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Forefront | Glory 20 Youth Edition focuses on the women’s market, also invited the Bai Jingting platform

Glory 20S against the standard Xiaomi CC9, glory 20 youth version is against the standard Xiaomi CC9e, the two jointly launched a short beating on the Xiaomi CC9 series. Since the Glory 8 series, Glory has launched the Digital Edition Youth Edition, which is now the fifth generation. The youth version is priced lower than the standard version of the digital series, and is aimed at young people such as.. Read More

How is Germany’s largest and the second largest retailer in Europe “chronic suicide” in China?

The total value of the country’s enterprises is estimated at 1.9 billion euros, and the Metro Group is expected to receive a net income of more than 1 billion euros. According to the agreement, Wumart Group will hold 70% of the shares in the initial stage of the joint venture, Metro will hold 20% of the shares, and the remaining 10% will be held by the minority shareholders of the.. Read More

70 city housing prices released: the two-way regulation behind the market gradually decline

70 city housing prices released: the two-way regulation behind the market gradually declined. Editor’s note: This article is from China Real Estate , author: Tao Ting, an authorized reprint China Net Real Estate Tao Ting On October 21, the National Bureau of Statistics released the 70-city housing price index for September. From the data, it can be seen that despite the continuation of the two-way regulation policy, although the prices.. Read More

Top 10 food black technologies: insect protein, artificial meat, edible packaging, DNA diet

Today, with an ever-increasing population and limited resources, we need to rethink the issue of “what to eat” with the help of food technology. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “35 bucket” (ID: vcearth ), author Li Weiyu. In order to meet people’s demand for food quantity, quality and individuality, each start-up company has tried its best to develop new foods. Recently, 35 Dou has published many.. Read More

I went to the cinema to watch the “interactive movie”. How do you say it?

Writing | Li Shuangxian Title Map | Vision China The lights are dark and the movie begins. Five minutes later, the protagonist is dead, and the whole show ends. This is not a poor imitation of the film “Seven Neuropathies” directed by Martin McDonald, but the uniqueness of the author when he first watched the “interactive movie” in the theater. Experience. As one guest mentioned in the post-show sharing session:.. Read More

Don’t buy two rooms easily

The old broken small can turn ice to increase cash flow, and the old and big assessment can enlarge the leverage, but it is not suitable for ordinary people in essence. I suggest you not to pick up products that are destined to be abandoned by the market. Between 2005 and 15 years, with the previous exploration, these 10 years can be seen as the mainstream product accumulation period in.. Read More

Frontline | Storm re-issued risk warning, helpless struggle in the whirlpool

A bitter tear in the storm After the storm acquired MPS, it has been a long way to go. On October 21, the board of directors of Stormwind Group announced that the company’s operating conditions have undergone major adverse changes in recent years, and the funds are tight, making it difficult to maintain the normal operation of the company. The announcement shows that the income of the main business of.. Read More

The third DAU of the byte beats over 100 million products, will it be in the education industry?

The third DAU over 100 million products? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Investment Circle” (ID: pedaily2012), author Yang Jiyun, original title: Zhang Yiming has to come slowly. Authorized to publish. Chen Lin’s goal is to run the third DAU over 100 million products for bytebeats. The previous two are today’s headlines and vibrato. Next, will it be in the education industry? Bytes have been in the.. Read More

The price of 70 cities across the country has stabilized and declined: Have you noticed the subtle changes in the property market?

College degree and other qualifications, which is also in line with the preferential guidance for the purchase of related talents. According to the past policy, foreigners who need to buy a house in Liuhe need to meet the social security payment conditions for two years. This also shows that the current orientation of targeting the talents and other groups has helped to activate the demand for housing purchases. On the.. Read More

Want to start a business? May ask yourself these 20 questions first.

Don’t forget to plan ahead The Translation Bureau is a compilation team that focuses on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on foreign new technologies, new ideas, and new trends. Editor’s note: Entrepreneurship is a career that requires enthusiasm, but only enthusiasm is not enough. You need to think carefully before you rush into this field to realize your dreams. The author lists 20 questions. Can calm down.. Read More