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Employees of the Siri Manual Assessment Program say they listen to 1000 recordings a day.

Recently, Irish media Irish Examiner reports on more details of the Apple Siri manual assessment program. According to one of the contractor employees, they organize and analyze up to 1,000 Siri recordings every day. This employee previously worked for GlobeTech Data Analytics in Ireland. He said that Apple will share the recordings collected by Siri Voice Assistant to these contractors, and the daily work of employees is to classify and.. Read More

Employees tell the inside story of Siri audition: the last class listens to 1000 segments of fruit powder recording

Apple’s global outsourcers often hear consumer privacy information from Siri, involving medical information, drug deals, sensitive business transactions, and people’s private recordings. Editor’s note: This article is from Tencent Technology, review: Cheng Hao. Recently, Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft have rushed to hire manual auditors to audit, evaluate, score, or transcribe the recordings of consumers using voice assistants. This violation of personal privacy has caused public outcry. After the media.. Read More

20 years of Cai Chongxin and Ma Yun

Best Partner Editor’s Note: This article is from WeChat public account “Feng Lunfeng Ma Niu” (ID: fengluntalk) , author: wind horse cattle. Sheet title map|Cai Chongxin and Ma Yun In recent days, Ali co-founder Cai Chongxin has done something he likes and bought the NBA Nets for $2.35 billion. Previously, he also bought the WNBA New York Freedom and a hockey team in San Diego. In the words of Cai.. Read More

“Small Pig Peggy” parent company 28.6 billion to sell Hasbro, children’s animation is optimistic?

Not satisfied with making toys, Hasbro also wants to enter the upstream of the IP industry chain. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Sanwen Entertainment” (ID:hi3wyu), author: Dkphhh. August 22, toy giant Hasbro announced £3.3 billion   (about 28.6 billion yuan)   Cash acquisition of “Pig Pig” parent company Entertainment One (hereinafter referred to as eOne). Entertainment One is an entertainment company based in Toronto, Canada, listed.. Read More

Observation + | Sony and Disney “break up”, but “Spider-Man universe” has just opened

The loss of Marvel may be relatively large. The following content is the text version of the audio program “Observation +”. Listen to more exciting interpretations. Please subscribe to “Observation +” on the app Interview | Secrets Documentation | Zhang Yanping The Marvel universe may not have the name of a small spider anymore. The three-way game of Sony, Marvel and Disney has settled, and Marvel will no longer be.. Read More

KOC and KOL, different social life

The distinction, especially since the quality of media content continues to improve, the difference between the two becomes more apparent. Even entertainment-based media is also about creating hot content on hot topics such as recent movies, star events, sports gossip or fashion trends. The media content of the media will be relatively serious. The core of the creation is Based on the real events happening in reality, there are a.. Read More

The overall downturn of the film and television, by binding Ning Hao, Zhang Yimou is a good way to cross the cycle?

Zhang Yimou’s “One Second” was released this year. 文|高海博 According to the film industry, this year is considered a “small year” for the whole industry. “Loss” has become the theme of major listed film and television companies. Huayi Brothers expects a loss of 325 million to 330 million yuan in the first half of the year; Beijing culture expects a loss of 48 million yuan to 68 million in the.. Read More

Ningde era revenue of 20.2 billion in the first half of the year, domestic power battery market accounted for 46.15%

Industry-leading industry leadership and continuous improvement cannot always be maintained, and market competitiveness and profitability may be affected. Huatai Securities believes that the Ningde era has strong bargaining power for both upstream and downstream industries. In the domestic market, Ningde era has a large lead, and compared with competitors such as Samsung and LG, Ningde era still has a leading position in shipments, and the customer structure does not fall… Read More

GAC Chuanqi released a new generation of GA6, to challenge the joint venture mid-size car market

The new generation of GA6 carries this mission to meet the demand for consumer value and meet their price demands. The release of the new generation of GA6 means that GAC Chuanqi is chasing “brand up”, which has become a phenomenon in its own brand. In the future, with the addition of electrification technology, it will further enhance its competitiveness at the product level. And complete the transformation and upgrade… Read More