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Ten years, what do you do besides watching movies on iPad

Ten years later, no big screen phone or thin computer can replace the iPad. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Geek Park” (ID: geekpark), by Jesse. When Jobs entered, there were leather sofas and round tables and coffee tables behind him. It’s hard not to notice this weird press conference display. Most of the time, Jobs is more inclined to use a simple black square table to.. Read More

Increasing demand for home fitness, WalkingPad provides a solution that is easier to stick to

The home fitness market faces new opportunities. The sudden epidemic has enriched the issue of being at home. In addition to games and entertainment, e-commerce, fresh home, etc., home fitness is also one of the industries that has seen a significant increase in recent years. Fitness experiments on home scenes, from traditional treadmills to content platforms to fitness hardware with interactive content, now there are free live courses and even.. Read More

I am only eighteen years old and my cervical spine is almost eighty!

This article is from the WeChat public account: new Weekly (ID: new-weekly) , author: 00 Cervical spine problems can cause shoulder and neck pain, dizziness and nausea. In addition to making people ugly, they can also affect daily life and even endanger life. You once said that you want to never be separated from the bed. But just after lying for half a month, I realized that any relationship is.. Read More

Platform scheduling under the influence of the epidemic: unwelcome Lantern Festival, variety show in stock

Some stock dramas are in urgent need. Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “Entertainment Industry” < / a> (ID: yulechanye), author Ming Yuefan. “There is really no need to run the Lantern Festival, right? Who has the mood to watch the party, it is strongly recommended to cancel …” CCTV hosted a 35-year Lantern Festival party. This year may be the first time in history that it.. Read More

Morning Post 丨 iOS 13.4 beta 1 released, mobile phone key changeable / Ali: Let the perpetrators lose their homes / Shandong netizens awarded the title of “The Most Hardworking Cloud Supervisor”

The latest epidemic figures on February 6 ▲ Data and pictures from: Sina News As of 7:00 on February 6, the National Health and Medical Commission has received a total of 28,060 confirmed cases from the country (3,697 new cases from yesterday), 24,702 suspected cases (5,328 new cases from yesterday), and cumulative deaths. There were 563 cases (73 new cases from yesterday), and a total of 1153 cured cases (261.. Read More

Is contactless distribution under the epidemic a false demand?

This article is from the WeChat public account: All Weather Technology (ID: iawtmt) , author: Zhang Jilong, editor: Luo Lijuan, from the cover: Oriental IC, the original title is” under epidemic, “no contact” business fire “ During the epidemic, Meituan, Hungry, Hema, Ruixing, Hi Tea, etc. have launched contactless delivery and contactless meal service, and the “contactless” business is gaining popularity. The business of “no contact” is on fire, which.. Read More

Carmen briefingGreat Wall Motor officially enters the Indian market; 2019 auto manufacturing profit declines 15.9%; Tesla will launch carpool service

The epidemic exacerbated the cold winter in the auto market. Editor’s note: This article comes from “ Future Car Daily ” (WeChat public account ID: auto-time), author: Xiao Cheng Yi. Finishing | Cheng Xiaoyi Headline Great Wall Motor officially enters the Indian market On February 5th, at the 15th Delhi International Auto Show, Great Wall Motors unveiled its Haval, Great Wall EV and a variety of core components to showcase.. Read More

Disney’s new fiscal year starts: Frozen and Star Wars again, Disney + subscribers 26.5 million

Burning money has just begun. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Three Cultural Entertainment” (ID: hi3wyu ), Author Dkphhh. Disney + Although the number of users is good, burning money has just begun. Due to the epidemic, both Disney’s film and park business in China will be greatly affected. In the early morning of February 5, Disney released the first quarter of fiscal year 2020 as of.. Read More

How difficult was it to go abroad during the new crown?

This article is from the WeChat public account: Zixiangwang (ID: passagegroup) , author: Fu Rao, from the cover: Oriental IC During the Chinese New Year in 2020, a new coronavirus outbreak, and infection cases quickly spread from Wuhan to the whole country and even overseas, and was listed by the WHO as an “international public health emergency”. As of this writing, 24,627 new coronavirus-infected pneumonia cases have been diagnosed worldwide,.. Read More

After the emergence of this new technology, AirPods became scrap iron …

The Bluetooth Technology Alliance has released the next-generation technology standard, LE Audio, which will bring lower costs and better compatibility to the industry. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “雷 科技” (ID: leitech), editor: Wallace . At CES2020, the Bluetooth Technology Alliance released a new generation of Bluetooth audio technology standards-LE Audio. The main features of the LE Audio standard are low power consumption and high performance,.. Read More