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At the forefront, Porsche delayed the delivery, and everyone in Tesla has to step on it?

Tesla is not the only company that has encountered delays in delivery. It didn’t take long for Tesla’s competition to end, and Porsche was paralyzed. After the official launch of the Audi electric SUV e-tron and Volkswagen MEB from the official release to the delivery of the ticket, According to foreign media reports, All Porsche Taycan delivers Delay 2-3 months. The car was originally scheduled to begin delivery in January.. Read More

Where is the next one billion users in the next decade?

This article is from WeChat public account:Qingko Dune Academy (ID:sandhillcollege)< span class = "text-remarks">, author: Hans Tung, from the cover: Oriental IC On November 8, Tongyuan Capital Management Partner Tong Shihao came to the Dune College opening and graduation ceremony to share his investment experience and analyze and forecast the next billion users of the Internet. The following content is compiled according to the lecture notes of Teacher Shi Shihao.. Read More

Neurorealism Mind + Speech: Why does art look like art?

This article is from WeChat public account: Neural reality (ID: neureality), guest speaker: Zhu Rui (specialized professor of philosophy at Shenzhen University), Organization: Rick, Editor: Spring, Little Sunflower, EON, Poster & Illustrator: Left, original title: “Why does art look like? Like art? Neurosynthesis Mind + Speech, titled from: Visual China How do you look at art from the perspective of the human brain, especially modern art? Hello everyone, very fortunate.. Read More

Provides real-time big data visualization solutions, “All-day Smart (24e)” plans to double revenue growth in 2020 | New Technology Venture 2019

In 2020, the company plans to make breakthroughs in BI tools and 3D technology. Respondent company: 24e (all day intelligence) Respondent: CTO Jeffrey Wu Q0, what are the main positioning, main business and main products of the company? What are the user/customer levels and important customers? What is the annual revenue and profit rate? What is the financing situation? 24e (All-day Smart) is a real-time big data visualization solution integrator.. Read More

Trade conflict: conflict between ideas and interests

This article is from the public number:Economic Observer Observer (ID: eeoobserver), author: Xu Jin, from the title figure: Oriental IC The United States is still under the framework of reciprocity, and unless there is a big shock, this framework will not change. There is a saying that everything about the United States is business (American’s business is business). In all businesses, trade can be said to be the business of.. Read More

One of the five foreigners used a broken screen mobile phone.

Can you endure the broken screen of your mobile phone and continue to use it? The survey shows that nearly 20% of Britons can. This is a investigation of Protect Your Bubble in the UK Report, the number of participants reached 1071. One-fifth of them said that their mobile phone screen was broken. Maybe you think that their mobile phone is just not so badly broken, so it feels wrong.. Read More

China’s “rich generation” has to inherit 60 trillion wealth, and tens of thousands of family offices have been established.

This article is from WeChat public account: a FINANCE (ID: yibencaijing) , author: Riemann, Russell, zero And, the title map comes from: Visual China In the 41 years of reform and opening up, China has risen up with a group of pioneers who have made great strides, and have made a group of “people who get rich first.” This group of “rich generations” has gradually entered the old age and.. Read More

Starting | Providing VR/AR technical support for the pan-content sector, “Seven-dimensional Technology” completed tens of millions of RMB B round financing

To promote the cloud of the intelligent video tool matrix. After learning, computer video graphics technology company Beijing Qiwei Vision Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “” Wei Technology (”) recently announced the completion of the tens of millions of yuan B round of financing invested by Guangdong Southern Media Convergence Development Investment Fund and Qingdao Jufeng Technology Venture Capital Investment Co., Ltd. This round of funds will be.. Read More

Google Cloud Game Service is online: it will be burned with Microsoft for many years.

In the eyes of the industry, the business model of this type of game is still in doubt. Editor’s note: This article is from Netease Technology, author LeBron. (Original title: Google’s Stadia takes aim at $130bn video game market) On November 20th, according to foreign media reports, Google officially launched the cloud game service Stadia in 14 countries on Tuesday, and the sword refers to the $13 billion video game.. Read More

Quit the itch of seven years: most of the projects can’t get a penny

This article is from WeChat public account: Dongsishitiao capital (ID: DsstCapital) , author: Making of Chai good news, from the title FIG. : Vision China On November 5, 2019, Ma Fei once again saw two middle-aged men holding the banner of “repaying money” at the company’s door. As the investment director of a PE organization, Ma Fei, who has been in the business for six years, is not the first.. Read More