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Focus Analysis | After playing directly into WeChat, Tencent wants to make money by bringing goods and friends.

E-commerce live broadcast will be the focus of Tencent’s live broadcast 文 | Gao Xiaoqian Zhang Xinyu Edit | Zhang Yuxi Tencent live changes have occurred in half a year. In early March of this year, Tencent PCG interactive video service line began to test “Tencent Live”, a live broadcast tool for content operators. It is developed on the capabilities of small programs and consists of two parts, the App.. Read More

“Old and not dead” Japan

How to be lonely and old? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public number “正解局” (ID:zhengjieclub), the author is solving the situation. How old is it? This is the problem that every one of us will face. Old is not a thief. This sentence comes from the Analects of Confucius. It is the words of Confucius who scolds “old and no virtue”. Used here today, not to blame Japan,.. Read More

Porsche has spoiled the Taycan interior in advance, how many good plays are still behind?

From Porsche’s first pure electric car Taycan has not had much time in the world. At the time of the 15th countdown, Porsche has spoiled the Taycan interior in advance, making it a new car. After all, it is the first electric car of its kind, and Porsche has high hopes for Taycan, which is the initiator of the new era. Taking this as a guiding ideology, in the interior.. Read More

Venture Capital Daily | “Jiuwen English” completed hundreds of millions of C1 rounds of financing, cross-border commodity comprehensive service platform “Chengyun Global Exchange” completed $100 million B+ round of financing, and early projects worthy of attention today

The financing news reported by the Venture Capital Channel and the early entrepreneurial projects in various fields we are focusing on. Please check the Venture Capital Daily on August 23. The Venture Capital Daily includes the financing news reported by today’s “Venture Channel” and the early entrepreneurial projects in various fields we are focusing on, enjoy~ Financing News Report Starting | Baidu, Shenzhen Venture Capital, Qianhaimu Fund betting small class,.. Read More

Measured Apple game monthly: 400 yuan to play for one year, is it not worthwhile?

A lot of Apple’s spring-released services, Apple’s game subscription service Apple Arcade has been a frequent news, and just after exposing the interface and feature details in the past few days, Apple Arcade’s early demo experience has come. According to previous reports, Apple Arcade will offer users a one-month free trial, which is a lot less than Apple Music’s three-month trial. But considering the differences in games and music services.. Read More

More than 50,000 students have been enrolled, and the fire engineer’s online vocational education platform “An Cheng Education” has received nearly 100 million A round of financing.

In the next five years, there will be about 500,000 fire engineers in the country, but as of 2018, the number of domestic first-class fire engineers is only about 30,000. In recent days, the fire engineer’s online vocational education platform “An Cheng Education” announced the completion of nearly 100 million A round of financing. This round of financing is a private investment that will be used for course product development,.. Read More

Ten to B entrepreneurial pits written by 30 million yuan (middle)

An excellent company, excellent is all-round strong. A good employee, good theory is all-round good. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account ” Capital” (ID: conswall_cap), author Weinut Long Guodong, editor Chang Lei Capital Fengsky. Recommended reading before reading:Thirty million to write ten to B entrepreneurial pit (on) Who should take the money The current entrepreneurship is under the blessing of VC. It runs at a speed of.. Read More

The giants of the three countries killed in the financial report: China’s e-commerce is coming again

China’s second e-commerce event has emerged from its own unique model and is still evolving. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public number “Tencent deep network” (ID: qqshenwang), author Sun Hongchao internship operation editor Liang Dan. In one week, the leading domestic three-home appliance platform has released a bright eye. On August 13, Jingdong released the second quarter financial report for the fiscal year 2020 (April 1, 2019 to.. Read More

Fast-handed e-commerce myth: the anchor is married, selling 130 million

_1566543188399_img_000″> Become 29 years old, after four failed business startups, he was misdiagnosed as pancreatic cancer… The story of this net red is comparable to film and television drama. Simba’s business enlightenment began at the age of 12. In this year, he accidentally discovered a difference of 1 yuan between the forest frog and the forest frog, and began to sell the frog, and earned 2,000 “big money”. I don’t.. Read More

Haihai Daily | Chuan Xiaomi will launch loan service in India; Amazon launches online grocery store “Amazon Fresh” in India

PayPal participates in India’s microfinance company Tala’s $110 million Series D financing; Colombia’s first unicorn Rappi launches new B2B delivery service “RappiEntrega”; Wal-Mart promotes Flipkart grocery distribution business or joins Tata Southeast Asia Google Indonesian executive Henky Prihatna resigned and joined the Singapore private equity firm Northstar Group. It is reported that Prihatna’s latest title in Google Indonesia is “national director, the next billion users.” In addition, Northstar’s investments include.. Read More