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After unblocking, will you travel to Wuhan?

This article comes from the WeChat public account: chief (ID: tripvivid2) , author: Ethan, the original title: “Wuhan’s new” campaign “: When reopened, the text Tourism Cocoon rebirth? 》 76 days after the closure of the city, Wuhan was unsealed. This giant city that once again “woke up” also needed to start another “battle” to revive and revitalize the cultural and tourism industry. Compared with other cities in China, the.. Read More

Pursue Asymptomatic | How large is the group of asymptomatic infected people in China and how to prevent

As the situation of the domestic new coronary pneumonia epidemic gradually improves, asymptomatic patients have become the focus of attention from all walks of life, and the government has also issued regulations for the management of asymptomatic patients. On April 8th, the State Council issued the “New Coronavirus Asymptomatic Infected Persons Management Regulations” in response to the new coronavirus infection pneumonia joint prevention and control mechanism, reiterating that asymptomatic infected.. Read More

When sleeping, the brain is erasing your memory?

This article comes from the WeChat public account: Neural Reality (ID: neureality) , author: Renken, translator: OrangeSoda, images from: Unsplash, the original title:” when you sleep, memory and forgetting start-ups “ Brain will also be cut off? The information collected by the brain far exceeds what it can retain. We are receiving new information all day, but only part of it can be kept overnight or longer. Sleep seems to.. Read More

National Bureau of Statistics: CPI turned from rising to falling, food price decline is the main reason

On April 10, the National Bureau of Statistics released the national CPI (Consumer Price Index) and PPI (Industrial Producer Price Index) data for March 2020. In this regard, Dong Lijuan, senior statistician of the City Department of the National Bureau of Statistics, interpreted it. First, the CPI turned from up to down, and the year-on-year growth rate fell In March, the resumption of production and production gradually accelerated, and the.. Read More

With an annual investment of 10 billion, this time the charging pile is on the way.

The title picture is from IC photo, this article is from the WeChat public account: Yiou Automobile (ID: EO-AUTO) , author: Ding unique, editor: Zhang Yu Zhe The charging pile is moving towards the “air outlet”. At the press conference held by the Joint Defense and Joint Control Mechanism of the State Council on April 9, Cai Ronghua, deputy director of the Industrial Development Department of the National Development and.. Read More

Hunting, trading, habitat degradation and other accelerated viruses “spill” from animals

Studies show that hunting, trade, habitat degradation and urbanization have promoted wildlife and humans Close contact, which increases the risk of virus transmission. As the new coronavirus spreads around the world, people can’t help but ask: Are infectious diseases related to environmental changes? A study published recently by American scientists has come to a positive answer. Hunting, trade, habitat degradation and urbanization have promoted close contact between wildlife and humans,.. Read More

“Zhongke Haoyin” completed 10 million-level Pre-A round of financing to promote the implementation of voiceprint recognition algorithm

Based on 5G, Zhongke Haoyin will promote product industrial fault detection capabilities, and at the same time expand the application of sleep monitoring and disease monitoring voiceprint health. Recently, Anhui Zhongke Haoyin completed a tens of millions of pre-A rounds of financing, led by Jiangsu Lianneng Electric Power Research Institute under Nanjing Ziquan Energy and Junquan Investment under Baoxiiao Group. In 2019, Zhongke Haoyin also received nearly 10 million angel.. Read More

Bull Market Morning News | Three major US stock indexes closed higher for two consecutive days, A shares Jintian Copper purchased today

Signal reproduction at the bottom of the A-share market. As of the close of the afternoon on April 9, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.37% to 2825.9 points; the Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.74% to 10463.05 points; the GEM index rose 1.65%, reported to 1997.14. Everbright Strategy believes that in the future, factors such as the inflection point of overseas epidemic spread, domestic “economic recovery, and policy easing” are being.. Read More

Disputes are frequent, and how does this star company invested by Xue Manzi rely on money?

This article comes from the WeChat public account: Global Travel News (ID: Traveldaily) , author: TD, from FIG title: IC PHOTO The epidemic has impacted the world and profoundly affected economic development. In such an environment, many tourism companies have adopted a contraction strategy to ensure cash flow. Many startups are struggling, and their primary goal is to survive. However, C2B’s reverse hotel reservation platform, My Travel and My Stay,.. Read More