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Representative Ge Minghua: It is recommended to improve the national direct report system of infectious diseases network as soon as possible

Ge Minghua representative < / p> On the afternoon of May 22, the Zhejiang delegation held a plenary meeting at the third meeting of the 13th National People’s Congress to review the government work report. Ge Minghua, deputy of the National People ’s Congress and president of Zhejiang Provincial People ’s Hospital, put forward the following suggestions: First, establish as soon as possible the intelligent monitoring, early warning, and analysis.. Read More

From 100,000 to 16 billion, why does Xicha make you so valuable

Hi tea’s growth rate has always been staggering. In 2017, there were only more than 80 Xichamen stores, and in 2019 it has expanded to 390. At the beginning of this year, do you know how many Xihai Tea announced the opening plan? 800. Startled, where did the courage come from? Liang Jingru? An operation is as fierce as its valuation. Xicha is the only head brand that received large.. Read More

January to April logistics operation data released: the decline in logistics demand narrowed, the market recovered steadily

China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing announced today (28th) the logistics operation data for the first four months of this year. The data shows that in the first four months, the logistics operation continued to improve and developed, and the main indicators showed positive changes. From January to April, the total amount of national social logistics was 75.3 trillion yuan , A year-on-year decrease of 4.2%, a decrease of 3.1.. Read More

Watch Kuaishou live broadcast and buy “Jingdong self-operated”, Kuaishou ranks among e-commerce “top stream”

Before June, the major e-commerce platforms have already been fighting for “6.18” and “6.16”, the competing hilltops. Ten billions of subsidies … There is even a bit of tension and fierceness in the “Three Kingdoms Kill.” Whether it is still a big platform to “join the war”, or to shake the flag with big brands and big discounts, the biggest difference this year is the emerging forces-Kuaishou announced the official.. Read More

Report: Tax cuts and fees increased by 3.76 million jobs last year, and more than half of enterprises used to stabilize jobs

Recently, the Chinese Taxation Society and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Economics and Economics released the “Assessment Report on the Effects of Tax Reduction and Fee Reduction in 2019” (hereinafter referred to as the “assessment report”) “Assessment Report” shows that the cumulative tax cuts and fees for the whole year of 2019 are 2.36 trillion yuan, accounting for 2.39% of GDP. For enterprises, last year’s tax cuts.. Read More

CITIC Consumer Finance opened less than a year after the big “blood”, registered capital increased from 300 million to 700 million

The registered capital of CITIC Consumer Finance increased from 300 million yuan to 700 million yuan. On May 27, the Beijing Banking, Insurance and Regulatory Bureau issued a reply approving CITIC Consumer Finance Co., Ltd. to increase the registered capital from 300 million yuan to 700 million yuan. After the change of registered capital, the composition of shareholders, registered capital contribution and contribution ratio are as follows: China CITIC Co.,.. Read More

Build an online and offline shopping ecosystem, and Pudong Credit Card will accompany you to enjoy the “May 5th Shopping Festival”

Since January, the consumption enthusiasm of Shanghai residents has been “suffocated” for a long time due to the impact of the epidemic. Finally, when it was time to resume work, the Shanghai people couldn’t wait to open their wallets and spewed out after a long time of shopping needs. The municipal government report clearly pointed out that consumption continues to play a major role in promoting economic development. In order.. Read More

Breaking through the key technology of rocket recovery, China has captured the “World’s First”

Interstellar Glory “Focus One” (codename “JD-1 “) The reusable liquid oxygen methane engine successfully completed the second start-up long 500-second test run yesterday. The success of the test run marked that Focus One became the world ’s first liquid oxygen methane engine with secondary start-up capability, which also means that Interstellar has broken through another core technology of the vertical recovery of the launch vehicle, which is Hyperbola No. 2… Read More

The requirements for the issuance of securities issued by the listed companies on the Science and Technology Board are released, and the refinancing channel is about to open

The information disclosure requirements for securities issued by listed companies on the Science and Technology Board have been further clarified, and a smoother refinancing channel for the Science and Technology Board will soon be opened. On the evening of May 27th, the CSRC announced through the official website that it solicited opinions on three documents, which were the “Code of Content and Format for Information Disclosure by Companies Offering Securities.. Read More