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Seizing entrepreneurial opportunities in Los Angeles, US tech venture capital “dot.LA” raises $ 4 million in seed funding

Covers venture capital news in Los Angeles. According to foreign media PRWeb According to the report, US technology venture capital media dot.LA Raises $ 4 million in seed round funding by Sucaster Singh, venture capital firm such as Comcast Ventures, Maveron, Anthos, and Greycroft Executives and entrepreneurs including Cassidy, Amazon’s Jeff Wilke, former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, among others. dot.LA is a technology innovation.. Read More

Who destroyed Boeing?

This article is from the public number: Wallstreetcn: > , author: knowledge Jun, from the title figure: Figure insects creative 737 MAX is designed by the clown, and the clown is supervised by the monkey! This is Boeing’s own employees’ evaluation of the 737 MAX model that caused the two crashes. On January 9th, Boeing announced more than 100 pages of internal communications records of 737 MAX employees, fully demonstrating.. Read More

Geely may make another big effort and is rumored to buy 19.9% ​​of Aston Martin

In the “most disappointing year”, Geely, Ningde Times, and the Canadian rich were rumored to “buy” Aston Martin, a British century-old luxury car brand. Editor’s note: This article comes from “ Future Car Daily ” (WeChat public account ID: auto-time), author: Jiaoman Ting. Author | Jiao Manting Edit | Xu Yang After the acquisition of Volvo, Louis Motors and Daimler shares, Geely Automobile once again reported the marriage with the.. Read More

Forefront | TCL Group renamed “TCL Technology”, semiconductor display has accounted for 80.6% of the company’s operating profit

TCL has divested its terminal business from listed companies and left the semiconductor display business. Investors have repeatedly called for the name change. On January 13, TCL Group was renamed “TCL Technology” to highlight the company’s strategic positioning as “the world’s leading technology company.” TCL Group’s announcement shows that the company intends to change its name to “TCL Technology Group Co., Ltd.”, correspondingly change its English name to “TCL Technology.. Read More

The size of the fundraising investment market has been tightened, and the early investment ebb has exceeded 40%.

OF: Beyond the J-curve, Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash New fund was reduced by 20%, and 562 funds raised 140.8 billion US dollars Due to stricter regulations, the difficulty of establishing private equity investment funds has gradually increased. In 2019, the number of newly registered funds has been reduced by 20% from the previous month, and the willingness of institutions to establish new funds has weakened. In terms of.. Read More

My aunt is “Old Drifter”

The article is from the public number: industry study (ID: hangyeyanxi) , author: travel extensively president, from the title figure: Orient IC. 1 Hubei and Guangzhou I have an aunt who is almost 60 years old this year. She has lived in a small village in the Jianghan Plain of Hubei all her life and has planted land for 40-50 years. In our Jianghan Plain, most people started to go.. Read More

At the beginning of 2020, Tomson’s health was “exploded”

This article is from WeChat public account: Fast Consumer (fbc180) , author: Zhang Xia Yu, Photo by Brandless on Unsplash Last year, health care and nutrition companies were not doing well. So much so that “China’s local tyrant” Tomson Beckham bought Australian Internet celebrity nutrition brand Life Space at a 34 times premium. Who would have thought that the “baby” bought back at a high price has now become a.. Read More

In addition to Apple’s “rhythm”, what other surprises for wearables in 2020?

Smartwatches are becoming practical and continuous online Editor’s note: This article comes from Geek Park , author Who is the big hero. Every night before new technology changes, there will always be some surprising products in the consumer digital industry, especially in the smart wearable field in 2019. For many people, in addition to smartphones that are about to enter 5G, this year’s smart watches and true wireless headsets have.. Read More