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Why are there any contemporary creatures looking at Tesla’s new pickup truck?

This article is from public number: autocarweekly (ID: autocarweekly) author: Karakush, title figure from: vision China In 1982, Musk was 11 years old. The United States that yearScreened by many film critics and later considered the best sci-fi movie ever-“Blade Runner” (Blade Runner) . I’m not sure if I saw it. He was still living in Pretoria, South Africa, and was probably editing a space game called Blaster. The next.. Read More

Twelve years of Alibaba: Landing in Hong Kong stocks again, what’s new in it?

China Investment Network has sorted out Alibaba’s 12-year transformation from four aspects: business layout, performance data, investment mergers and acquisitions, and executive changes. Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “Dongzhongwang” (ID: China- Venture) , author: Chen Ching Cheung, the title has changed. On November 26, Alibaba was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The opening price was reported at HK $ 187, an increase of 6.25%.. Read More

For those Japanese cars that are making money, don’t want to escape the electric “pit” in the end.

m / article / content / 201911/26 / 121637988374.jpg? imageView2 / 2 / w / 1000 / format / jpg / interlace / 1 / q / 85 “data-w =” 1000 “data-h =” 563 “> < / p> After all, it is an electric vehicle based on a fuel vehicle platform modification. The NX300e chassis is not specifically designed to accommodate battery packs. Therefore, its battery pack is not tiled.. Read More

Country Garden Xiang Junbo: Smart City Construction in Square Kilometers | Limited and Infinite Evolution

The smart city is also the future city. When we look to the future, we still have to make it a business model and make it a real city that can be copied and can solve the pain points in people’s daily lives. When the rapid development of artificial intelligence and technology continues to wash away our understanding of life, how long will it take for us to reach a.. Read More

Why are Japanese viewers so obsessed with Frozen?

This article is from public number: see over (ID: ikanlixiang) , author: Looking at the ideal editorial department, the title picture comes from the movie “Frozen 2” On November 22, 2019, fans have waited for 5 years for Frozen 2 to finally be released in mainland China and Japan. Synchronized with the release time in North America. “Time Release Synchronized North America” ​​is no longer a novel selling point for.. Read More

Pig Organ Transplantation: Will “Second Brother” Become Human Saviour?

Unexpectedly, “Second Brother” is really a treasure boy. Shenzhen Translation Bureau is its compilation team, focusing on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on introducing new foreign technologies, new perspectives, and new trends. Editor’s note: It is reported that 20 people die awaiting organ transplants every day. Data show that there are currently more than 113,000 people in the United States waiting for transplant surgery, compared with 36528.. Read More

Central bank and consumer credit deleveraging this year

This article from the public numbers: the new financial Luo Shu (ID: FintechBook), Author: Ray slow, title figure from: Vision China 01 The growth rate of short-term consumer loans has slowed down. On November 25, the People’s Bank of China released the “China Financial Stability Report (2019) “, which disclosed data on short-term consumer loans. After experiencing rapid growth in 2017 and deleveraging in 2018, the growth rate as of.. Read More

Forefront | Jia Yueting invited creditors to meet in the United States, debts of 3.2 billion, and monthly rent of luxury homes of 32,000 US dollars

The debt processing team insisted that Jia Yueting had disclosed all the assets. On November 26, Jia Yueting hosted a creditors meeting at Faraday Future (FF) headquarters. More than 30 people representing 20 creditor institutions visited the FF company, took a test ride on the FF91 car, and discussed debt restructuring options. Creditors in China finally met Jia Yueting, who was on a journey to the ocean, and he later.. Read More

I, the post-90s boss, want to talk about my post-90s employees

At Tiger Sniff F & M Innovation Festival, the founder of Qunxiang Liu Siyi, the founder of “Battery Assessment” Xu Yajun, and lime English mark Malik III Post-90s young bosses have shared their opinions on the topic of “post-90s entrepreneurship”. At the scene, they each gave a 10-minute speech, and then gathered together to chant their own post-90s employees. Say the “choice” of youth Liu Siyi (founder of Qunxiang): Although.. Read More

This building made of wood and 165312 screws in the Netherlands is 100% recyclable

A building will be reported by Ai Faner, it must be a little different. Sometimes we will report the significance of the store, and sometimes it is worth mentioning the design of the building itself, such as an environmentally friendly office building that can be completely dismantled and recycled. If the office building in the Netherlands ends one day, it will not be demolished and abandoned like ordinary buildings, because.. Read More