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From a Tencent product interview question: think about the problem in the scene

Some interviewers, because they are eager to express their abilities, did not grasp the key points, and the final performance was average. The author borrowed an interview question and emphasized the idea of ​​thinking in the scene and grasping the details of the process. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “product dog gathering place” (ID: Johntalking), author John Watermelon, the original title is: “Tencent product interview questions”,.. Read More

Changan Ford promotes the “acceleration plan”, the new SUV sharply unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show

Ford will start production of Lincoln Corsair by the end of the year. Editor’s note: This article is from “Future Car Daily” (WeChat public ID: auto-time), author: NIU Xiao Tong. Author | Niu Xiaotong Editor | Li Huanhuan Changan Ford, which strengthens the local layout, has promised to accelerate the update of its products. On November 22nd, Changan Ford officially released the new SUV model Ford Escape at the Guangzhou.. Read More

Chaos Technology 2020 Prizes and Answers 3 | What are the trends in the future of new energy power?

You have an electric scooter to check! In the view, technology and capital are the two driving forces in the current new business era, and they are also the two major directions in our content. The section of Chao Technology is mainly for readers who love technology. We hope to provide the latest technological trends and reports from cutting-edge technology companies. In the past two years, this column has grown.. Read More

Behind the duck world BAT, Zhou Heiya seeks change

Zhou Hei, who has been refusing to join the franchisees, finally compromised under the pressure of declining performance. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Sprout NewSeed” (ID:pelink ), author Ning Zexi, the original title is: “BAT duck community BAT, Zhou Black Duck “out of the cabinet”. On November 18th, Zhouhe Duck, which has been operating for 17 years, opened its franchise and signed a contract with Guangxi.. Read More

Three strategies for new consumer brands in demand selection

How to find the opportunity to overtake? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Qingshan Capital” (ID :cyanhillvc), author Ai Xiao. The just-concluded Double Eleven Shopping Festival, in 2019, the Tmall double eleven turnover was locked at 268.4 billion yuan, a new record. Double 11 ignited the excitement of many people, but for many consumer brands, behind the seemingly prosperous is a more cruel surviving reality: online traffic.. Read More

The gap between AI chip startups and developers

From the current situation, most AI chip start-ups will focus on benchmark performance testing of a single chip. Editor’s note: This article is from “InfoQ” (Public No. ID: infoqchina) , Author: Nicole Hemsoth, translator: Nuclear Cola, Planning: Liu Yan. For AI chip start-ups, the core task is naturally to bring higher benchmark performance peaks. The transcripts are beautiful, naturally attracting more hardware users who are engaged in deep learning or.. Read More

Apple began to provide background music licenses for department stores, and by the way also promoted Apple Music

Apple’s ambitions in the music streaming arena are not limited to the consumer side, they quietly entered the B-end market, providing in-store music for offline retailers. “Apple Music for Business” is Apple’s music licensing service for merchants. The official website shows that its partner is PlayNetwork, which is global. One of the largest commercial music providers, Starbucks is also their customer. Different from the Apple Music we usually use, Apple.. Read More

Is Baoke Dream a sword or a shield, or is it a contradiction?

This article is from WeChat public account:Touch (chuappgame), author: Xiong Yu, from the title figure:” Po can dream: sword shield “ Open the door and say, “Bao Ke Meng: Sword Shield” can play. As long as you are passionate about collecting, or like turn-based games, “Bao Ke Meng: Sword Shield” is still one of your best game choices. This is not to say that “Bao Ke Meng: Sword Shield”, the.. Read More

Tesla releases electric pickup truck: 280,000 experience the future

China’s restrictions on entering the city for the banned pickups, arbitrarily traveled, and Tesla also banned his electric pickup truck, CyberTruck, on the other side of the ocean. Although there is no inevitable connection between the two, at least it means that you can quickly drive a cool Tesla pickup truck in the city without a ticket. Continue to cyberpunk At the opening, Elon Musk spit out the shape of.. Read More

Three-point economic discussion on Libra

Author: Wang Yang, from the title figure: Vision China Is Libra a currency? Didn’t Libra come after? Libra value geometry? This three questions is a three-point economic discussion for Libra. Libra is very popular, and the sects are divided into two groups: the maximist and the minimalist. The maximists think that Libra-style technological innovation, reconstruction Business system. Minimalists believe that Libra has revolutionized the existing centralization system and will be.. Read More