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New energy vehicle operation, photodetection chip, breast cancer screening… There are 8 early projects worthy of attention in Hangzhou.

Qiantang good project. Recently, the “Qiantang Good Project” contest hosted by Hangzhou Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association was held in Hangzhou, event site, 捎带科技,芯河光电 , Cheyun Network, School of Science and Technology, Anzhen Medical, Ruibo New Energy, Qisheng Technology, Establishment of 8 projects of Yongzhan Medicine participated in roadshow activities. The following is a collection of roadshow projects: Project Name: Piggyback Technology Logistics 捎带科技 was established in August.. Read More

The past of the domestic operating system: 40 years of radical change, the end of the storm

Everything is just beginning Editor’s note: This article is from “The brain body” ( ID: unity007), author Tibetan fox. In this round of technology, whether it is the underlying development ecology, the hardware foundation of computing power, or the variety of commercialized landing scenarios, Chinese companies have unquestionable verbal output capabilities. Another long-standing pain in China’s ICT industry, the domestic operating system, has also experienced a globally focused military parade.. Read More

Half-year debt repayment of 33.8 billion, Taihe Group’s interest-bearing liabilities fell sharply

Taihe is using its practical actions to complete its management shortcomings. After more than a year of active adjustment, Taihe Group on the road of “de-leveraging” handed over a clearly improved score of the senior high school entrance examination. On the evening of August 30, Taihe Group released the semi-annual report for 2019. The biggest point of the financial indicators is that the interest-bearing liabilities have been greatly reduced, repaying.. Read More

FIBA and Wanda Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement

Wanda Group will have the global marketing power of the men’s basketball team in 2023, 2027 and 2031. On the morning of August 31, Wanda Group and FIBA ​​signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing, Wanda Group became the FIBA ​​2019 Global business partner to 2031. This is the second long-term strategic cooperation between the two parties after Wanda Group became the exclusive global business development partner of FIBA ​​in.. Read More

Service closure: the biggest enemy of contemporary human knowledge loss?

Recently, Australian software company Atlassian announced that BitBucket (formerly will stop on Mercurial Support and will remove all source code for the software managed by Mercurial on the platform. This has forced everyone to ask another question: In the 21st century, is the website closure the biggest enemy of human knowledge preservation? The answer is yes. For Ai Fan, BitBucket’s support for Mercurial’s support will have a certain impact.. Read More

Behind the fast-handed hatching of duck eggs is the “genetically modified” era of short videos.

The time and place are ready, and the outbreak of the short drama is coming out. Editor’s note: This article from New knowledge of technology, author ant. In recent days, the independent APP, which has evolved from the fast-handed small theater, has been on the line. From the application interface, since only a small amount of short drama content comes from the fast hand, the chasing duck interface is surprisingly.. Read More

User growth slows competition, and there is no future in the live broadcast?

Competition in the betta fish teeth is intensifying, will technology empowerment be the way out for the live broadcast industry? Editor’s note: This article is from the “American Stock Research Institute” (ID: meigushe). In recent years, China’s live broadcast has developed rapidly. Since 2014, live broadcast has gradually entered the eyes of the public. With the rapid influx of capital, the live broadcast industry is developing at a high speed… Read More

The iOS 13 beta has leaked the details of the smart anti-lost device. Will this be one more thing for this year’s Apple conference?

This year’s “one more thing” at Apple’s Autumn Conference may be an anti-lost device. As early as April of this year, 9to5Mac broke the news that Apple is developing A smart look-up accessory like Tile, MacRumors recently discovered the trace of this accessory from the beta version of iOS, further confirming the authenticity of the rumor. ▲ Image from: MacRumors The image disclosed by MacRumors is similar to the 9to5Mac.. Read More

Why is the 5G package so expensive? | 5Ging

Unlimited flow gear. Another 5G market. Currently, the 5G package pricing of mainstream operators such as Verzion and T-Mobile is also around 500-700 yuan. At the same time, there will always be some restrictions on speed and traffic. Even if the traffic is not limited, the rate cannot be Reach the highest level. The prices in European countries are similar. For example, the millet MIX3 5G version is the first.. Read More

Exclusive | Tencent upgrade content in the middle, the vice president of technology, Zeng Yu took the penguin

The first phase of the Penguin mission has been completed. On August 31, it was learned from insiders of Tencent that the Penguin, which is the content of Tencent’s content, had just undergone a round of business and organizational adjustments. The new position of “Penguin” is a content service platform that provides data, technology, tools and settlement support; the original work with the content producers will be moved to the.. Read More