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Lying at home to make money? Freelance can be more tiring than working

Working at home, lying down to make money … Is freelance reliable? According to the 2019 Freelancers Survival and Development Guide, freelancers tend to be highly educated, skilled, and have higher incomes. It looks beautiful, but is freelance suitable for everyone? In order to find out, we personally experienced and interviewed the young lady who received the order at home, the designer with a monthly salary of 40,000 but also.. Read More

What does it mean that the “real estate tax” and “long-term mechanism” are not mentioned in the two sessions? Will house prices rise?

During the two sessions this year, real estate taxes and long-term mechanisms are not as hot. The government work report reiterated that “housing and housing are not speculation”, and “implementing policies according to the city” is included in the report. Faced with the pressure of economic operation, the central government has kept its real estate regulation and control, insisted on the basic theme of “no housing, no speculation”, and insisted.. Read More

Choose one of two residence registrations for students in Hangzhou, and parents start to buy a “junior high school room”

Not long ago, the rules of Hangzhou’s “citizen recruiting” attracted attention. In addition to the “lock area” enrollment of private schools, it also stipulates that the city’s registered primary school graduates can choose one based on school registration and household registration . In the past, “little advancement” mainly looked at student status, that is, students in public elementary schools will go directly to the corresponding public junior high school. Even.. Read More

A joint proposal of 7 CPPCC members: including space biosecurity in the “14th Five-Year Plan”

The outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic caused Zhao Xiaojin, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and secretary of the Party Committee of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, to notice a problem worthy of vigilance: space biological safety. “As part of biosecurity, space biotechnology and safety currently have problems such as the lack of top-level national planning, low research levels,.. Read More

Xu Huaqin, deputy to the National People’s Congress: Issuing special government bonds to support the revitalization of idle homesteads

< p class = "image_desc"> Deputy to the National People ’s Congress, Secretary of the Liyang Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Xu Huaqin. Exploring the reform of the “separation of the three powers” ​​of homestead ownership, qualification and use rights is an important part of rural revitalization. A series of useful explorations have been carried out in various places. The National People’s Congress, Secretary of the Liyang Municipal Party Committee and.. Read More

Berkeley, California study: American New Crown patients have long hospital stays and a high proportion of ICU admissions

Recently, a study published by the University of California, Berkeley and other institutions in the academic journal “The BMJ” showed that the hospitalization of patients with new coronary pneumonia in the United States was longer than that of patients in China, and they were admitted to the intensive care unit ( ICU) ratio is also higher. The researchers believe that the results of the study indicate that US hospitals may.. Read More

Shenzhen supports the Intelligent Connected Car New Deal: a global reward for the core link, with a maximum funding of 200 million yuan

On May 27th, the Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission issued “Shenzhen’s Measures for Supporting the Development of Intelligent Connected Cars”, which proposed to implement the national “Intelligent Car Innovation Development Strategy” in depth and seize strategic opportunities for industrial intelligent development Promote the orderly and healthy development of the Shenzhen Intelligent Connected Automobile Industry, form an innovative development pattern of technology leadership and application demonstration, and specifically provide support measures.. Read More

A new round of domestic oil price adjustment window will open, is expected to continue to maintain the “5 era”

At 24:00 on the 28th, a new round of price adjustment windows for domestic refined oil will open. Up to now, domestic oil prices have been suspended for four consecutive years due to the “floor price” mechanism. The agency expects that this round of high probability will still trigger the protection mechanism without adjustment. After entering May, the supply and demand situation in the international crude oil market continued to.. Read More

SpaceX Dragon spacecraft first manned test flight delayed by 3 days due to weather

Due to weather conditions, the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft ’s first manned test flight was postponed to 15:22 US Eastern Time on May 30. Originally scheduled for May 27th at 16:33 EST, NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley took the SpaceX manned dragon spacecraft and followed Falcon 9 From the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, to the International Space Station. Less than 20 minutes from launch, NASA announced.. Read More