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Foreign exchange bureau: foreign investors increased net holdings of domestic bonds and stocks by US $ 18.9 billion in April

Banks ’foreign exchange settlement and sales maintained a surplus for 5 consecutive months. The latest data released by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange on May 22 showed that in dollar terms, banks settled USD 157.2 billion, sold USD 142.4 billion, and had a surplus $ 14.8 billion. Among them, the bank valet settlement of foreign exchange was 974.4 billion yuan, the sale of foreign exchange was 889.5 billion yuan,.. Read More

Buffett is scared, are you still preparing for the bottom?

“Humanity is now facing a global crisis, perhaps the biggest crisis of our generation … Yes, the storm will eventually pass, humanity will continue to exist, our great Most people will still be alive, but will live in another world “-Yuval, author of” A Brief History of Mankind “, new work:” The World After the New Crown “. This article comes from WeChat public account: Madam Mia (ID: Madamia) author:.. Read More

Video number dispute: WeChat counters “WeChat logic”?

author: Lu Hualei ( “Business Wild” founder), Lushu Shen ( “deliberative society” founder), from the title figure: Vision China WeChat ’s every move seems to trigger a commotion in the market. During the epidemic, WeChat began testing the video number, which is another major feature update after “take a look”. For video numbers, the presence of Douyin seems to add fire to this concern. An article “WeChat video number, helpless.. Read More

Interview | The first batch of undergraduates in artificial intelligence graduated from the United States, listen to what they say

In the fall of 2018, the first undergraduate major in artificial intelligence in the United States was established at Carnegie Mellon University, and the first batch of 18 undergraduates was enrolled. In May of this year, two of the students are about to graduate, becoming the first batch of undergraduates in artificial intelligence in the United States. In a recent interview with a reporter from, the two graduates shared.. Read More

Huawei starts negotiations on purchasing more chips? MediaTek: long-term cooperation with many mobile phone manufacturers

Huawei was revealed to be looking for more chip suppliers. On May 22, the Nikkei Asian Review quoted sources as saying that Huawei is in discussions with MediaTek and Ziguang Zhanrui to purchase more chips. Huawei It intends to use both chips as an alternative product to maintain the continued operation of its consumer electronics business. In response, MediaTek responded to the surging news reporters saying: MediaTek and many domestic.. Read More

Conversation with DCM Lin Xinhe and Chenxing Liu Qin: The biggest help for entrepreneurs is to let them face the truth | Light Talk

A conversation between investors. Editor’s note: This article from the public micro-channel number ” capital Morningside Morningside “(ID: Morningsidevc) , author: Morningside capital. Year ago, at our internal events, Chen Fei, a partner of Chenxing Capital, acted as the host, and Lin Xinhe, co-founder and director of DCM China, and Liu Qin, founding partner of Chenxing Capital, did Dialogue between investors. Today, we will share some of the wonderful views.. Read More

Where did 99% of marine plastic waste go? It turns out there is a garbage dump under the sea

author: academic headlines, title figure from: Vision China It is generally believed that microplastic particles on the surface of the ocean will directly settle to the bottom of the ocean. The missing 99% of the ocean plastic may reach the deep sea, but its specific location is still unclear. In the recent “Science” magazine, researchers from the University of Manchester, the British National Oceanographic Center, the University of Bremen, Germany,.. Read More

Interview with Yu Dehui, General Manager of Chinalco: Urgently Promoting Structural Reform of Copper Smelting Supply Side

As the general manager of China Nonferrous Metals Leading Corporation of China Aluminum Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “China Aluminum Group”), Yu Dehui’s proposal submitted this year has nothing to do with “aluminum”. Before May 20th, the National People’s Political Consultative Conference, Yu Dehui, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, general manager of Chinalco Group, and deputy secretary of the Party Group, accepted an.. Read More

U.S. orders 300 million doses of experimental new crown vaccine from British pharmaceutical company, accelerates R & D to US $ 1.2 billion

The US Department of Health and Human Services issued a statement on the 21st, confirming that 300 million doses of the new crown vaccine currently in the trial stage have been ordered from the British pharmaceutical company Astra-Zelicon, and promised to provide this company with 1.2 billion US dollars To accelerate vaccine development. Under the big order The U.S. government launched a plan called “Quick Action” in April to speed.. Read More

“Difficult” young man, what should I do?

Author: in Angola, Chiron, Kankan, Head Figure from: Vision China Young people are an eternal topic in mass brand marketing. How to capture the hearts of young people is always an important issue for brands. However, in the interactive communication between brands and young people today, marketing rollovers occur frequently, and some of them are large brands. Chinese “Generation Z” (Editor ’s Note: Generation Z is a popular term in.. Read More