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Community business AB face is time to change the “brain”

How tempting is community business? Is it a false proposition for a heavy commercial community? How do emerging players dance with the giants? The Community Business AB Face focuses on the winners and their creativity, as well as capturing potential stocks and their minor annoyances. This is the second article, the domestic community business image. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Commercial Real Estate Headlines” (ID: Dtoutiao),.. Read More

There are enough people to learn things at B. Can this help the successful courses in B station to be successful?

It’s not good to use the screen longer and longer. In fact, it depends on how you use it. We are at the “Now, I have learned the serious knowledge to go to the B station” in the article “B station = young People’s YouTube?” In that article, we know that young people are not only watching ghost videos on the B station, they are still studying, apprentice, and brushing.. Read More

Dou Wentao: Living alone, are you choosing freedom or loneliness?

Article from WeChat public account:See the ideal (ID: ikanlixiang), author: roundtable faction, title figure from:” Round Table faction “ Some people say that it is now obvious that people are turning into one island after another from the material and spiritual levels. Don’t say anything else, everyone’s demand for “self-space” is indeed increasing day by day. Having a “room that belongs to you” has become a pursuit of freedom for.. Read More

The front line | Apple lacking “core”, will launch three 5G mobile phones next year

Delayed to enter the 5G market, in addition to Cook’s rhetoric, the real reason is that Apple is trapped in 5G smart phone modem (baseband chip). Apple is finally launching a 5G phone. According to the news on October 30th, the Nikkei Asian Review quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that Apple plans to launch three 5G versions of the iPhone in 2020, and that the three iPhones.. Read More

From the Uber model to the channel, the intellectual property service platform “Master of Power” completed a new round of business upgrades.

Self-employed. From the perspective of the needs of enterprises, the service requirements such as trademark registration, patents, and copyrights run through the entire life cycle of enterprises. However, traditional intellectual property service organizations are dominated by professional services and sales capabilities, and the industry transparency is low. The number of new enterprises in China is still increasing year by year. This market is developing rapidly, and the intellectual property industry.. Read More

Young people want to escape from the mobile phone, this idea promotes the development of the experience economy

More and more life is inseparable from mobile phones. In addition to sleeping, we are connected to the Internet world at the screen almost all the time, so that the virtual space has actually become a part of real life. According to QuestMobile’s “China Mobile Internet 2019 Spring Report, Chinese people spend every day The time on the mobile phone is 5.49 hours, which has exceeded the average mobile phone.. Read More

Finally, they turned AI into an artificial mental retardation.

This article is from the public number:CV Intelligence (ID: CVAI2019), author : Zhang Xue; title map from: Visual China. In the few seconds before the end of the game time, when the judges and the host almost announced the failure of the festival, the audience suddenly found a picture of Huang Jianxiang who had “passive hands and feet” on the screen.With clear Ivanka photos, at the last minute, the TSAIL.. Read More

Why do you even play with your own people?

The fissile explosion is hard to come by, but it is not as serious as it might seem. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Fueling Finance” (ID :rancaijing), author Zhao Lei Yan Lijiao,Edit Wei Jia. Since October 28th, the latest version of “WeChat External Link Content Management Specification” was officially implemented. The upgraded external chain specification was called “the strictest in history”. On the night, WeChat officially.. Read More

Nano-robot, is there a legendary god?

This article comes from the public. I am a scientist iScientist (ID: IamaScientist), author of the round box, love fan The child is authorized to publish. “Nanobots” are frequent visitors to movies and science fiction, and show off their stunts again and again. In the minds of many people, they are Transformers that have shrunk countless times. With the “nano robot” as the key word, the search results appear, the.. Read More