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Lin Zhengyue: Hong Kong Airport passenger transfer service will be moderately restored from June 1

According to Radio Hong Kong, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong SAR Government, Lin Zheng Yuee, said on the 26th that in response to the slowdown of the Hong Kong epidemic, restrictions will be further relaxed, and four types of restricted business sites will resume business on Friday (29th). In addition, passenger transfer services at Hong Kong Airport will also be moderately resumed from June 1. reported that Lin.. Read More

Former students of Tsinghua University, they returned to the mountains in Hunan to plant a rose garden of 200,000㎡

They changed the village. Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “that a city” (ID: thecity2015) , Author: The city of that city. Tsinghua graduated, but chose to leave Beijing, give up the high salary, and return to the mountains of Hunan, anyone feels that this is a crazy choice. But there were two girls, but they did. Four years ago, Po Niu and Rong, with their.. Read More

Committee member Chen Hualan called for the inclusion of “New Crown Virus” as an entry inspection item for cats and ferrets

“When a new coronary pneumonia epidemic occurs in a crowd, pathogens are likely to enter susceptible animals that are in close contact with humans, and may form a cyclic transmission chain of ‘human-susceptible animals-human’, further increasing the prevention and control of the epidemic. And the difficulty of eradication. “Committee member Chen Hualan called for the” New Crown Virus “to be listed as entry items for cats, dogs, and ferrets. Introduction.. Read More

Not just products, the entire company must be differentiated

In a truly differentiated company, differentiation goes far beyond the product itself. Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Harvard Business Review” (ID: hbrchinese) , Authors Lin Wende (Paul Leinwand), Marseilles (CesareMainardi). Starting with the concept of “strategy” in the early 1960s, differentiation has become very important. Customers will choose a company that brings unique value. A company needs to let customers know that it is different.. Read More

Shenzhen City’s first order: Changchun Hi-Tech plans to spin off 100 grams of biotechnology to go public on the science and technology board

Changchun High-tech (000661) became the first Shenzhen-listed company to target the spin-off of the Science and Technology Board. On the evening of May 25, Changchun High-tech released a number of announcements, disclosing the spin-off of its subsidiary Changchun Baike Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to the Shanghai Stock Exchange Science and Technology Board Listing plan. Introduction of the spin-off plan, through this spin-off, Changchun High-tech will focus more on genetic engineering drugs,.. Read More

Can the automobile industry in developed countries be “hardly decoupled” from China?

China must also consider the balance of the epidemic situation with globalization. Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “China Europe International Business School” (ID: CEIBS6688) Dong Yang. The government work reports of the two sessions of the National Congress in 2020 proposed a series of favorable policies to promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. As the foundation of national economic development, the manufacturing industry has.. Read More

Vibration in the operation circle: the micro-envelope kills the community operation tool, and the private domain traffic pool is facing remodeling?

In the future, there are only two ways for community operation: one is to operate manually, and the other is to transfer to enterprise WeChat. Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “multi HowNet” (ID: duozhiwang) , Author: Aisha. news on May 26th. Last night, many netizens broke the news that third-party WeChat fans and community management tool WeTool were disabled by WeChat, hundreds of WeChat.. Read More

Gree agent: Dong Mingzhu’s 700 million with the amount of goods, in fact, we contributed a lot

The title map is from Visual China, this article is from WeChat official account: interface news (ID: wowjiemian) < / a> , reporter: Lu Keyan “Mr. Dong is about to bring the goods live again, I hope everyone will support. During this time, everyone will pick up the goods and walk from the live room.” On the eve of Dong Mingzhu’s Jingdong live delivery, a Gree air-conditioning agent in Guangdong.. Read More

How did the “cool” and “low” small videos turn the soil flavor flow into Lamborghini

This article comes from the WeChat public account: Guizhou-Tencent News (ID: entguiquan) , author: Zhen Huang, the original title: “those little video and cool and low, and how the earthy flow becomes Lamborghini | your circle”, the first map from: your circle The war in the sinking market has burned into the short video field. A one-minute vertical screen play has become a new way for Internet platforms to harvest.. Read More