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Five suggestions to teach you to buy a house that outperforms the big market

Don’t pursue a rich night, be orderly, profitable, and continue to accumulate advantages until strong. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account: The head of the property market, (ID: tz52801) , author: head of the property market, authorized reprint A friend used to ask me: Why did you buy a house that always rises faster than me? How can I buy a house that outperforms the big market?.. Read More

Exclusive | Double Eleven officially started the battle, and the number of targets for the November transaction will be tripled.

A lot of fights can’t stop. On November 1st, this year’s e-commerce platform double eleven battle can be officially started. It is learned that the company has put forward its November trading volume (GMV) internally, and the goal is to reach three times that of the past October. Some of the more than two small two to convey the requirements of the platform to the merchants they are responsible for,.. Read More

Freeze the Yuetai shares in the “chain”

Multi-party fundraising, Yuetai shares received results. However, the news that the shares have been frozen is still coming. The Yuetai shares hope to resolve the debt default risk and resume normal production and operation. It will take time to realize. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account: Leju Finance, (ID: lejucaijing), author: Zeng Jia tree, authorized reprint On October 30, it was reported that the share capital of.. Read More

Sharp weapon or threshold? Xiaojin company picks up member hot, traffic competition for upgrade

Does the membership system work? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Unicorn Finance” (ID: Uni-fin), author Jiang Xubo. “Membership” as an important model of business operations, once in retail, e-commerce Many industries have tried and tested. Nowadays, the trend of consumer finance companies introducing membership is becoming more and more obvious. Unicorn Finance (WeChat: uni-fin) Recently found that the licensed consumer finance company, Haier Consumer Finance, Zhaolian.. Read More

Tinder: Dating software and original interactive short play, how to achieve each other

The landing and integration of interaction. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public number “East-Western Entertainment” (ID: EW-Entertainment)< /a>, author: Duan Su Ge ZoeDuan, Editor: Fat Daxi PandaXi. The pursuit of original content has gradually moved from the category of consumer goods to technology, retail and other fields. A key reason is that when the consumer users alternate between generations, the Z generation has a typical depth perception feature.. Read More

Smuggling maps: Why do illegal immigrants always go to Europe?

Article from WeChat public account:Gu Yu Data – Tencent News (ID: guyudata), author: Sean, Mu Dong, Fang Li, from FIG title: Oriental IC The investigation of the container smuggling case in the UK is still going on. It is expected that the identification of the victims will last for about a week. As more Vietnamese families identified the victims, the police overturned the speculation that the victims were originally from.. Read More

Carmen briefing | Volkswagen China launched a new logo; GM recalled 638,000 SUVs and pickups due to brake failure

The new limit policy has officially landed. Editor’s note: This article is from “Future Car Daily” (WeChat public ID: auto-time), author: Zhang. Organization | Zhang Yi Headline Nissan Motors Appoints New Chief Financial Officer On November 1, Nissan Motor announced that it had appointed American Steven Ma as the next chief financial officer and also announced a series of executive changes including Hitoshi Kawaguchi. Earlier this month, Nissan appointed China’s.. Read More

How to break through the second half of the car e-commerce that does not make money?

Mosquito legs are small, but also meat. Q: How hard is the auto industry? A: “Golden September and Silver 10” can not be moved….. The data released by the China Automobile Association showed that domestic automobile production and sales in September 2019 were 2.209 million and 2.271 million, respectively, up 11% and 16% from the previous month, and down 6.2% from the previous year. 5.2%. As a result, domestic auto.. Read More

Launching the innovation engine, Sanofi hosts the first digital innovation summit

Sanofi believes that in terms of innovation, there is no way to succeed without a close partnership. Only through teamwork can you achieve success. The Extreme Alliance is such a platform. “Sanofi’s global digital transformation strategy covers all aspects of the pharmaceutical value chain, including clinical research, manufacturing, Multi-Channel Engagement, Real World Evidence, digital solutions and Integrated Care. By 2025, Sanofi will be the vision of becoming a global innovation,.. Read More

Deadly Woman: Operating a house is much simpler than operating a marriage

When feelings fail, you have to leave money and house, because after love is annihilated, except for memories, nothing is in this cold autumn. A family ethical soap opera called “Fatal Woman” scored 1 billion hot searches. It must be said that the plot is compact, the characters are full, the dimensions are diverse, and it is not simply rampant to interpret the guilt in the marriage. The plot does.. Read More