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Is e-cigarette really “poisonous”?

OF: Dawn, Editor: Wei Jia, from the head of FIG: Oriental IC E-cigarettes are not very peaceful recently. The e-cigarette-related deaths in the United States have poured cold water into the e-cigar industry, which is flourishing in the country. US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that as of October 8, the United States found that it was related to the use of electronic cigarettes. The number of.. Read More

Smart Express Cabinet Survey: A slightly embarrassing chicken rib business

When can I make a profit? Text: Fire (industry Fengyunhui) The intelligent loss of the company, the business model has not yet passed, it has attracted the dissatisfaction of the courier and users. With the development of e-commerce, the express delivery industry has grown rapidly. In recent years, smart express cabinets have emerged. Nowadays, terminal terminals such as smart express cabinets and post stations have been popularized in various cities.. Read More

What is Google’s next step after claiming “quantum superiority”?

In addition to promoting the commercialization of technology and applications that allow more people to use it, in science, Google is already preparing new experiments. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “The most advanced edge of quantum computing” (ID :QC-Frontier), author QC Aberdeen. On Wednesday, Google claimed to have made a major breakthrough in the field of “quantum superiority” computing, which is only the first step on.. Read More

In the AI ​​era, industrial robots were attacking at the time.

Article from WeChat public account:CV Intelligence (ID:CVAI2019), author: Zhang Xue, from the head of FIG: Oriental IC The field of industrial robots is experiencing a new round of reshuffle and contest, and domestic industrial robots are breaking through. In China, industrial robots are regarded as the best field, because China has been the world’s largest industrial robot application market for six consecutive years, but at the same time the market’s.. Read More

Produced by the Graphite Documentation team, how about this all-round Markdown note?

For Markdown, everyone should be familiar with it. The WYSIWYG typesetting effect allows us to focus on the writing itself without being bothered by complicated typography. Markdown syntax is also easy to use. Simply put, Markdown makes writing Into a kind of enjoyment. After the rise of Markdown, the editors on the market are constantly emerging. Many editors include big names such as Ulysses, rising star Bear, etc. For novice.. Read More

The first shared kitchen in the US is open! The expensive and difficult takeaway has finally been saved.

Article from WeChat public account:Sistar (ID:guixingren123), of: CJ, from the head of FIG: Oriental IC Although the delivery range covers the top Palo Alto and Atherton mansions in the United States, DoorDash has opened its shared kitchen, known as the “first in the United States,” in a dilapidated square in Redwood City, Bay Area. The Silicon Star people crossed a freight railway and a run-down residential area and finally saw.. Read More

Foreign brothers share: How do I rely on the “sideline” monthly income of more than 10,000?

Inspiration for doing a sideline. The Translation Bureau is a compilation team that focuses on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on foreign new technologies, new ideas, and new trends. Editor’s note: It is said that having sideline income is the conscious of adults. However, many people have no way of doing things about “side jobs.” A foreign brother shared how he earned $10,000 in secrets from different.. Read More

The brain-computer interface is in full swing, and “Bo Ruikang” has achieved ground in serious scenes such as scientific research and medical treatment.

The brain-computer interface should be used in the fields of clinical diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of neurological diseases. Sometimes, some technologies that have been crouching in the lab for decades may have a leap overnight, appearing in front of the public, and this is probably the case with the Brain Machine Interface (BCI). As early as 1924, after the discovery of brainwaves by German psychiatrist Hans Berger, research on BCI.. Read More

39 people broke the British minus 25 degrees container

Article from WeChat public account:Number Visual (ID:VDataWorks), original title: “the suspect slowly freeze to death in the minus 25 degree containers | article read 39 people died in the UK truck England”, author: Tencent news, the number of visible, head Figure from: Oriental IC At present, truck drivers have been arrested for murder and human trafficking. Sky News learned that the truck driver was from Ama County, Northern Ireland, 25.. Read More

Is the meal of the female palace fighting game just right?

Don’t underestimate the wallet of female players. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public number “Youth Finance Development Association” (ID: xrich666 ) , author: Shen son. Every cyber Aboriginal person will see a familiar game of game play when he is shaking the microblogging sounds: in the magnificent palace, the costumes of the beautiful costumes stand in the cloak. △Feel this style With just one glance, you can quickly.. Read More