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How to succeed in one thing?

: Entrepreneurship. Many people may have a misunderstanding about starting a business: to start a business, I need to have a lot of money, to form a team, to have a suitable partner, a complete supply chain, and to dig into a product and sell it Go out and invest in reproduction. and many more. In fact, most successful businesses are not like this. In most entrepreneurial models, a person.. Read More

Ding Lei proposed to include programming in teaching, which is actually a good thing

This article comes from the WeChat public account: write a story for you (ID: raistlin2017) , author: Raistlin, title figure from: vision China Get up in the morning and see Netease boss Ding Lei being sprayed on Hot Search. The reason is that he suggested: In the “Proposal on Steady Promotion of Programming Education Incorporated into China’s Basic Teaching System and Focus on Cultivating Digital Talents”, he specifically suggested: speed.. Read More

Consumption rebounds, where are the banking consumer finance opportunities?

The impact of the epidemic on the consumer finance industry is staged. In the medium and long term, the industry’s upward trend remains unchanged. Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Jiugua Financial Circle” (ID: jiuguajinrong) author: Bin. Author: Bin (Wuhu Branch of Bank of Communications, nine laps Gua financial columnist) Editor: Yan Shijie In 2019, China ’s total retail sales of consumer goods was 41.2 trillion,.. Read More

New York Stock Exchange Spokesperson: Will not follow up to tighten IPO rules

For the question of “whether it will follow up the tightening of IPO rules and strengthen the supervision of Chinese listed companies”, a New York Stock Exchange spokesperson exclusively replied to the Securities Times · e company reporter: “The answer is no. The listing requirements In other words, the New York Stock Exchange has always followed the platinum standard and is happy to see other exchanges raise their standards. “Previously,.. Read More

Telemedicine platform “Amwell” received US $ 194 million in Series C financing, with a total funding of US $ 517 million

Connect medical service providers, insurance companies, and patients “Amwell” official website According to foreign media reports, recently , The telemedicine platform “ Amwell ” completed a $ 194 million Series C round of financing, and many early investors and strategic partners participated This round of financing includes Allianz X and Takeda. In 2018, “Amwell” received US $ 365.4 million in Series B financing. As early as 2014, it also completed.. Read More

Kaifeng Venture Capital: Most people value the opportunity of a large medical platform, and I value the opportunity of deep verticals

Some demands are that the scene is small, but the scale is large. Partnership of Kaifeng Venture Partners With the continuous penetration of new technologies such as AI and big data into the medical industry, the medical industry has gradually emerged some new models in scientific research, clinical, management, diagnosis and other links . The fifth installment of the “Catcher Closed-door Cultivation · Investigating Industry Investors Series” invited Kaifeng Venture.. Read More

Using big data to help developers sell their houses

Through the construction of an online house selling platform, Tencent directly confronted with intermediaries such as shells, channel agents, and e-commerce. Editor’s note: This article is from Economic Observer , Author: Chen Bo, reprinted with permission On the eighth day of the Chinese New Year, Li Hongfei, Director of Product Operations of Tencent Cloud Micro-Leng, urgently organized a team. Partners are temporarily brought in, including both Think Technology, which provides.. Read More

Uber announced that it will close the AI ​​lab and lay off 3,500 more people. Netizens: You ca n’t do AI, HR belongs to you.

Lay off nearly 7,000 people this month! Uber does not do “Didi” as “Meituan” Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account (ID: AI_era) . Editors: Peng Fei, Bai Feng Affected by the epidemic, most people began to implement quarantine. The number of people going out has been greatly reduced. The demand for takeaway has surged. In order to cope with this problem, Uber brandished a knife to the.. Read More

6 Misunderstandings of Leadership: Don’t use the workplace “PUA” to control employees

     This article comes from the WeChat public account: Chaotic University (ID: hundun-university) , author: Taylor Ben – Shahar, Angus Ridgeway, title figure from: vision China           Whether the employees in an organization are happy, capable, and energetic is crucial for the company. If an organization is full of passionate employees with a common vision, then this is a leadership organization that will firmly focus on fulfilling its mission.. Read More

Morgan Stanley: Tesla and Apple will be opponents instead of partners

Morgan Stanley analyst Katie Huberty said in a customer report released on Thursday that Apple and Tesla are more likely to become opponents rather than partners in the future, and in the next 20 years, Tesla may go A development path similar to the “iPhone giant”. Editor’s note: This article is from Tencent Technology , reviewed Cheng Xi. At Apple After the death of co-founder Steve Jobs, the technology industry.. Read More