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Can become a fast-moving old iron?

In the second half of live broadcast e-commerce, competition is no longer limited to traffic and head anchors Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account Internet refers to the North “(ID: hlwzhibei) , author: refers to a large group of North BB shallow. Live broadcast e-commerce? For this question, many people may give a very affirmative answer without thinking. Since Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya broke the.. Read More

What happened to black when menstruation came

For women, menstruation is like an old friend, visiting once a month. If you look closely, the color of menstruation in the first few days is different from the color in the next few days, and the amount is also different. So what happened when the menstruation first came black? Blood is black when menstruation is just coming, which may be caused by poor menstrual blood. In addition to color.. Read More

What is the reason for the menstrual color being white?

Everyone knows that the amount of the two days before menstruation is relatively large, and the color is bright red, but the careful women find that their menstrual blood is not much, and The color of menstruation is relatively light. I am worried about the impact of having a baby in the future, so I want to know what causes the color of menstruation to become white next time? Whitening.. Read More

What’s wrong with menstrual blood

When menstruating, women will experience slight pain and menstrual blood is bright red. However, many women in life have menstrual blood that is black and shaped piece by piece. They are worried about problems with their bodies, so they want to know what happened to the next menstrual blood piece by piece? Menstrual blood piece by piece, may be blood stasis, women will not only have rough facial skin, but.. Read More

Start ovulation test on the first few days after menstruation

For a small number of people, there will be a baby in the same room once, and for most people, it may not be the same for several months. You need to measure ovulation, and then in the same room around the ovulation day to increase the chance of ovulation. So how many days do you start ovulation after menstruation? For women with regular menstruation, ovulation is usually measured 14.. Read More

What’s wrong with menstruation suddenly becoming black

For women, menstruation is a good friend, and its changes are closely related to women ’s physical health. Normal menstruation is more in the first two days and less in the next few days. And some people are very few from the time they come to Wu’an, and they want to know what is going on when menstruation suddenly becomes less and darker next time? Menstruation suddenly becomes less and.. Read More

Can you drink rose tea if you have less menstruation?

/ p> In life, some people have normal menstruation, and seven days are over. Some people have less menstruation, and the three days are over. If you do not pay attention to menstrual maintenance, the amount of menstruation will be less and less, and it may even affect pregnancy or implantation of fertilized eggs. So can I drink rose tea with less menstruation? You can drink rose tea with less.. Read More

Is the amount of menstruation fast?

For women, more menstrual flow is not good, less menstrual flow is also not good, less menstrual flow will cause irregular menstruation, and even affect pregnancy. The large amount of menstruation is also harmful to the body, such as iron deficiency anemia. Isn’t the amount of menstruation fast? After the amount of menstruation is increased, the red blood cells in the body are lost faster, causing anemia. After anemia, the.. Read More

Is the first day of menstruation safe?

For women with fertility needs, contraception is not necessary during sex. And women who do not have childbearing needs should pay attention to contraception, otherwise there will be unexpected pregnancy. Common methods of contraception include condoms, birth control rings, birth control pills, and safe contraception. So is the first day of menstruation a safe period? Safety period refers to the first 7 days and the last 8 days of menstrual.. Read More