.. Read More

Zhou Heiya is open to franchise, can you catch up with the taste after compromise?

This article is from WeChat public account:Red Food Network (ID: hongcan18), author: Li, from the cover: Oriental IC Week black duck and the tasteless giants of the two duck necks are often compared. The same as the listed company’s taste and Zhou Hei, the pace of a joint expansion is constant, one insists on direct quality, has always been a strong evidence of “doing good or direct.” Today, Zhou Hei.. Read More

Nostalgic Razr, “strong increase” performance, you are more and more incomprehensible Lenovo

This article comes from: Understanding notes, cover from: Oriental IC Some things can’t be fined, and it’s good to look at it. It’s full of doubts when you look at it. Lenovo has had a very high voice recently. The new quarterly earnings report has just been released. The online reviews are all about the “performance increase” and “net profit growth”. At the same time, in terms of products, Lenovo.. Read More

In the third quarter, the net loss was 2.3 billion. Huang Wei said that the “billion-dollar subsidy” will continue.

Revenue growth, loss expansion, and a lot of profitability, maybe the next quarter earnings report can give an answer. Beijing time on November 20, the United States (NASDAQ: PDD) announced the third quarter of 2019 financial report. In the quarter, Total’s total revenue was 7.513 billion yuan, up 123% from 3.372 billion yuan in the same period last year. In the third quarter, the operating loss of the company was.. Read More