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“Love Apartment 5”: Who is still paying for “plagiarism”?

This article is from WeChat public account: Entertainer (haozhugongshe) , author: warm, from the title figure: Figure worm People who like “Love Apartment” are pleased to see that the lovers in the play finally become dependents; those who don’t like it will never understand, who is obsessed with paying for “plagiarism” “Love Apartment” was once the shame of many people’s Chinese-made film and television dramas. After six years, it once.. Read More

Why does Apple never attend CES?

The article is from the public number: Sina Technology (ID: techsina) < span class = "text-remarks">, author: Zheng Jun, the original title: “it’s high cold! Why does Apple never attend CES and all industry shows? 》 The title picture comes from: worm creative. The annual, week-long Consumer Electronics Show (CES) concluded last week in Las Vegas. Undoubtedly, CES, which has a history of half a century, is the world’s largest.. Read More

Microsoft CEO: Data becomes the most valuable asset for retailers, no need to spend money to advertise on Google FB in the future

Nadella believes that retailers are better off building their own artificial intelligence teams to predict consumer behavior or solve last-mile delivery challenges rather than investing more money in ad search capabilities From Tencent Technology . Picture: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella January 14, according to foreign media reports, one of the many benefits that Satya Nadella can enjoy as the CEO of Microsoft is that he is very aware of the.. Read More

Google Stadia: integrated with YouTube, low hardware threshold to harvest “mass” traffic

The article is from the public number: East West Entertainment (ID: EW-Entertainment) , author: Chen Xuhui, ginger intermediary, from the title figure: Figure worm creativity. Introduction In November last year, Google announced that its cloud game service platform Stadia was officially launched, which also caused cloud games to explode into the market again.Focus of attention. As early as 2009, Onlive became the first company to bring cloud games to the.. Read More

47 billion co-working offices, finally abolishing my ability to work

WeWork’s roller coaster-like valuation experience just proves that it is not an Internet high-tech enterprise, but a real “second host”. This article comes from public micro-channel number: new Weekly (ID: new-weekly) , author: Hexi Pa, thematic map From: Figure Worm EMI is an ordinary white-collar worker in Tokyo, Japan, but because of “co-working”, her daily life is completely different from the one who closes herself in the cell every day… Read More

Can home appliance companies “go home appliances” and use the renamed Xuanxue to reach the other side of technology?

The future of IoT must be far more lively than we think. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Brain polar body” (ID: unity007) , author I am a panda, reproduced with permission. Does the word home appliances make people feel a bit “earthy”? Although we have never thought about this problem surrounded by various home appliances, obviously home appliance companies think so. Since last year, there has.. Read More

These “silent killers” made by humans may be lurking around us!

The article is from the public number: I am a scientist iScientist (ID: IamaScientist) , author: Zhu Ye Hua, from the title figure: Figure worm creativity. In 1956, the Minamata Bay area in Japan was shrouded in a terrible condition—patients twitched, deformed their hands and feet, bent over their backs, and even died. This is the shocking “Minamata Disease Incident” in history. Minamata Disease | Photograph by Eugene Smith Minamata.. Read More

PAC Liao Ming: Venture capitalists must look down and look up

Second-level thinking, first-level thinking On July 14, 2019, when Liao Ming accidentally received an email from Preqin inviting him to write an article for the flagship report of China’s PE / VC market, which was first published, he did not think of himself Prospect Avenue Capital (PAC), founded in early 2018, will be the first Chinese fund to write an article on a Preqin report. As a professional global alternative.. Read More

It is not a dream for same-sex couples to have offspring, and genetic impediments are being gradually eliminated.

Can people of the same sex give birth? It sounds like night talk, but now some technologies have made homosexual reproduction no longer far away. Although there is still a long way to go, these technologies can at least give many same-sex couples hope: Embracing genetically children. This article comes from micro-channel public number: Global Science (ID: huanqiukexue) , author: Roni Dengler, translator: Yang heart boat, topic map from :.. Read More

The latest progress in the case of Nongfu Spring’s “Deforestation and Water Extraction”: Vegetation will be restored in the excavated section

This article is from WeChat public account: Tencent Finance (financeapp) , the picture comes from: worm During the night of the 14th, Nongfu Spring responded again to the report of “deforestation and water extraction”, saying that the project was in compliance, and the reporter Da’anyuan had not approved many projects. Subsequently, the whistleblower Qiang Wen also responded again and exposed the satellite image before and after the deforestation in an.. Read More